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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Take Me To Your Leader

Last night at the running track, I had an epiphany. Around and around I went, and everywhere I looked, I was looking for exits and hiding places and what ifing the scenario of active shooter(s) taking over the gym. Seriously. It was an obsession.

Let me explain...

I was even thinking, "If I shimmy down that pole onto the basketball hoop, I could then hang off it and jump on the gym floor and roll and run. BUT...I can't just jump off the suspended track below in haste because I would probably break both my legs. Now can I go up? Yes. If I get on the stair climber and go through the roof and over, I could drop down to get out without being detected. Hopefully. If they started shooting upwards, I would have to crawl really fast. Now...if they shot up from below (the basketball courts), I would have to go to the far wall and crawl, hoping the rapid fire would ricochet off the iron railing, but not a guarantee. I could leap frog pillars and drop down to the suspended nets on the gym and then hope for the best by swinging from the railing. Now the one side of the gym is a cement wall so if they come in from the south, I would have time to flee down the stairs if they didn't block that exit. Otherwise, at this end, it is a tunnel of death. I must run faster in this area just in case. I might be able to make myself tiny and small behind the stationary bikes, then run to that big pillar. "

Like I was some sort of fucking ninja.

Yeah. Aliens.

Maybe it is a sickness. PTSD from being a cop and watching cop shows. Or something.

No, it was aliens. Those bastards. Messing with my head. 

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GunDiva said...

Sounds like the only way to pass time while running to me.