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Monday, June 8, 2015

Strange Sequence of Events

In 2000, I was transferred to Investigations in the large state of PREG-GO as in... big as a house. I started out a whopping 115 and in three months (at 140 pounds), I left patrol to sit at a desk and be a preggo investigator. By the time I was ready for maternity leave, I had reached 175.


That is what being a detective does...it's like pulling a rip cord on an inflatable raft. Similar to getting married. Literally. You are married to police work.

But before then, I began a strange journey that I would only come to know later as a "Strange Sequence of Events." Let me 'splain this to you, Lucy, in a crazy roundabout way.

So...one of my first cases as a preggo detective was a bugger. It involved the then elected District Attorney's  step-son. The current DA was working under him. We did not have much association then, other than greetings.

And so...the step-son was a victim of aggravated assault. The suspect was a turd and later became a bigger turd over and over. A girl child was shot in the shoulder by this same suspect who pulled a gun on the DA's step son. The step-son had been at a house party and the turd showed up univited and unkown to the kiddos. A fight ensued. Basically, the turd had been carrying and later whipped out the gun because he was pissed and pointed it at the step-son and several other kiddos. Later, he would be driving and chasing some other people and shot the driver...a girl kiddo in another part of town. She was hit in the shoulder. It was a mess.

So let me back up...

In 1991, I worked for the District Attorney in a temp job. He didn't like me. It was evident. I was snubbed often and treated like a second class citizen. The missing person case of Lynn Bush (suspected a homicide then) was a hot topic in the DA's office and cops and family paraded by my desk often. News channels were running interviews with David and the family was begging for some justice. Detectives were trying to get the DA to prosecute on a bodiless homicide.

This is Lynn. I saw this picture in the DA's office in 1991. Photo courtesy: Casper Star Tribune

No go. He wanted more evidence.

I just did my job as a temp employee and moved on to the police department in a full-time Records Specialist position. I left my other full time job as an insurance agent. It was not for me.

Fast forward 5 more years of working my way to cop, babe. That's a song in my head....stemming from working my way back to you, babe! Tunes. They run our lives.

*record scratch*

I digress.

This is not me. Why? Because it isn't. I'm not that hot.
Plus I would not wear a shiny watch like that. Pinterest cop lady.

This is me.

When I became a cop, he made some not so public remarks which were relayed to me as they were overheard in the likes of that "he didn't feel I would do a good job and I was not cop material."

I was warned.

He was not alone in those feelings as several administrators at the police department also voiced their opinions of me "not being cop material."

So back to 2000, and here I am detecting his step-son's case. Oh boy. That was not going over well and he wanted a veteran in charge of the case. The detective sergeant told him he had faith in me. There would be no reassignment. On the side, he told me not to fuck it up and I was in the DA's radar. Lucky me.

There would be search warrants. There were interviews. There was surveillance.

So I detected. I arrested. I recovered one gun, but not the other which was probably thrown in the river. There was a conviction. I was thorough in my reports. Everyone seemed pleased according to the sergeant.

A new DA took over office later. He became a friend of mine as well as a colleague.

Speaking of strange...

Fast forward to 2007 and the conviction of David Bush for the murder of his wife, Lynn, in 1990.

This is David. He is not so happy right here. Why? Because he is wearing orange.
 Photo courtesy of Casper Star Tribune

I received a card in the mail.

Guess who it was from?

Yep. The former DA. It was very nicely written on a monogrammed note card and a whole paragraph of writing. Basically, it said..in a nutshell... he was proud of me and thanked me for bringing the killer of Lynn Bush to justice.

That was something I have never forgotten.

Kind of like how I never forgot all the cops who naysayed me but came forward and admitted to me they were wrong.

Those words mean a lot to me as did this card which I still have.

They make me grin.

Because I had faith in me all along and I proved myself.

So...sometimes in our lives...we may have Strange Sequences of Events.

Go figure.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

That was a great post about proving others wrong and having faith in yourself and when they realize that you were right all along, that they are "man" enough to realize they made an error. I have a phrase I use..."Always make your words sweet..having to chew down a helping of crow doesn't go well. Btw...you are way hotter than the pinterest lady picture...You are a real person and that goes farther with me than just a pretty face.

Old NFO said...

At least he had the balls to congratulate you! Many wouldn't have... Just sayin...

Slamdunk said...

That was an great catch MF--something that displays your persistence. I am sure you had lots of those laughs at doubters during your policing days... And you are much hotter and smarter than Pinterest cop. With all that gear on her everyday belt, a thin officer like the one in the image would be aching after riding around in the po-po mobile for 10 hours shifts day after day--no way to get comfortable seated with all that.

Rawknrobyn.blogspot.com said...

You're awesome. I like this story. It's tough to stay confident when others are talking smack about you, but you proved them wrong - with integrity. So they admitted they were wrong. Well duh. I could've told them that in the first place.

Coffeypot said...

DA's are not lawyers anymore. They are politicians. But I am glad you proved him wrong.

Bob G. said...

MOmma Fargo:
Can't really add to what YOU and the other people who commented have said.
Well done.

Stay safe down there.