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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Coppers 'N' Boots

This morning, I stopped on the street in a NON crosswalk area of campus right in front of the campus police station.

I must preface that crosswalks don't matter at the university. Students must yield to traffic unless the light signals them. All other crosswalks are pedestrian yield to vehicles. It fucked me up when I first got here. Now it's like the gauntlet and I play chicken with unsuspecting college students who don't get it. Not really. But the little bastards clog the roadway. Our university should be a big square with walking in the middle and driving around it. BUT NO...lazy asses had to build roadways to every building and a thoroughfare down the middle. So what happens? South Dakota fall driving. Ever been there? Nope? Then you would know when you drive down the highways near Brookings, South Dakota in the fall, the pheasant population is abundant and it is The Gauntlet. They fly everywhere including into your windshield. Campus driving is like that. Sort of. I haven't had any college students in my windshield yet. 

So. I saw four figures on the sidewalk...one was partially in the street. I stopped. They looked at me. They didn't move. I waved them to cross. They didn't move. I waved them to cross again. They crossed.

I really couldn't blame them for hesitating. Did they think it was a setup and I was going to run over them? An ambush? I guess with the current events, that might be a thought. I mean, they really looked at me with horror (not whore) and befuddlement in their eyes. I was being courteous to our men in blue. They probably didn't know my intent behind my windshield. It kind of made me sad that now it seemed a simple kind gesture was questioned and not accepted without extreme caution. I really don't know how to fix that.

I waited until they crossed all the way to the other side before continuing on and watched them get into the lot where their cruisers were parked. Hmm. The world as we know it was wide open for new interpretation now.

The change of atmosphere isn't only within that one experience. Recently, I helped polish some boots because my copper friends have a stringent inspection which could suspend them if they didn't pass.

So, yeah. Fargo is polishing your boots? Whiskey-tango-foxtrot. She uses bananas.

Excerpt from The Boogie Man Is My Friend: The Rookies

Well, I didn't this time. I will say when I started with my banana story it fell on deaf ears with snarls and so yeah....I quick explaining it. Apparently, they didn't want my fashion tip. While I was brushing the boots to get a parade gleam, I kept thinking I was sending my team off to war. The preparation was almost funeralish.

What about that? What about the fucked up crazy nonsense of police murders continuing without interruption? Almost daily I hear bad news. I mostly don't understand why the national leaders are so quiet about it. A few words by some and no action. It's pretty discouraging really.

And how about that police boycott on Obama's Labor Day Speech? I am not surprised.

Cops are told to color inside the lines. So they do. Then they get told to go a little outside the box. So they do. NOT THAT FAR THEY SAID. Then they get scolded. Then they break their crayons.Not really. I think that was an analogy of my own police career. Only I pouted when my crayons got broke. I digress. Maybe it was my flashbacks coming on.

I think more protesting from law enforcement is coming. I hope not to the extreme of blue flu, but I am prepared for that reaction in some parts of the country.

Meanwhile... Fargo is now the shoe shine boy? Yeah. Well. I took one for the team. 'Merica!

At least the inspection was a success! I didn't mind really. It would be different if it was done for nought. It was for a good cause.

I really hated polishing my boots. They got dirty just walking to the truck. And then God forbid if you walked down the street or did something. Pshaw. Why bother. I was kind of Eeyore about it.

But...shoving that brush back and forth brought back some lost pride in the uniform. Of course, I couldn't do a shitty job for someone else. Then I would really look like a boob.

Not as much as Hillary, tho. She is finally starting to look like a boob. Her evil is being unveiled. Of course, I knew it all along and she never fooled me. Perhaps because I had an inside perspective.

Nonetheless, I would laugh if Joe Biden came in and drove her dick in the dirt. And that's all I've got to say about that.

Stay vigilant. Be alert. 


Coffeypot said...

AHHH the personal inspections. Back in the Navy we had them about once a month. We would polish our 'Sunday Shoes' to a high gloss (no patent leather shoes back then like they have today) but were our work shoes to the inspection spot. We had too many ladders and hatches to cross that could mess up a nice toe shine. Then we would line the work shoes up in a nice military line and done the inspection shoes. You could have done something like wear sneakers or sandals to the truck and change shoes at the station. But what fun would that be?

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Yeah, We had shoe and boot inspections, I was pretty good on getting a gloss on my boots and shoes...I didn't use banana's though...I used an old tee shirt, water and Kiwi polish. I took a perverse pride in shining my regular shoes like glass.
As far as the cop thing, democrats got butthurt about the snub "Dear Leader" got from the PoPo...when the blame cops meme basically came from his administration and the resulting anger associated with it is tacitly encouraged by his justice dept. There is a lot of pissed off Police at him and his policies.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Yes - boot polishing 101...ye olde "spit-shine" (when it used to mean something different than what we hear today...lol)
(leave it to YOU, Kiddo)

Now, they have these "plastic-fantastic" shoes & boots that come "permanently pre-shined"...WTF is up with that?
Where's the CHALLENGE?

What I want to see ALL over America is a MAJOR "push-back" by ALL sectors of L/E against the socialist agenda and rhetoric that is trying to RUIN police departments across the nation.

Dave Clarke called out the BLM movement for what it really is, too.
ALL citizens NEED to stand WITH law-enforcement, and not rail against it.

Good post.

Stay safe out there, dear.