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Friday, July 17, 2015

Contemplations From An Angry Mind

Prayers to Chattanooga.

To be Frank (Yes, I chose to be another person today or maybe just open and honest), I have a snarl on my face and a headache today. I don't know if it is because of the bombardment of terrible news across the nation, my battle with health, the crazy political circus going on, my frustrations with all the continual backlash against gays, the Confederate flag issue, the shootings in TN, or the fact that I tried a sample of perfume out of a magazine and I stank.

It was supposed to smell like beaches, but it smells like I have sand in the crack of my ass.

Maybe I should just snarl at what I can control. So that would be my perfume. Do you know no matter how many times you try to wash it off with the office paper towels, you don't? You do get a great exfoliation treatment however, because they stock the campus bathrooms with sandpaper. Really, what does a beach smell like anyway? I remember them to be windy, full of sand, shells, sometimes garbage, and now sharks. I surely don't want to smell like fish poop encased seaweed. Nor clams.

First thing this morning, I was sent some wonderful messages from a hippy dippy trippy friend. She sent my horrorscope (yes, you read that right) and a reading to me. Why is it that Virgos always have shitty futures? I mean, never does it say I will be graced with a rich prince and carted away to a ranch of blissful nature and wonderment. Nor does it say I will get a shiny new red dress or a ton of cash dropped from the heavens. They are always gloomy. Plus I get constantly told that Virgos over analyze things. Duh. Fuck that horrorscope shit crap. Pisses me off. I think they are rigged against Virgos. People don't like virgins. Racists.

Ok. I have to stop being grouchy. It is very off-putting. I can't stand to be around myself.

Here's a question. Wait for it. This is not the Clift Note Version. So I have lots of pressures from friends encouraging me to do the online dating thing and several telling me no way. It's OK. I 'm a scaredy cat anyway so right now I am holding down the Harry Potter House with blogging, no online sensations. My question...why do people date several people and sleep around-all at the same time? I can only date one person at a time and if that doesn't work out, move on. Don't you worry you will call Tim Tom or Barbie Mary or get a bunch of diseases? Shudder. I call it self respect, but many of my friends tell me to relax and stop being such a killjoy. I can't do it. I'm also a hermit. Those seem to be two problems in dating.

Maybe I am just a hormonal ding dong. It is possible although I have had it checked and they believe no way and was negative menopause at this time. The doctors could be wrong. I could also be a head case. I always had anxiety around white clothes. It is definitely easy to fake sanity. Look how good I was at passing the psychological for the police department. Snork!

Ok. I am also frustrated with the fact that the US seems to sit on our thumbs with all this shit going down and no reaction. I know I am not a king of sorts to be taking on the US problems, but damn the luck. I just want to bunker myself in on the highest mountain and say, "Come At Me Bro", then drink my wine because no one would dare.




Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:

LOL...those damn perfume/cologne ads...only good for underwear drawers (furniture, that is).

The bathrooms stocks SANDPAPER?
(that could work if you refinishing your furniture)
Well, that beats the hell outta those REAL old school dispenser towels that still had tree chunks floating in them...try to dry off with THAT!
(ow, damn splinters)

A Virgo?
Both my parents were and I'm a Leo-Virgo cusp(er). Something else in common.
(that's scary, huh?)

As to the "question"...never daed more than ONE at a time...didn't want to be MORE confused than I was with the one...heh.
Plus, there is always the off chance of mixing the names up (unless you ONLY date women named MARY).

Yeah, that could work.
I wanted that mountaintop retreat as well...maybe in the POCONOS.

very good post, Kiddo.

Have a great weekend, roll safe (and keep cool) out there, dear.

Dutchess said...

I'm not fond of mountains. Dutchess + copious amounts of wine + a couple special brownies and a mountain = a very clumsy, drunken Dutch screaming an endless string of sailor quality curse words at top speed All. The. Way. Down.

Tell ya what, you have your secluded mountain, and I'll be at the bottom, near the serene beach with rum and umbrella drinks.


Slamdunk said...

Now that would make for an awesome story, as I opened up the morning online headlines: "Angry Rogue Charges MommaFargo; Authorities Still Searching for Traces of His Remains!"

Yes, very sad about Chattanooga. Sadly, evil is not limited to the big cities.

And, I could barely keep up with one relationship--I would be fodder if I had attempted any more back when I was young and energetic.