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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Banana Code

No sleep for the wicked. My sleep pattern from last night looks like an EKG reading from an inch worm trying to make its way across America. Yep. I have no idea where that analogy came from, but it rolled write off my fingers onto this screen. Lucky you.


I can pretty much tell the pretty pink bars are during the episodes of hail, rain, pouring rain, thunder, wind, and anything else Mother Nature drummed up over night. This was even audible over the air conditioner noise and Moose's snoring. Pink is pretty, except not in sleep graphs.

B12 crack takes 10-12 days to kick in for all those wondering about the shots. They last about 15-18 days and then you have a crack dump before your next one. Right now I am in the prime of the up swing, in case you hadn't noticed.

If you have been keeping up with the news, you will see the war on cops continues which saddens me so and we have lost more men in blue this week. Dirty rotten thugs. *shudder* I used a new forbidden word. Seriously, the PC Police need to stop. I have no problem throwing out derogatory and racist words from our dictionaries, but thug? Wow.

I really can't process all the hate and uprising yet, but it's like a train wreck...you can't look away. And the police lives lost, although down from last year so far, seem to be more violent -sudden occurring during arrest or random attacks or planned ambushes.

Something useful you might need is the Banana Code which my student just informed me is 4011 and it is universal at any store. You know, that code you punch in if you bunch o' bananas does not scan properly? Yep. Love her. Random useful information. I may never forget this one.  How many of you knew that?

My ears are ringing right now from too much caffeine. I have really cut back and not by choice but by pure coincidence. As is nationally known, I am a coffee freak and connoisseur. I added more water to my Eat Lean Poop Green lifestyle and thus, it eliminated my all day coffee binging. In fact, I now have about 2-3 small cups unless it is a weekend. Weird. I might want to get that checked.

This post is bouncing all over the place like my mind channeling due to the B12 and caffeine interfacing which causes neurons to misfire. By the end of this wall of text, you should be fully funded in information-trivial-as it may be. I give knowledge-free of charge. I'm a giver-sharer- of sorts.

CreativityCards on Etsy is a woman from Gillette, Wyoming making her mark on the world. She is brilliant and definitely an A+ in humor. I found the ones I liked the most were similar to: "I would so make you my prison wife." Just trying to spread some love and happiness, fun stuff and raising up my Wyoming peeps around the world. Get yours on her Etsy shop.  This is a non-solicited plug. I don't even know the woman, but our mind channeling is right on target and she must be part of my tribe of Weirdos.

I just stole a console from my students because it cluttered their office. I made an out loud (announcement of sorts) in jest that the person with the most desk components was the brainiest of all in the office. Uh, yeah. That's me. I have the biggest desk and the most components which means I have the most smarts by default. Yeah. No one laughed or even broke a smirk. They are so intense on typing that it was like my work husbands ignoring me.

Well, I'm off to potty. Again. Too much coffee. Ta ta for now!


Well Seasoned Fool said...

So, as I understand it, you are like a bag of ping pong balls in an wind tunnel?

Momma Fargo said...

WSF-Yes, I believe that is a good summation. LOL

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo,

Man you are all over the place like a frog on a hot rock......How is that for a southernism?

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
UM....okay, then.
I think I managed to follow the wandering...lol.

As for the sleep thingy?
If I took that "test", my sleep "efficiency" would PROBABLY be in NEGATIVE percentages...HA!

Agreed on the officer down situation, too.
Very sudden and violent occurrences.

Good post.

Roll safe down there (and stop bouncin' off the walls)