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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Way of the Dog

Brilliant idea, she said. Go into the woods, she said. Trails. Challenging hills. Green, blue, and black. What fun, she said.

Perhaps one should look at the trail map before just diving into a thickly wooded trail system only to get lost for nearly three hours while trying to find oneself a way out. And not to mention the extra endurance needed to finish.

Was it a good workout?


Was I the only girl in the woods?


Did I use a mountain bike?

Nope. I used my feet.

Was it dark?

It was dusk and then it got dark. *shudder*

Were there creepy moments?

Yes. I'm pretty sure serial killers inhabited these woods at one time or another.

Was it beautiful?

No. It was magical AND beautiful.

Was I scared? What about the murderers and rapists?

No. I have God and ninja skills.

And when you come to a fork in the trail which one do you take if it isn't marked? "Well, Fargo," a voice boomed down from the heavens, "You follow the way of the dog."

Maybe this is the same concept as the horse to the barn thingy.

So I did. The dog led me out of the woods...eventually...three hours later...after it was done playing.

So yeah. It's not like the horse thingy.

By the way, deep in the woods...there are no landmarks I call mountains. I can't see the sun. It's just pretty green all over. Pretty much I am navigationally fucked.

But it was fun!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Rhymes With Duck Sh*t

My Facebook quote inspired by the spammish quizes sent around which then puts malware and spybots all over your computer...gave me this today as MY quote...

"Dance like nobody's watching. Love like you've never had a broken heart. Sing like nobody's listening and live like there's no tomorrow."


That is EXACTLY me. Weird.

Marketing software. It's kind of creepy.

I try to keep upbeat even though sometimes my life goes on a disaster train.

It's funny how I've met someone exactly like me in that fashion and is a copper. Two cops who ride the disaster train? Say it isn't so. I wish I could. However, I have meltdowns. I believe these started at a young age and advanced into adulthood.

Like me, his supervisor told him the same thing I was told once...that when things were not going the way I planned, I broke my crayons. Apparently, so does he. Maybe that's why we make such good fishing buddies. We both have crazy exes. He is wound tight as a cop just like I was.

That says a lot about someone's personality even if we all want to be in denial. Why do good people pick the wrong people to be with? Why do we wind ourselves up so much over things and things have to be "just so"? Why do we keep a balance of turmoil versus ordinary in their lives? I always thought that work was my dose of turmoil by dealing with crazies all day...then I got to go home to the ordinary. Kind of like a thrill ride. But that changed when my home life up and left me. Then I had husband number two. Whiskey-tango-foxtrot.

Now after being out of the copworld for almost THREE effing years, I have lost a lot of that anxiety and the feeling of being wound super tight, with an overachieving mind and ambition drive. Not that I still don't take on a lot, but I have mellowed out a little. I still don't relax over teenager issues. They set me off like crazy whores in a crackhouse. But I'm working on it. Baby steps.

Just like the saying up there says, I will do exact that. Why? Because that is just who I am...flying by the seat of my pants trying to experience everything in life before I become unable.

Who says I can't do something?


Well, for one...my Jiu-Jitsu instructor who just kicked me out of future classes because of my bad rotator cuff.

Well, that's just super. 

Poop Shit. There goes my MMA fighting days, Bitches.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jeremiah Was A Bully Frog

It's really hard to gauge which hardships in life shape us in a positive or negative direction. Did I get bullied? Sure. Did I bully people? Sure. I remember some of the incidents so I guess they stay with you in that respect. However, I think all of the events made me stronger or learned me a lesson.

Never in those dark moments or despair did I think life was over or become disconnected. I had a strong family structure and after short periods of time, those issues dissolved. Sometimes I changed my behavior because of them and sometimes I took it in stride. Many times I had my feelings hurt. But I got over it. And when I was the bully, I think I felt bursts of power or accomplishment that I squashed something or someone. That is unfortunate. People suck sometimes, but we are human and to be human is to err.

It's different through the looking glass as an adult. If your child is the brunt of the words, it really hits you in right the feelers.

This week has been difficult.

My relationship with my daughter in the teenager stage is a struggle. I am taming the beast inside me when she pushes my buttons by gritting my teeth and breathing big gulps of air before my ninja reflex skills send her to the next planet. It's really the first urge to curb back talking and sass. At least it's my first urge. It is my hot button.

