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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Century Bob You Suck

I was invited.

It wasn't like I could get in without proper clearance due to the 3 sections of electronic entry points. It was like the NSA only different.

When the doors opened up, I was in AWE. It was a real live fancy police workout facility and not jail hand me downs or a very small room like I was used to back home. Not to knock our gym, because it improved greatly over the years, but was like kindergarten compared to this one.

So, I worked out. With cops. For free. I didn't have to go to jail nor get in a foot pursuit either. And it was all in a nice gym equipped with all the latest and greatest, large televisions, music, and a room for ground fighting and dummy hitting. Ok. Nice jump to conclusions there. I was NOT the dummy.

I ran the stairs with weights and as I did, I started to have flashbacks of Kirk racing up behind me at CPD back in 2010... yelling to "stop being a pussy" and "come on, Kathryn" and all that jazz. It was kind of creepy. It did cause me to do a couple more sets of flights. I was glad they only had four floors instead of 6.

The introduction to the dummy was quite...uh...blond, I might say. I also might say I stared at this man for a long time before bringing it to every one's attention. I had an angled view from a treadmill.

ME: Hey...in that room over there is a guy sitting on a bench naked. I can see his butt crack. Do you have a sauna or am I viewing the door open to the men's locker room? (clearly panic stricken and sweating about seeing the backside of a real live naked man)

COP 1: Uh. What are you looking at? The locker room is on the other side.

ME: (points at naked man)

COP 1:(laughs like I am a dumb blond)

ME: It isn't funny. It's uncomfortable. Does he not realize there is a girl in the gym?

COP 1: (still laughing) That is the dummy we use for boxing. Go in there. You will notice he is on a stick and is attached to a weighted base.

Century Bob boxing dummy-you can buy him on Amazon or check him out at local police training centers. He is an asshole. 

And then the world became really big and I transformed into an ant.


GunDiva said...

Hangin' with the PoPo again! How's it feel? Miss it yet?

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
That facility you were at sounds EXACTLY like the w/o room at the Public Safety Academy right off of Rts 27/33 in FTW.
Helluva workout room here.

And they ALSO have a "century-Bob" mick dummy (wish they'd change that name...LOL)
Most of the floor in that room is THICKLY PADDED (wonder why?)

Glad you got to "coop" with some 5-0 again.
You never really purge ALL of it, right?

Roll safe (and stay strong) down there, Kiddo.

Coffeypot said...

I guess it has been a long time since you've done the horizontal-mambo. Not being able to tell the difference a rock still dummy and a breathing man. Poor baby.

Old NFO said...

Oopsie... :-)