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Friday, December 18, 2015

Camino Del Diablo: Book Review

Who can't get enough to read? Me, for one. Lately, I am a book junkie. I have even found myself reading uninterrupted which is indeed an unusual event at my very busy house. When I received Camino Del Diablo for review, I was already curious because I had done some "snooping" around on the Internet about the author. 

Naturally, the author, Jeremy De Concini is going to capture my attention. Why? He has to be a man of mystery. I mean, let's take a look at his background. Who doesn't want to sit down with a beer and discuss his life in law enforcement? Let me share with you a little of his story: 

"Jeremy DeConcini is an attorney and real estate broker who splits time between San Diego, CA and Tucson, AZ. A former Federal Agent in LA and San Diego, he worked primarily in undercover weapons smuggling and non-proliferation, as well as anti-terrorism and narcotics efforts for the US Department of Homeland Security."-Amazon Author's Page

Now that's some history right there. And granted he went to the "other side" by becoming an attorney, but I give that a pass. Eagerly, I sat down to read...

Jeremy DeConcini's Camino Del Diablo is a tangled web of political hot topics and current events such as immigration, environmental matters, corporate greed, danger, and action involving matters of the Colorado River. Ben Adams is a former FBI agent turned con due to being charged in an operation blunder. His character is a mix of a cynical man who is inherently good, but has many flaws.  His flaws are kind of irritating which makes him more believable. 

Of course, there is a woman in the mix. Jessica is intelligent and keeps Adams on his toes. Enter Geronimo, Ben's companion. I like Geronimo. He is of the furry variety. Those are the good guys. The book is plenty full of bad characters who are true to their form and deliver.

While Ben is being Ben and enjoying his casual life after prison, he meets Jessica. Adams stumbles across a mess which leads him into a sinister corporate scandal involving some heavy hitters. I don't really want to give it away but the plot could very well be truth in today's world. What is it all about? Greed. People. Money. Firearms are in there as well.

Water is the perfect camouflage. Everyone wants a piece of the America's water sheds. For what purpose? You will be surprised to find that it isn't the water, but maybe the land or maybe the water is hiding a form of conveyance. I know that doesn't make any sense, but it will. Dive in. 

There are some areas I had wanted more meat and potatoes-a little more details- and for DeConcini to go farther. I thought he had made it too simplified at those moments. It didn't make anything bad, it just made you wanting to pull more out of his very deep story line. 

Do I have your attention? Well, good. Go get it on Amazon. Put it in someone's stocking!

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akcamper said...

I just bought this book on your recommendation, your review is spot on! I will probably lose sleep tonite until I finish it!