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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

And I Help!

*kkkkkkk kkkkk kkkkk **#####sssskkkk*

Is this thing on?


Ok. Well here goes...

Hell, fire, and damnation!

Or as we Heartlanders say...

Nuts, rats, and possums!

The Heartland is good for my cursing problem. Most times. At least in public, anyway.

Hey! Can you hear my thoughts? No. It's probably a good thing.

I'm feeling a Little Big Town today and they are in my headphones at work. Just so you know. It NOT a rap day thus far. I'm sure Beel will be happy to hear that. I'm not 100% ghetto all the time.

Today's post is my reflection which I hope sparks your reflections of your thoughts and hopefully those thoughts will ooze down through some comments. It's getting quiet in here.

It's really about silly issues which become bigger issues within our minds and thought processes. It's not about guns. Those are not silly. It's not about finding a faster gun, but maybe we all should. For all those inclined to do so, please do. For all others...here is another way to find a faster gun.

Now some social science...
So several of my friends have discussed or posted that filtering your profile is stupid and does nothing to help the problems of the world. Many are downright mad about it. I found this one quite humorous from THE UNNATURALS...

Come on, this is funny even if it is cynical.

I totally snorted water up my nose when I saw this. Several friends shared the post and even commented about their own thoughts. I don't disagree with any of them. I just have a broad array of ideas. So of course, you can imagine a barrage of comment wars ensued...not just on one or two friends' pages, but several. So why is everyone so passionate about our stances on social media that we can't even have a conversation without burning our best friend at the stake. Egads, people. I'm starting to think South Park is got this one. At least you know they will offend someone on purpose and we can all laugh like when we tell bad blond jokes. So sensitive we are.

Here's my take and not that it matters, but I think it is interesting to hear all takes on the world views:

I'm not helping fight the thugs overseas. Obviously, I'm too old and broken down. I always wished I had served in the military and once thought about the National Guard in my 40s. It never came to fruition because I decided to marry a serial killer instead. It sounded like a good idea at the time. I wouldn't pass with my broken neck and arm now and so those ideas are shooting blanks. 

I can voice my opinion, speak out, and send money. That's about it and number three is scarce. In fact, it might be on the endangered list. BUT...there are other ways. Many of us (egads I think I am admitting I am disabled) are doomed to sit and watch without the capability to physically assist. I am armed at my home for any threat I might incur, but I'm not marching across waters to stand in France or go to Syria. I suppose you could join the Red Cross efforts but then who pays the bills and takes care of the kid and homestead? See where this goes? Nowhere. I'm stuck. I can voice my opinion, speak out, and send money. That's about it and number three is scarce. In fact, it might be on the endangered list. BUT...there are other ways. 

A simple gesture is we can show respect and solidarity through whatever means possible even if it is a simple acknowledgement of support. Even if it is a post, a comment, a pic, a profile filter. Believe it or not if you start talking, it draws attention. ISIS might even target you, especially if you favor crosses. We can talk to our government...get things heated up. Motivate our Congress? It is possible but not an easy task. I just think you need to keep hitting them with sound bites. OR..we can stomp around and break our crayons. It worked for Mizzou. 

In all seriousness, if I saw world profile pics with USA all over their faces, I would think it was cool. 

So does your opinion differ? Why or why not? What do you think is a better idea? Do you actively seek to make positive change? How can we unite the nations?

Or we could say "FUCK IT" and listen to some more Little Big Town....


Old NFO said...

Little Big Town wins... :-) People are going to do what they do...

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Very hood post.

I'd like to think w're not "broken down", but "under re-construction" AT least that SOUNDS better, hmm?

As to the types of support we can lend?
I like the way you put it - don;t change a word of it (or else...lol).

Uniting the nations is a Herculean task, and in times past were only made through world wars (not the best idea there).
Hate to see another one, but we are (and have been) "at war" with terrorism, both in he real world as well as the "virtual" one.
And we'd best be "in it to win it".
Don't want to think about the alternatives.

Stay safe down there, dear.