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Friday, September 4, 2015


Today is an event created by Brittani Milford called Sea of Blue. It's a show of support for law enforcement. Tie a blue ribbon(s) around a tree, your fence, your posts, or put on your blue lights. Whatever your blue fancy, today is it. Cars, homes, and people are stepping out to show their support of police. Get busy.

On the home front (Wyoming land), a news reporter type person lost his job over some nasty tweets. Twattering can get you in so much trouble ten hurry ten fast. So here, let me share his ignorance.

His rant continued in Twatterland...

Preface: CPD executed a search warrant whereas a known and dangerous felon aimed a gun at the police and was killed. The state agency, DCI, investigated the shooting. Standard procedure. Several weeks later, the DA was given the report and made a public statement that the shooting was justified and no criminal charges would be issued.

The statement was detailed and with case facts and published in the news. I know the two men who were in charge of this investigation...whose names are in the press release because one was the DA in the Bush case and the other my partner, Fox Moldy. I was Danish Scully. Two very top notch and highly ethical individuals. I lurve them both. I also know the officer involved in the shooting. He is a great peace officer and dear feller...but don't tell him I said that because I usually greet him with a punch in the arm or make fun of him because that's what we do to cops. He was also featured in many pages of my books because he was on my team. My heart goes out to him as I know this will cause a mark but he will handle it to the best of his ability and still be a righteous cop.

This Nick guy yanks my chain. It's not the free speech. It's the fact he is ignorant of law enforcement procedures. Because he is from the east coast, I am guessing he assumes without knowledge of fact that this is a cover up, conspiracy, or an improper due process. #*$&)*(&@%_. Excuse me. I said he yanked my chain.

And hello, sailor! Absolutely if the police do as you just tweeted with a perceived IMMINENT THREAT, they should be able to do it with TOTAL IMPUNITY. Duh. It's called their duty. It's called self-defense. I love those who think we should shoot to wound or try tasing first. Fuck me. Or better yet, those who think cops should be fired upon before firing their weapons. Where did all the common sense go in our country? We are inundated with word games and word crimes to the point we don't even know what is right and just anymore. It's all illfacts and false narratives with a great spin to make it sound legit.

Wake up, America! Get your head out of the clouds.

Not only is this Nick dude clueless on law and order issues, he has no idea of the case facts or chooses to ignore them as well and the rules of self defense. Fuck. *(#&)$@*(#&$ Gesundheit.

Ok. My ghetto queen attitude is suppressed for the moment. Did I say this really gets my goat? And I don't even have any goats to get.

I'm sorry the mistake cost employment, but at the same time I think it was the only solution.

What about free speech, Fargo? Um. Well, it is true that you are free from persecution from your government, but maybe not by the people. Maybe there are still consequences from words spoken or written. I guess that is why my father always told me to think before I spoke. Apparently, that didn't work so well. My mother would have added, "think before you speak and watch your language, Kathryn Ann." So this Nick feller didn't think about the consequences. Perhaps he could have been more diplomatic but he came off sounding like a radical fool.

Anydigression, this nice, young, misguided feller was fired. The local newspaper put out a statement about it on Facebook and believe me that stuff went like wildfire over the Internet. I was actually impressed with their handling of the matter because they are not always law enforcement friendly. THAT...is an example of a good decision and also a community action. They could have also just issued a statement refuting the reporter's opinion but I don't think the people would have settled for that. Makes no never mind to me that he kept his job, I just didn't like the black cloud he was trying to incite which was again...a false narrative. Maybe that's because outsiders just don't know the system, how law enforcement works, what self defense is, and why cops don't have to stand trial if justified.  I also know citizens who have killed in the county in self defense and they were not charged either because the police and DA ruled it self defense. No trial. I also know those who were charged because there was probable cause to do so, but they were acquitted. The laws are in place for due process. Just because you have a cop hater, doesn't mean the cops are full of conspiracy each and every time a tragedy occurs.

You see, the newspaper reporter could have intentionally or unintentionally incited some tension and violence against the police by rallying up some of those not so bright characters.  However, the paper deserves a little kudos on their management of a potential community mess involving this Balatsos character.

Do I think the officers are still at risk? Yes. It pains me to say it. Every where. Again I say...vigilance must be in force. Be alert.

Who's fault is it? Where did it start? I think it became evident when issues were not addressed nationally, but instead cops were blanketed as racists. Now we have a continuum of division with no positive change or plan of action toward progress. EXCEPT...the police are changing with response to the masses but no one seems to care.

Why am I so passionate about this? Because somehow this feels like an attack on what I held sacred as a cop...my duty to the people.  I know good cops. I will stand behind them. I knew bad cops. I would throw them under the bus. Most people don't realize when a good department has some bad apples...it's like mice...they eat their own. Really. Sometimes peer pressure forces them out. Other times it is more serious. They disappear into the sunset to a new vocation never to be cops again and the terminations are not public. OR if it is really bad....they go to jail.

I also wore the uniform and badge proudly for years and I know what cops go through for others...the personal sacrifices...THEY ARE HUGE. Yes, first responders are supported here.

Cops are our last line of defense between the monsters and the weak...our homeland guardians so to speak. It's true we also have that power within the laws to protect our life and property, but the cops are out there doing it behind the scenes so you don't have to.

"For the one in authority is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God's servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer." Romans 13:4

I kind of like this for a tattoo: Pinterest

Today, I encourage you to attend the event "SEA OF BLUE" wherever you are and to hang those blue ribbons, flash those blue porch lights, wave those flags, or hug a cop. Maybe you just should try to shake their hand. But...if you prefer the huggy thing...you might want to let him or her know you are coming in for just a hug, arms up and outstretched. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a pickle. And who can blame them.

Coppers: Stay vigilant. Be alert. Train tough. Train mean. I say it again and all big and bold up in your house. We see you.


Coffeypot said...

Good Post, MF. I am shocked but pleased the newspaper fired his ass. I feel he was just roll'n with the flow and trying to make a name for himself. Well, his flow went down the toilet like the pos he is.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Wow...two in a row of fantastic posts!
(the rest are merely excellent...lol)

I agree w/ you on all counts.
There are TWO things I've noticed about people that they inherently perform in a "less-than-correct" manner:

1) Too much "armchair quarter-backing" to suit me...especially on topics they know little (if nothing) about.
Social media has NOT helped along those lines AT ALL!
Opinions are fine & dandy, but when it goes (way) beyond that, there's always trouble.

2) WORDS are like BULLETS - once they leave the barrel, you simply CANNOT call them back.
People need to choose their words carefully, and learn to "look past their target" for any collateral damage, because it will reveal itself soon enough.

Again, very well said, Kiddo.

Have a great weekend & roll safe out there, dear.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo,

I love it when somebody says something stupid, then tries to hide behind "Freedom of Speech"....Well sherlock...if you actually had paid attention in your civics class...free speech only pertains to government. Not private enterprises....doofus.
This person tried to pull the SJW routine and got smacked for it.

Old NFO said...

I too am surprised he got canned... But glad he did!