Despite all that, she is a really good kid. She works hard in school and sports. She just sasses the mother which creates THE MOMSTER. It happens. I hate the conflict. NOT because I don't like conflict...but because teenagers should be respectful and when naught...I get fuming pissed. I don't like myself like that.

But...what's worse?

When your kid gets bullied and it hurts your heart. Like hits you right...there.

This week two incidents happened at school. She sat next to a girl in the cafeteria with her lunch and the girl and her friends left the table to sit elsewhere. Then, in the gym, she sat next to one of her friends and a group of girls left. Her friend told her they didn't like her because she is pretty and dresses nice. Well poop shit. How do you answer that?

My cute Bug

I told her she couldn't make people like her. I told her to be kind. I said she is beautiful and they are jealous. Wait until they meet THE MOMSTER. Not really. It just is my first instinct...protect your young. But I will not interfere in this one and let my daughter sort it out.

Bitches. Girls are mean.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Knock Knock Goose

It's Throwback Thursday...I found this little gem from 2011. Thought I would share. Gives me a little giggle when I go down memory lane...


Police officers often get innovative when it comes to getting someone to answer the door. When the typical knocking doesn't work on the average crackhead, we sometimes have to think outside the box.

Do we cover up the peephole? Sometimes. That's been a worn out method, however, and they are on to us.

We were headed to Slumville to pick up a certain crackhead on a warrant.

OFFICER BILLBOARD: I'll get this, Fargo. Watch and learn. The dog scratch always works.

ME: What?


So...he bent down and clawed at the door. Like three or four times. Inside...a large dog barked and came to sniff the bottom of the door from the other side, then growled.

Nothing.Nada. No PERSON came to the door.

ME: That's working great.

OFFICER BILLBOARD: It usually works. They think there's a dog at the door and come to look. Half the time they think their dog is loose.

ME: I see.

OFFICER BILLBOARD: Let's try the Zombie Knock.

ME: What the hell? Do you sit around your X-Box at night and think of these ding dong ideas?

OFFICER BILLBOARD: Nah. It's an on-duty thinking process.

ME: Super.

So....he slapped the top of the door and drug his hand down to the bottom like he was smearing blood. The same large dog barked again.

OFFICER BILLBOARD: This is going to work.

ME: Ah. Huh.

Nothing. Nada. No PERSON came to the door.

OFFICER BILLBOARD: I'm going to try music and a Music Tap Knock.

ME: Okey. Dokey. [roll eyes]

So....he played Sexy And I Know It and knocked like a goof ball on the door.

The same dog barked. He didn't sniff. He ran and jumped at the door.

Nothing. Nada. No one came to the door.

ME: Let me try.

OFFICER BILLBOARD: Ok. They are passed out. You won't get anything.

So.....I kicked the door several times. Then kicked it again and yelled into the apartment.


Pretty soon....

WANTED KURT: Fuck. [opened the door] What the hell do you want?

ME: Hi. Good morning! We have a warrant for your arrest.

WANTED KURT: Fucking cops. Are you fucking kidding me?

OFFICER BILLBOARD: Sorry, buddy. Judge's order.


And...off to jail he went...all his tats including the barbed wire necklace and skull on his skull. Beautiful.


OFFICER BILLBOARD: Just so you know...that trick was a fluke.

ME: Ah. Huh. Remember. I'm a girl with the mind of a Jedi. Star Wars is where it's at, buddy. [big cheesy grin]

OFFICER BILLBOARD: *blink*blink*

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hello Darkness My Old Friend...

Hello darkness my old friend...I've come here to talk with you again...

These words have nothing to do with depression...at least not today. Neither did they when Simon wrote these lyrics. Many associate it with Kennedy's assassination while he attributes it to his bathroom escapades of writing. Interesting history. Google it. 

While it may be true Simon and Garfunkel intentions of the song are open to interpretation...these words refer to one thing here. Maybe you will figure it out. I will start at the end before I go back to the beginning. It might be worthy of multiple posts. Maybe not. Not sure yet. Making sense? I thought not. It's a riddle. 

I rather like the fact that it was written in the john with the lights off. Not in the toilet, but near the toilet. 

