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Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Sand Box

In March-ish of 2010, an episode on THE DOCTORS aired some interesting stuff. They (the doctors) were saying that depending on how many sexual partners you have had and how much you do oral sex...all this fun could possibly lead to oral cancer. Well, there goes that fun. Who wants to take a chance? Like if Mimi tells you she slept with 5 guys it is probably 7 and if Ralph tells you he slept with 10 it was probably 27. And then her nasties get mixed with his nasties and then 34 people sleep in the same mouth and there goes your life.

So feel like gambling much?

What if it prevented you from enjoying chocolate?

It's just a thought.

Pay no attention to how my mind works when presented with strange knowledge.

Pretty soon, I 'm going to launch some real stuff out of my Pandora's box I have not yet released to the public from my journals. There will be an occasional strange call. I will highlight some interesting topics and share some insides about child cases...which brings me to the Duggars. I have opinions. Why? Because I have formulated judgy ways as does the entire world. So here goes.

The Duggars are being sensationalized because of their TV Life not being as perfect as appearances go. TV Life was full of high standards and high lights, but not necessarily exactly depicting everything in their real life.

Television gave them the image of a perfect Christian family raising an insane amount of kids doing extraordinarily well with multiple personalities in the household. Do I think they have had their heart in the right place? I don't know. I don't know them from the man in the moon.

However, people make mistakes. People don't know how to handle child molestation or having a sex offender in the household. Some parents are informed, some are educated by the system, some run by the seat of their pants. And then there are those who try the best they know how and perhaps don't know who to ask for help. Then, *shudder*, there is the family reputation and tarnishment of a good name. Let's not forget how that plays at times.

Now, it appears, the Duggars got some shady counseling and sent the suspect out of the house to live with a child pornographer cop. Wow. That's like an episode of my life disasters. Well, except I know what to do in criminal situations. It's like me marrying a serial killer. Same same.

And Josh just kept reoffending.


Of course, they didn't know these disastrous things at the time or so they stated. The services and ideas appeared great at the time. Famous last words. So all that is in the past. But how did the records which were sealed get unsealed and why? Hmmm. Interesting.

And...why are we demonizing these people on national television? Why are some lifting them up and hailing them as the neatest thing since sliced bread? Isn't it funny how reality t.v. goes balls to the walls until the families are real people and destroy the boob tube facade.

On the other hand, why didn't they just tell the press they wished to not discuss the issues or make an eloquent statement and be done with it? Now there are interviews and interviews and I have a headache. And the memes. Oh my. They are pretty brutal, but what can I say?

Like American families have never made mistakes before and sex offenders is a new thing. It's funny how I started the journey with child crimes in the late 90's and early 2000's and America still doesn't get it. It is still the most underfunded issue in family services and law enforcement in the nation. I think I am typing harder, so if the font is bold, it is because I am so frustrated with backwards and "Head In The Sand America." 
Yes, I'm THAT artist.

Let's go, people!

Get a fucking clue. Or buy one.

It's a problem in every crack of the land-rich or poor-ordinary or extraordinary.

What makes me shake my head the most is the comments on news feed that conservatives think it is OK to molest your children, you just have to ask God for forgiveness. Really? We think it is OK? Idjits. Shame on you for saying such vile things. Grr. Makes my blood boil.

Liberal versus conservative versus progressives versus rhinos. Gah. This is something which should not be party biased and should be an issue the nation deals with together.

Why is this dominating news feeds? What about ISIS? What about the economy?

What about Hillary's email scandal?

I bet she is happy her uncomfortable demise has been taken over by Caitlyn Jenner and the Duggars.

That's it!

This is a Democrat party ploy! Give the Americans some gossip and they will sweep Hillary under the rug and she can go on without a mark.

Just kidding to my liberal friends.

Actually, it is plausible.

Kidding! Maybe. Ok. It was the best idea that came to mind at the time.

Just a little conservative humor there for you.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

We have a %$#&^ pedophile in our clan. WWII vet, WWII hero (for real), high achiever, three sons and he got away with it for years until he messed with the wrong niece and the mother dropped the hammer on him hard. His evil lives on in the distorted lives of his victims and the extreme stresses of family functions, especially funerals. His sons live with their father's legacy. He is still alive, in a care facility, and now blind. I can't muster a single bit of pity for his wretched state.

Slamdunk said...

I don't know much about that situation or the family--just the overview. I do agree that so many don't know what to do or pour gasoline on the fire. It is no wonder that we have children enduring those situations that become adults who need lots of help.

Hilary is the spin master. I bet she will make her situation work, somehow.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I tried to avoid the DUGGARS media-blitz.
I don't watch the show, but I know the PREMISE of it.
Okay, so the son had some inappropriate sexual issues with his siblings when younger.
Why SUCH sensationalism?
Maybe it's because this happened in
a CHRISTIAN environment!
(nasty bible-thumpers)
Now THAT is entertainment in the secular world!

I think what is MORE important is did the son get help? Was he sternly admonished for his behavior?
Did he do anything similar since?
If not - GOOD, he learned something.
I'm not trying to trivialization it.
But that family has to expect this "spotlight" when they put their lives on TV.

Roll safe out there, dear.