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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Range Day 9mm Review-Ammoman.com

I don't always have the answers to life's mysterious or weird questions. Wait. Yes, I do. It's aliens.

Perhaps it will come to you as a surprise I have not shot my duty weapon, a Glock 19C, for over two years. Oh, I've cleaned it and oiled it and and held it and carried it and loved it like a good little Glock. I have not pulled the trigger since I was a cop. Scary, right? Yeah. It scared me.  The thought.


Then, I got to thinking what kind of tribe of weirdos did I belong to?

Thanks to Ammoman.com... I blew off the dust bunnies and fired it up again.

Well, I have cleaned and oiled it since 2012, so the dust bunnies were not too bad. However, I think my firearm missed me greatly and was relieved to get out to the range. I didn't ask, but I assumed it had thoughts like that. The love is mutual.

Let's talk about the customer service I received from Ammoman.com. Email contacts were promptly sent after I agreed to review the ammunition and I gave a list of the calibers I shoot most often. I expected a box of ammo and only a single caliber. I received 4 boxes of 12 gauge, 4 boxes of 20 gauge, and 2 boxes of Speer LAWMAN Luger 9mm TMJ.

I received the ammo-the.next.day-by FedEx.
This alone was very impressive. The ammo was packaged as if it were made out of gold. 
Call me quirky, but there is just something western and cool about the name LAWMAN. These cartridges were 9 mm 115 grain. The only firearm used to review the Speer ammunition was my Glock 19C. 
Photo by Bug: Speer LAWMAN ammunition 9mm
Photo by Bug

The drive into the range. 
No, we don't canoe to the range. This is not the road to get in there...we just pass by this creek. 
It is very serial killer woodsy.

I like it.

This last weekend (Easter weekend) was not only the first nice weekend in quite a while, it was perfect for range days. Finally. Not only did I think it was a great day to review some ammunition, apparently others felt it was a great day to run dogs and shoot at the trap range so the shotgun ammo was put on the back burner until Thursday. Yes, I could have shot at paper targets, but not nearly as fun and not a true test of my bird hunting skills. We attempted to go to the shotgun area throughout the day, but it was packed all day.
Rounding the pond are near the range house and around to the handgun range. 
There are several hundred acres of "Sherwood Forest" and hills, ponds, creeks, dog training fields, plus trap ranges, long gun and hand gun ranges, tree stand areas, archery ranges and a competitive course, etc.  In fact, it is a lot like Georgia featured on The Walking Dead. The train tracks are on the outer edge, which completes the Zombie Apocalypse feel.

Introducing Sheriff Mike and Bug: target designers
I put the dog sticker up there, telling them (Mike and Bug) I could see it clearly and needed something other than a white piece of paper on top of a white background. Old age and vision decline are not helpful. 

We did not come prepared with nice targets. They were conveniently and neatly stored in my closet and once we got to the range, none of us wanted to retrieve them. This was not due to our laziness, but because it is so exciting to be at the range. Who wants to leave?

Sheriff Mike and Bug diligently worked on target placements. I was not impressed by white on white backgrounds continually being placed on the target stands. It was a good thing Bug had dug out a pen to make some dark circles...

Do you see what I was working with? It's hard to find good help. 

Bug said, "Uh. Mom, you better not shoot the dog sticker because that is just wrong in the first place and PETA would protest." Well played. I even felt guilty having the dog sticker on the target stand in the first place for color demonstration, let alone the thought of shooting a two dimensional "fake" dog. I told Bug we could pretend we were saving the dog from bad guys on the left. Again, it was hard to play pretend with a teenager. 

For testing purposes, I fired rounds from 7 yards, 10 yards, 15 yards, and 20 yards. I did not attempt 25 or 50 yards. Why? Because I was being a namby pamby. Plus, I really didn't want to embarrass myself on the internet by trying my marksmanship at long distances just yet. I do have some pride left in me. We will save that for another day. I did throw in some scenarios at angles of 45 degrees to the targets as well as shooting uphill slightly which will be shown later. In some cases I moved around while shooting. I should have marked each shot individually to hone in my skills, however, we just observed groups.