He ran up to me when he saw me and greeted me with familiarity. His black face was full of dust, but it made no nevermind to me. I hugged him. It was a bittersweet reunion. I cried. Actually, I sobbed like a big baby and I think my emotions scared him a little, but he came right back. We rubbed noses and I kissed his entire face. He felt a little smothered. Too bad but I continued to be all over him. He looked really good but I wished he had somewhere to run and wasn't locked up in that small area. But it was nice. And he had a nice barn, too. Nothing tugged at my heart more so than seeing him and longing to change the past...just a little...so that I could have him with me now. It was really eerie not seeing his brother there, knowing he had passed away. At least he was at home and well taken of and living the rich life.


It still makes my heart heavy.


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Welcome, Tribe Of Banded Weirdos

It's inevitable I might hit a nerve or two and of course; not everyone agrees with me. Imagine that. Sometimes I'm very opinionated. Sometimes I am just informative. Both times I would hope most who frequent this blog would feel they can tell me off or have a discussion. Apparently, that is not the case. I do encourage opposition because you can't have a good discussion without it. But then again, that's why it's my blog. It's me. It's my opinions. It's my life. If you don't speak, it's a little one sided.

Last night I received a Twitter notification of a tweet from a reporter type person:


At first I favorited it, then I was going to retweet it, then I decided against that. No sense being a smart ass and I thought I should just let it go.

For some reason the author has since deleted the tweet. Maybe because it was really mean. Bwhahaha! It's OK. I actually am grateful for the words.

Oh come on, you knew I would bring Elsa into this. 

This tweet was surely spurred by my post I SEE BLUE. I did edit out some of my ghetto attitude for the sake of being nicer because my "Grandma G" came down from heaven and scolded me for being so ugly and vulgar. I also added some paragraphs explaining some gaps which were missing.

There are few who will understand what the police go through and what they sacrifice for their community. There are even less who will appreciate it. Overwhelmingly, the majority of officers are very good people and fight to keep evil at bay. We're pretty lucky in the USA. Not so appreciative, though. Boobs.

She said "boobs." 

I suppose it is the same response for all first responders including the military. Except firemen. Everyone loves the firemen.

Alas, I'm feeling like a Nazi today and "NO LET IT GO FOR YOU!" Besides, it makes for good blog fodder. One clarification- I don't think The Boogie Man Is My Friend is quite like Nazi Germany. That's a little extreme, but maybe ANerbovig was angry.

I think this blog...is...well...it's more a gathering place for my tribe of weirdos.

"Dissenters are demonized." I actually agree this happens sometimes. I see it on other blogs as well, so it's not just a "Fargo phenomenon." You have followers of the same opinion, and so they might leave comments much the same and maybe with more passion. I read blogs with differing opinions than my own, but I don't usually follow them. I follow ones I like to see in my feed. It doesn't mean I don't get outside my little box.

Does it mean I might change my mind by listening to those with differing opinions? Sure. It might. It might not. That's why people have communication and problem solving stems from those conversations many times. It's positive discussion.

I am steadfast on a lot of moral, legal, and ethical viewpoints and of course...my conservative values.

Anyone is welcome here.

Welcome, my tribe of banded weirdos! 

Disclaimer: If you agree, we open our arms and rant together. If you disagree...we throw *record scratches* and *blink blinks* out there. Be warned. But welcome anyway.

Update: Nazi Germany has now been blocked. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Coppers 'N' Boots

This morning, I stopped on the street in a NON crosswalk area of campus right in front of the campus police station.

I must preface that crosswalks don't matter at the university. Students must yield to traffic unless the light signals them. All other crosswalks are pedestrian yield to vehicles. It fucked me up when I first got here. Now it's like the gauntlet and I play chicken with unsuspecting college students who don't get it. Not really. But the little bastards clog the roadway. Our university should be a big square with walking in the middle and driving around it. BUT NO...lazy asses had to build roadways to every building and a thoroughfare down the middle. So what happens? South Dakota fall driving. Ever been there? Nope? Then you would know when you drive down the highways near Brookings, South Dakota in the fall, the pheasant population is abundant and it is The Gauntlet. They fly everywhere including into your windshield. Campus driving is like that. Sort of. I haven't had any college students in my windshield yet. 

So. I saw four figures on the sidewalk...one was partially in the street. I stopped. They looked at me. They didn't move. I waved them to cross. They didn't move. I waved them to cross again. They crossed.

