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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Law Abiding Citizen

Today is sentimental Thursday. Why? Because it's my blog and I command it so. Plus, it is too fucking hot for anything else except a beer next to the pool. So, since neither is possible right now, you get Fargo on the soap box trying to rally the crowd.

(Straightens shirt and steps up on the wooden crate.)

*tap tap*

"Is this thing on? Ok. Good. I have something to say."

*mic squelch screech*

"Oh, sorry. Gotta fix that."

Adjusts the jacks on the microphone.


*ruffle, ruffle*

"Are we to let acts of moral turpitude, crime, and civil disorder become dominant over public safety, liberties, and peaceful existence?"


"Do you have a positive view of law enforcement? Why or why not?"


No response from the crowd except the consistent blank stares.

"Who likes the PoPo?"

*boo hiss*

"Who thinks they just sit around and eat donuts, lie in wait to pick on one of us?"


"Well, bless your hearts. You are ignoramus cretin imbeciles!"


Looks of shock.

"You are all bankrupting your knowledge feast with bumble food!"


"Sugar coated donuts!"


"Sugar pie honey bunch! I can't help myself!"


Trying the Tourettes model of communication to bring attention to my speech became my first thought to draw in the curiosity of the crowd, but it was ineffective.

"Ok. So how about I throw some donut holes out to you?"


"No. That was a metaphor. Sigh. If three purple people rob a store, does that mean all purple people are robbers? Say that three times fast. "

*chaotic crowd trying to say that three times fast*

"I was just kidding. "


"But in all seriousness. ..if one orange crayon colors outside the lines and crumbles under pressure, can we assume all orange crayons are no good or are broken?"


"Are you a lawbreaker or are you a hall monitor? What are the intentions behind your disgust or hate for law enforcement?"

*chatter from the crowd but no audible claims*

"Why have you declared a war on cops?"

*denials of war*

"But you have! Many of you have manned pens and fingers against the cops on the interwebs.  Perhaps you use signs and bull horns.You have drawn the line in the sand and marched across it with your fists clenched and your swords ready. Some of you have even taken further actions. There are those who have taken up ambushes. You are negatively changing the world trying to grasp toward positive movement. 


"And I am going to ask you to think about this. 

It's summer time. Think about waking up at one thirty in the morning to take a shower. It's hot outside, maybe 75 degrees still. The air is humid. Maybe you run three miles before you take a shower. Fix your hair. Shave. Girls too! Brush your teeth. Mouthwash. Your family is asleep. You kiss your four year old on the forehead. A pot of coffee is brewing from the automatic programming. After your first cup, it's time to put on your Under Armor. Nuts. Have to brush your teeth again. Next your vest. Adjust it just so. Readjust and refasten with the Velcro straps. Smooth it down. 

Now it's time for your blue button shirt with the patches. You pin on your badge, your name plate, your award pins. You put on good socks. You have to take care of your feet. They hold up everything. You pull up your matching pants and make sure they are pressed. No wrinkles. Like anywhere. Underbelt is next. Whoops. Flip it around. Silly. Must still be tired. 

Wake up! 

Boots shined. Additionally boot brushing. They look worn. It's time for a new pair. Man, they are expensive. Duty belt. Wow. This weighs a ton today. Keepers in place.  Look in the mirror. Everything is in it's place. Check your firearm. Yep. Loaded. One in the chamber. OC spray is a little low. Time for a new can. Check. Check. Look around at your home, family, dog. Pour a thermos of coffee. You'd like to return to that deck chair which looks out into the back yard. Lock your family safe inside.

Start up the car. Twelve hours or so ahead. It's your Friday. Camping with the family. Get your warrior mindset on. Alert. Emotional intelligence. Check. Check. 

Maybe you can make a difference today. I am coming home safe. Everyone is going home safe today."


"The day is busy and it isn't joyous by starting with a suicide of a teenager. You later find yourself investigating a fatal crash, taking a child abuse report, writing two citations, arresting a drunk transient, responding to a family fight, helping a stranded motorist, processing a an auto burglary scene, notifying a family of a death, and chasing some burglars off the school roof and into the playground before they are apprehended. And it's only 8 hours into your shift. Your twelve hour shift becomes fourteen and you are still behind in paperwork."

Cops are people. Who sacrifice of themselves to protect and serve us. They aren't robots. They are dehumanized uniforms."


