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Monday, January 25, 2016


While I sit here and write this, my world has become so big I have disappeared and my problems don't seem to matter anymore. I'm even kind of misty-eyed at the office. Yes, I am writing this on my break. Egads, our government dollars at work. 

Yep. There it is. So what. I have a good excuse today. Shad ap!

My brother is about to go into surgery to have his colon removed. It might seem like an ordinary major surgery for most which requires some recovery time and a lifestyle change. It is. The exception is that my brother has blood clots on his spleen and a failing liver. He is on the liver transplant list. It makes his surgery more risky.

My parents are the parents I know best and who taught me the basics, my moral compass, and my belief system. They were our only parents, but we also shared the "village parents" as well which included our aunts and uncles, grandparents, and the Farsonites. They are all great people and had impacts in our lives which will last forever. 

Along the way, my brother was there undergoing all of the childhood happenings with me. He is the person I know best and especially in a time most of our adult friends didn't experience with us. I may not be the one he likes the best, but we went through the same things as kids for the most part. I may not be the most interesting, and he may not be the most interesting, but we are the closest and probably the clearest to each other; aside from our spouses. 

He is my childhood buddy, despite me being the mean big sister. I'm sure he wishes or thinks he is a quasi-only child. Why? I picked on him relentlessly. Yet, he grew strong and intelligent. He was a little mischievous, but good. I was good in the base sense of the word, but very naughty. I don't know how he turned out so terrific with a turd sister like me. I never went down the easy path nor chose the right road. I always went left. Left turn, Clyde. We are like different flowers from the same garden. But he turned out to be a wonderful person...more so than I could ever become. 

At the first news of this, I was worried. My brother was worried. After talking to him this last week, he is ready and wants to feel good again. I want this for him, too, so I am more optimistic about the operation. Still, Worrywartitis is an epidemic in some of the female genes of our family. Me...being one who inherited this serious mental problem, is restless today and full of prayer for my superfantabulous brother.

I can't really find my funny, but some things still make me smile and giggle when they are presented to me. For instance, let me share something which tickled my Funny bonZ today:

Maybe I even snorted at Tina Fey's impersonation. And then I saw a story this weekend which gave me Feel Goods. New words? Why yes!


noun \ˈfēl-ˌgu̇dz\
feelings of extreme satisfaction or warm fuzziness 
which touch your heart

Below, I thought I would share another nice development in the news which you may have already seen. I found this to be a great feel good story. This is using the singular version of the word as an adjective.


adjective \ˈfēl-ˌgu̇d\

  1. relating to or promoting an often specious 
  2. sense of satisfaction or well-being, cheerfully sentimental 

Follow this link... it's worth the watch:
Shaq shows up at the police station. 

So with that, I bid you ado today. I want today's words to be there for my brother as well...in both the noun and adjective sense.

And now, I must go back to my knee mails...


Coffeypot said...

I feel your pain and worry. I had the same thing with my younger brother, too. He had Parkinson's and passed away peacefully. I miss him to this day. You brother is in good hands, both with the doctors and nurses, and with our Heavenly Father. I sent up some prayers last night, and I even sent one this morning as I was lying in bed. You are in my heart, LYLT.

Allenspark Lodge said...

You and yours are in our prayers.


Tennessee Grammie said...

Younger Bro has a tough spirit and is a fighter. Prayers for him, the surgical team and all the family and friends who are in his corner. Sending love and hugs to all.

GunDiva said...

If your brother is half as tough as you are, he's gonna whoop this.

(But I understand your worry, too.) Thinking of you and your family.

Old NFO said...

Thoughts and prayers.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
We here at the "Fortress" up north echo the sentiments and prayers to both your brother AND you.

Roll safe & stay strong down there, dear.