I really couldn't blame them for hesitating. Did they think it was a setup and I was going to run over them? An ambush? I guess with the current events, that might be a thought. I mean, they really looked at me with horror (not whore) and befuddlement in their eyes. I was being courteous to our men in blue. They probably didn't know my intent behind my windshield. It kind of made me sad that now it seemed a simple kind gesture was questioned and not accepted without extreme caution. I really don't know how to fix that.

I waited until they crossed all the way to the other side before continuing on and watched them get into the lot where their cruisers were parked. Hmm. The world as we know it was wide open for new interpretation now.

The change of atmosphere isn't only within that one experience. Recently, I helped polish some boots because my copper friends have a stringent inspection which could suspend them if they didn't pass.

So, yeah. Fargo is polishing your boots? Whiskey-tango-foxtrot. She uses bananas.

Excerpt from The Boogie Man Is My Friend: The Rookies

Well, I didn't this time. I will say when I started with my banana story it fell on deaf ears with snarls and so yeah....I quick explaining it. Apparently, they didn't want my fashion tip. While I was brushing the boots to get a parade gleam, I kept thinking I was sending my team off to war. The preparation was almost funeralish.

What about that? What about the fucked up crazy nonsense of police murders continuing without interruption? Almost daily I hear bad news. I mostly don't understand why the national leaders are so quiet about it. A few words by some and no action. It's pretty discouraging really.

And how about that police boycott on Obama's Labor Day Speech? I am not surprised.

Cops are told to color inside the lines. So they do. Then they get told to go a little outside the box. So they do. NOT THAT FAR THEY SAID. Then they get scolded. Then they break their crayons.Not really. I think that was an analogy of my own police career. Only I pouted when my crayons got broke. I digress. Maybe it was my flashbacks coming on.

I think more protesting from law enforcement is coming. I hope not to the extreme of blue flu, but I am prepared for that reaction in some parts of the country.

Meanwhile... Fargo is now the shoe shine boy? Yeah. Well. I took one for the team. 'Merica!

At least the inspection was a success! I didn't mind really. It would be different if it was done for nought. It was for a good cause.

I really hated polishing my boots. They got dirty just walking to the truck. And then God forbid if you walked down the street or did something. Pshaw. Why bother. I was kind of Eeyore about it.

But...shoving that brush back and forth brought back some lost pride in the uniform. Of course, I couldn't do a shitty job for someone else. Then I would really look like a boob.

Not as much as Hillary, tho. She is finally starting to look like a boob. Her evil is being unveiled. Of course, I knew it all along and she never fooled me. Perhaps because I had an inside perspective.

Nonetheless, I would laugh if Joe Biden came in and drove her dick in the dirt. And that's all I've got to say about that.

Stay vigilant. Be alert. 

Friday, September 4, 2015


Today is an event created by Brittani Milford called Sea of Blue. It's a show of support for law enforcement. Tie a blue ribbon(s) around a tree, your fence, your posts, or put on your blue lights. Whatever your blue fancy, today is it. Cars, homes, and people are stepping out to show their support of police. Get busy.

On the home front (Wyoming land), a news reporter type person lost his job over some nasty tweets. Twattering can get you in so much trouble ten hurry ten fast. So here, let me share his ignorance.

His rant continued in Twatterland...

Preface: CPD executed a search warrant whereas a known and dangerous felon aimed a gun at the police and was killed. The state agency, DCI, investigated the shooting. Standard procedure. Several weeks later, the DA was given the report and made a public statement that the shooting was justified and no criminal charges would be issued.

The statement was detailed and with case facts and published in the news. I know the two men who were in charge of this investigation...whose names are in the press release because one was the DA in the Bush case and the other my partner, Fox Moldy. I was Danish Scully. Two very top notch and highly ethical individuals. I lurve them both. I also know the officer involved in the shooting. He is a great peace officer and dear feller...but don't tell him I said that because I usually greet him with a punch in the arm or make fun of him because that's what we do to cops. He was also featured in many pages of my books because he was on my team. My heart goes out to him as I know this will cause a mark but he will handle it to the best of his ability and still be a righteous cop.