I began at 7 yards and worked my way back, finishing up with some moving and shooting. First, let me say during all tests of the 9mm LUGER Speer LAWMAN 115 grain (TMJ), I didn't feel much recoil. I had a loud report but it was easy to shoot several rounds rapid fire without feeling a jolt or shove from the recoil. This is great target ammo and I would recommend it for competitions.

It is not my preference for defensive rounds because it goes through a target and could hit someone else or maybe not stop the bad guy should you not hit (accuracy and precision change under stress and adrenaline conditions) center mass or head shots. Additionally, hollow points expand. I know that sounds brutal, but when you are stopping a bad guy, those are critical things to know. For defensive rounds, I would choose hollow points and a heavier grain. You can also find those on the site at great quality and a reasonable price.

Putting defense aside, you can't go wrong with the price of these Speer 9mm 115 grain for range practice and competitions. They are $17.00 for 50 rounds. The price is comparable to online offers from other retailers and certainly watch for bulk deals on Ammoman.com. You can shoot multiple rounds which deliver low recoil and light push.

What adds to the appeal? They are delivered to your front door without the hassle of crowds, unavailability, and waiting in line. If your area is like mine, my caliber of ammo is hard to come by and you certainly have to plan ahead. For instance, .22 rounds are scarce. Target loads for 12 gauge are usually pretty abundant, but 9 mm is hit and miss unless you want to fork out the money for the expensive rounds in a pinch.

So let's see how Fargo shot after two years of hibernation:

7 yards-Meh

20 yards

I stunk at 20 yards as my vision was not cooperating with the multi-focal contacts moving around to focus. The first five rounds I could see the front site and the rest of the magazine were Hail Marys. 
Various distances and shooting styles-Fargo needs practice-stop trying to read the news


So let's just say I had a lot of fun and I could have gone through more than 100 rounds easily without having any soreness in my hand because this ammo was perfect for this type of practice. Yes, I have another vision exam in a couple weeks to see what is going on with Fargo's eyes.

Oh, and I let Sheriff Mike shoot some rounds to see what he thought. He agreed they were great for target practice and competitions and little recoil. He called them "nice, soft rounds." I didn't put his targets up because he is dealing with vision problems which require surgery. Now, he is a sure shot on his best days. Even his practice on this day was not bad at all, but not to his liking, so I decided to only show some of my targets. There were others, but this shows you the basics. And, no, they were not bad targets. I chose not to give you overkill.

Overall, I would rate Ammoman.com very high and I recommend it to anyone, anywhere. Please share this post if you want to spread the good word about a great company with super products. Look it up for yourself. If you want to share my weak accuracy and precision and poke fun at me, go ahead and do so. It was great fun!

Thanks to Eric at Ammoman.com for the opportunity to review this ammunition. I will be posting another review on the shotgun ammo soon. Even though I have not shot and reviewed the shotgun ammunition, Ammoman.com has a new customer! I am sold!


Daddy Hawk said...

Cool beans for getting out to the range. I need another range trip desperately. Not too shabby for two years of cobwebs either.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

You didn't shoot bad after being in hibernation for 2 years. Thanks for the recommendation and you didn't do bad at all.

Old NFO said...

Thanks for the update, and yes they are good folks! And that's not bad shooting... Just sayin... :-)

Anonymous said...

Did Bug get to shoot?

Momma Fargo said...

Thanks for all the compliments! Much appreciated. Bug was offered to shoot and she was only interested in shooting her shotgun which was defeated by happy range goers overtaking that part of the range. She did not want to shoot it at paper targets, but only flying birds. LOL

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Good yo see 'ya out and dusting off the 9-mil again.
"serial killer woodsy"...LOL. Gotta love that (except at night).
I'm with 'ya on target ammo cs PDRs.
You don't want that over-penetration thing going on (or through).
For personal defense, I like HP and SLOW rounds (the .45ACP does that well)
The Speer ammo has a good price for 50rds.

Good review, good post and a good day at the range.
Good for you.

Roll safe out there, dear.

mark berry engineer said...

Action Target offers training ammunition perfect for range use