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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bear's Right to Arms and Legz

The media right now are panning their cameras at all politicians in light of another tragedy used for gun control stances to come out of the woodwork YET AGAIN. Do we ever address the real underlying issues? Can anyone ever answer WHAT WILL THAT PREVENT? or WHAT WILL THAT CHANGE? when they proclaim their solutions? Don't we need solutions that fix a problem, not band aid an agenda? It's just a question.

Let's rile up the peanut gallery, shall we? 

My answer is PUMPKIN! Pumpkin fixes everything. 

Continuing on with the intelligent brilliance of Fargo's brilliant one...The Russian Bear...

Gun control is: 

A) Jerry Miculek--The leaders in gun control!
B) using two hands.
C) useless. It only disarms the law abiding.
D) a red herring. "Closing the gun show loophole" is tantamount to a ban on private transfers of gun ownership. (i.e. I would be required to file a form and have my daughter pass a background check and wait three days before I could give her a handgun to defend herself from her crazy ex. (see C above.)
E) another step toward the state having a monopoly on violence.
F) pointless without a constitutional amendment.
G) dangerous.  Creation of gun free zones favors the mass shooter.

Again. I have no retort. I stand in agreement. Actually, I'm sitting down typing at my desk right now, but you know what I mean. 

The President has cited Australia as an example in his recent speeches. (Oh, Yuri, glad you cited this and let me tell you my students brought this up the other day as well. They are spewing hearded words which they know that you can't compare apples to oranges and the difference in the constitutions.) 

Australia went with confiscation..(mandatory gun buyback.)  Australia didn't have an explicit constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  We do.  Unless an amendment is passed repealing the 2nd, there is no legal way toward confiscation.  Of course, I never thought we could be ordered to buy something simply because we're alive. So there's a precedent.  

There is more than one supreme justice that would rule in favor of a mandatory buy back, citing that there is no longer a militia, and it would be for the "greater good", and "love of mankind" etc.

In short, laws only apply to the law abiding.  Those with evil intent do not care what the law says. What the gun control advocates really want is confiscation, but have been too timid in the past to admit it. I think they are overcoming their timidity.

So I want to hear what you think of The Russian Bear's red remarks and how about a discussion on Australia? Let's have it!


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
These numbnuts out there can't produce ANY solutions UNTIL they figure out the REAL problem...and it ain't guns, Kiddo.

Yeah - Pumplin pie fixes a LOT of stuff around "the Fortress" (except dripping faucets...I tried)

And don't forget:
Julie Golob
Kay Miculek
Molly Smith
...JUST to name a few.

Every "Russian Bear" point is spot ON!
Yeah, that Aussie gig worked (at first), but crime is climbing back UP...imagine that.

(used mostly in D.C.?)

Now I wonder WHY the two of us see such things as this in such a SIMILAR manner?
(must have been that oath we swore all those years ago?)

Funny thing is, NO ONE "unswore" any of us...did they?
Great post.

Roll safe down there, Dear.

Coffeypot said...

They can rant on all they want, I have my Conceal Carry Permit and I carry everywhere I go. If I have go into a gubmet office, they use scanners, so I leave it in the truck. Church (if I ever go again), Yep! Bar, Yep! Rapid Transit, you bet your sweet ass I will. After all these years I have never had to pull it from my holster or pocket. Thank God. But if I was threated with harm, or my famly was, I don't care if the news crew is standing there, the purp will be DRT.

MrGarabaldi said...

hey Momma Fargo;

Quick post...they can push for confiscation....I ain't obeying any more "Gun laws". It is my Rubicon. I saw the death camps in Europe, and know the chain of events that preceded it When it is my time to go, I will go on my feet as a free man, not on my knees as a slave.

Tennessee Grammie said...

The Bear is right on! I moved from crazy California to the hills of east Tennessee 11+ years ago for many reasons and haven't looked back. All my neighbors within miles in every direction are 2nd Amendment proponents and all I have to do is step out on my porch and shoot off 2 rounds twice in succession and an army of Hicks come armed for war.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

A large part of the problem is feral children. To that, I don't have an answer.

cameron said...

I am from Australia, And the gun control Works for Us.
However we did not have the same cultural background that you guys have. We gained Independence peacefully, and have a lot more of an sociatal expectation of rights, than an individual one. The evidence shows that Gun control worked in Australia, but i do not think the same cultural rules apply to the States.

Momma Fargo said...


You have great points and I agree the culture differences may be why Australia was successful. America also has different constitutional rights which includes the right to bear arms which would be stripped if the US went with complete elimination of private ownership. The moral decline of the US is one of the factors affecting disconnected youth and adults. I think our country needs to focus on family, the mental health of our country, and economy in order to begin the repair on our society. Only because all countries have different cultural backgrounds from each other is a reason we can't implement ideas which work for those who have made strides to end violence in ways which conflict with our constitution. However, we can take into account what other countries' succeed at and learn, study, and try to change our problems. At this point, looking at the recent problems we have...with disconnected persons and mass shootings...gun control would not have prevented any of those issues. However, the folks who are on edge, often give out many red flags and warnings long before their very well thought out plans are executed, but they are going unnoticed and no one is bringing attention to the oddities. Australia is a wonderful country and all the folks I have met from your country have been delightful. I know many Americans who would love to live there or New Zealand based upon the landscape and the people. That is something to be very proud of and to cherish.