This Nick guy yanks my chain. It's not the free speech. It's the fact he is ignorant of law enforcement procedures. Because he is from the east coast, I am guessing he assumes without knowledge of fact that this is a cover up, conspiracy, or an improper due process. #*$&)*(&@%_. Excuse me. I said he yanked my chain.

And hello, sailor! Absolutely if the police do as you just tweeted with a perceived IMMINENT THREAT, they should be able to do it with TOTAL IMPUNITY. Duh. It's called their duty. It's called self-defense. I love those who think we should shoot to wound or try tasing first. Fuck me. Or better yet, those who think cops should be fired upon before firing their weapons. Where did all the common sense go in our country? We are inundated with word games and word crimes to the point we don't even know what is right and just anymore. It's all illfacts and false narratives with a great spin to make it sound legit.

Wake up, America! Get your head out of the clouds.

Not only is this Nick dude clueless on law and order issues, he has no idea of the case facts or chooses to ignore them as well and the rules of self defense. Fuck. *(#&)$@*(#&$ Gesundheit.

Ok. My ghetto queen attitude is suppressed for the moment. Did I say this really gets my goat? And I don't even have any goats to get.

I'm sorry the mistake cost employment, but at the same time I think it was the only solution.

What about free speech, Fargo? Um. Well, it is true that you are free from persecution from your government, but maybe not by the people. Maybe there are still consequences from words spoken or written. I guess that is why my father always told me to think before I spoke. Apparently, that didn't work so well. My mother would have added, "think before you speak and watch your language, Kathryn Ann." So this Nick feller didn't think about the consequences. Perhaps he could have been more diplomatic but he came off sounding like a radical fool.

Anydigression, this nice, young, misguided feller was fired. The local newspaper put out a statement about it on Facebook and believe me that stuff went like wildfire over the Internet. I was actually impressed with their handling of the matter because they are not always law enforcement friendly. THAT...is an example of a good decision and also a community action. They could have also just issued a statement refuting the reporter's opinion but I don't think the people would have settled for that. Makes no never mind to me that he kept his job, I just didn't like the black cloud he was trying to incite which was again...a false narrative. Maybe that's because outsiders just don't know the system, how law enforcement works, what self defense is, and why cops don't have to stand trial if justified.  I also know citizens who have killed in the county in self defense and they were not charged either because the police and DA ruled it self defense. No trial. I also know those who were charged because there was probable cause to do so, but they were acquitted. The laws are in place for due process. Just because you have a cop hater, doesn't mean the cops are full of conspiracy each and every time a tragedy occurs.

You see, the newspaper reporter could have intentionally or unintentionally incited some tension and violence against the police by rallying up some of those not so bright characters.  However, the paper deserves a little kudos on their management of a potential community mess involving this Balatsos character.

Do I think the officers are still at risk? Yes. It pains me to say it. Every where. Again I say...vigilance must be in force. Be alert.

Who's fault is it? Where did it start? I think it became evident when issues were not addressed nationally, but instead cops were blanketed as racists. Now we have a continuum of division with no positive change or plan of action toward progress. EXCEPT...the police are changing with response to the masses but no one seems to care.

Why am I so passionate about this? Because somehow this feels like an attack on what I held sacred as a cop...my duty to the people.  I know good cops. I will stand behind them. I knew bad cops. I would throw them under the bus. Most people don't realize when a good department has some bad apples...it's like mice...they eat their own. Really. Sometimes peer pressure forces them out. Other times it is more serious. They disappear into the sunset to a new vocation never to be cops again and the terminations are not public. OR if it is really bad....they go to jail.

I also wore the uniform and badge proudly for years and I know what cops go through for others...the personal sacrifices...THEY ARE HUGE. Yes, first responders are supported here.

Cops are our last line of defense between the monsters and the weak...our homeland guardians so to speak. It's true we also have that power within the laws to protect our life and property, but the cops are out there doing it behind the scenes so you don't have to.

"For the one in authority is God's servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for rulers do not bear the sword for no reason. They are God's servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer." Romans 13:4

I kind of like this for a tattoo: Pinterest

Today, I encourage you to attend the event "SEA OF BLUE" wherever you are and to hang those blue ribbons, flash those blue porch lights, wave those flags, or hug a cop. Maybe you just should try to shake their hand. But...if you prefer the huggy thing...you might want to let him or her know you are coming in for just a hug, arms up and outstretched. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a pickle. And who can blame them.