Sheriff Mike Lewis is not alone in his thinking with his declaration on news media broadcasts which raised eyebrows on one side of the fence and applause on the other, "If you don't like the interaction you are having with law enforcement, then try obeying by the law." But this is a common lash sent out to those speaking against police and lumping them all into a band of corrupt merry men. We've heard it before. Is that the entire issue? Are the lawbreakers the ones speaking out?

(What about ISIS?) 

So why isn't anyone listening?

Social media comments could drive a person batty with the lack of common sense turned into agendas, rhetoric, and nonsense. I believe we have a lot of people who resemble Chicken Little or an abundance of armchair quarterbacks. We all like to sit in the chair once in a while. I find myself doing it also. Hopefully, when we do, we reflect on wisdom and common sense rather than spewing bullshit. Excuse me. No cursing. I slipped. 

(And the Duggars? Who cares?

I still think it is smoke and mirrors to take the heat off Hillary.) 

Is the fall of the blue bloods going to happen before Americans stop condemning every officer for the one who makes a mistake or the gives appearance of mistakes or dishonors the badge? Is this what you want? No police? You want them all on a silver platter? Half the time, the public runs to the guillotine to prepare for an officer's communal assassination without any facts. They ruin careers. It happens that fast. When did this become OK? Why don't we want to know the whole story? Why don't we rally with the good of the masses? Why don't we just remove the bad apples instead of assume the whole bushel is spoiled? 

Are police supposed to be "all shucks, ma'am" and kowtow to the people? Is that effective law enforcement? What do you want them to do?

Sheriff David Clarke says officers are at a "tipping point" that "could spell dangerous consequences for the communities they serve." I agree with his assessment. What do you think? Do you feel the doom looming overhead?

(How about that US Soccer team?)

Why the rise of battle cries against police to the point we disregard they are fallible creatures in a demanding profession? We expect perfection? What happened to the words: "in good faith", "probable cause" or "reasonable officer standard?" 

Now we see and hear they are adjusting to the public's shouts by backing down, terminating positions, charging officers, and pulling back the troops in hot areas. What? 

Yes. I said that. It is true. 

How do you think officers feel on a daily basis? Do you think they are now worried about offending someone or getting sued or fired over a simple party call with kids? Yep. What kind of pressure do you think they are under? Are we creating an impossible work environment for them?

Why doesn't the public concern themselves with the psyche of an officer? Why are they viewed as dehumanized and often robotic tools of the public?

Maybe this animosity has not hit in my area and I don't feel the tug and pull of your injustice. My heart tugs at the disdain I see and hear toward law enforcement.  I mean, think about it. People are flocking to towns and cities like Ferguson, Baltimore, and McKinney without even knowing any of these issues or persons just to protest. Protest what? Unfounded prejudice? Police brutality is a virus? They are all racists?

Tantrums run the country and make astonishing changes? When?

Well, I am stomping my feet!!! Enough! Move forward! Positive change! Stop dividing the country! Let's do this together as a community! Do not stand before me! Stand with me!

As for the blue line...

They will put the uniform on again. They will serve again. They will sacrifice their lives again.

It is 1964. But the music is different.

What's at the bottom?

When do we rise to the top?"

Mic drop. 

Did you ever notice microphones are shaped like a penis?


Coffeypot said...

INMO… The reason all this is happening is the head cops, the DA’s, the Mayor’s and other leading shitbags, are scared to death. They are afraid of the mobs. They are afraid of the MSM. They are afraid of what the country would think of them. They are worthless because of fear… not upholding the law. If a demonstration, which should have a permit, by the way, goes viral, pop some teargas on them, pop some beanbag shots from a shotgun, Taser their ass. If they get too close, go up side their head with the wood shampoo stick. Use the city community center as a temp cell, but lock them up, make a case against them that will put them in the system, but DO NOT LET THEM RUN RAMPENT. If Sharpton comes to town, or any of his ilk, or a “preacher” starts taunting the crowd, arrest them for inciting a riot. Get some balls.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

It appears your B-12 is working overtime.

Momma Fargo said...

Coffeypot, I just watch and wait. I think things are only going to get worse and I am not sure when they will get better or what is going to happen to get them there.

WSF: Ya think? LOL. How could you tell?

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:

((Standing ovation up here in "The Fort" - at least from ME))

Now THAT is the kind of message that needs to burn a damn hole in all those empty-ass skulls out there...and it should be set in the hearts and minds of all the law-abiding citizens.
(I know I love saying "that's what I've said" when those who are on the side of law-enforcement come on the TV)

You hit this one OUT of the damn ballpark (and into the parking lot), Kiddo.
Very well said.

Roll safe down there, dear.

GunDiva said...

What they ^^^^ all said.