Coppers: Stay vigilant. Be alert. Train tough. Train mean. I say it again and all big and bold up in your house. We see you.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Vigilance Hours: The New Age of Police and ILLfacts

We should be more connected to the issues at hand in the nation plaguing our police officers. On average, one police officer dies every 58 hours. In the month of August, can you give me the number of how many were killed on duty? 14. Since August 26th? 5. Yet, the nation as a whole seems remotely aloof and continues on a disconnection path to the changes we are seeing in human behavior and mental breakage. Only those close to us know the real danger and horrifying truth of the matter.

And where is the president? Why hasn't he made a statement?

Am I surprised? No. Do I think he is anti-law enforcement? I think that might be a leap, but I am concerned he has an agenda which is not to publicly support the fallen officers' and their families nor rally for law enforcement... but to rally for fallen black citizens. What does this mean?

I can only give you my opinion since I can't read his mind. I am very talented, but I don't have ESP, only ESPN...which I discontinued because well, I cut off a lot of cable to downsize my television package to save some money. Anycrazyleadership, I think he wants to portray himself as a president who put civil rights and black lives matter movement above everything else. Maybe he places himself in a catagory with Martin Luther King.

*Record scratch. *

Erch. The wheels on the bus don't go round.

I am a naysayer and say his place in history would be more along the lines of Al Sharpton where a skewed view of right and wrong override the actual issues. The false narratives begin to take place and are dictated to the masses in a media viral rampage to make a statement of illfacts. That's a new word.

ILL=bad, imperfect, wrongly

Facts=reality, genuine or true

So in a general sense, it means bad reality or wrong reality...bad truth.

How do we combat bad truth? How do we retain law and order amongst the people? The only answer is to act. 

If you are law enforcement, you must be vigilant. You must lead by example. You must be alert. In the words of Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, you must be a "sheepdog."

As a police officer, your hightened awareness will possibly save you. Why are you being less than 100? I don't know. You can't afford to be. Why are you being negative, Fargo? Because right now, ambushes can happen in a matter of seconds and are unprecedented in numbers. Your career is more dangerous now than it was a year ago....five years ago.

People you think you might be able to read or thought you knew, are no longer readable. Be alert. 

Back your fellow officer on calls, stops, and report writing parking areas.

Patrol diligently.

Train tough. Train mean.  What do I mean by this? Don't half ass your training. Don't sleep in class. Get physcially fit. Learn or brush up on martial arts. Wear your vest. Carry off duty. Have all your gear in proper working order and top quality condition. Don't settle for broken down or mediocre.  Spend some money on you. It could save your life.

Make sure your vehicle is maintained and in top working order. That doesn't cost you a dime. It's all on the people.

Can you really afford to eat that donut? Assess yourself.

Go home to your family every night and be proud in uniform.

What have I done for law enforcement support? Not enough. 

(1) I pray every day for the safety of our law enforcment officials (2) I have placed a St. Michael's medallion inside an officer's vest when he lost his. Did I tell him about it? Yes. Is it silly? No. Every officer should have one. (3) I have put things on social media. (4) I have spoken out against those naysayers in person and on the internet. (5)I proudly display blue lights and flags at my home. (6) I teach my child to love and respect officers and obey the law. (7) I thank them in public for their service. (8) I respect them in private and public. (9) I donate to their charities and to the fallen by my service to their organizations, an item of need, or even a little monetary donation on occasion when I can.

If you are a citizen, you can promote through marketing of yourself and others the rights and not allow the wrongs of the situation. Executions of officers are not acceptable. To anyone. They should not be.

Citizens must unite to show support. However it is done...through an editorial in your local newspaper, Facebook, social media, letters to our national leaders, holding a sign on the street, talking to the news, decorating your house, your car, etc. You can do something if you feel compelled.

Or you can choose to do nothing and watch future events unfold on the news.

And why do we sit on our hands?

Oh, it's true that some across the nation have taken up in arms against this nonsense, but not the majority. Why aren't you out there shouting, protesting, spreading a message against this violence? Why are you silent? That is all I inquire.

Why are we silent?

We must not be anymore. We cannot afford to sit idlely by and hope for the best. We have to make positive change and try to prevent or reverse further damage to our country's state of mind.

And you must believe that if all good men do nothing, evil will prevail...because it will.