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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Being Thug: Pepper Jack

That gut wrenching feeling when you hear of another line of duty death in Colorado after you posted on Facebook that they had the most police deaths and injuries in the last three months can't make you feel any better about the nation's state of social disorder.  I certainly need a rest after that long sentence. 

Rest in peace, sir.
Don't cry for me, Argentina.

Most of the tragic stories we hear in the news are of veteran officers who were well trained for duty. So what is going on? Of course we can blanket by saying that it is easy to ambush a cop. I knew that every day. I didn't let it break me, I just was alert. But, it is what it is. You have to rely on the fact that the majority of the population have respect for human life.

So what can we do? Do we sit on our thumbs and hope for the best to come out of this divisiveness? We must use our voices! How? I don't know. No one seems to be listening.

I don't know why I feel that if the President got on national television and made a very harsh and resounding statement to the people with key words included that he supported the police, we need to come together, and emphasize that our nation must stop bleeding, yada, yada, that it might make a difference. It would make a difference in the hearts of some Americans. I can't help but think he has thug support. So why not influence them in a positive direction now that you have their attention? Call me crazy.

It won't change the ways of the world, but it might stop condoning bad behavior and make potential murdering thugs think twice before pulling the trigger on a cop. Now it seems like they have the green light.

IMHO, he all but supported "thug violence" at the time of the Ferguson protests. Ok. Maybe I am stretching it a little. But the cloud that followed was remarkable. I think Obama then just walked off stage and threw his hands up. No pun intended. Do you think he had to throw white cops under the bus because he couldn't find anything to reason with the protesters or because he was afraid what would happen if he didn't join in the reindeer games? Or does he truly not care what happens to societal law and order? I would like to sit down with him and ask some tough questions.

I agree we still have hate. We still have bigotry. We still have racial tensions...actually now more so divisive than say 5 years ago. It's like the 60's all over again, sorta...at least how I picture them because mostly I was just a gleam in my father's eyes back then. When I popped out into the word, most of the civil rights movements were subsiding and all but over or at least on the way to repair.

BTW, thug violence is my new coin phrase for "gun violence". See what I did there? And to all the feel gooders, thug has no color. It includes all races of people who are naughty.

"Thug" can be a noun, verb, adjective. It's versatile. It's like the word "fuck." Henry Lee always said "fuck" was the perfect word and makes everything more clear when you use it. People pay attention when it comes out of nowhere, especially from a professional like him.

Now if you use the word "bumpus" that pertains to color.

Bumpis- /'bəmpəs/

1. A raucous, boisterous person or thing (usually African-American.) Don't look at me, this came from the Urban Dictionary so it must be true. 

2 .A state of black culture defined by raucous and cultural euphemisms which no other race can comprehend nor anyone reading this complicated definition. 

3. When black people call white people out and similar in use to the words like crackah, home boiiii, and white cheese. Frankly, I would request I be referred to as Pepper Jack.

It gets old talking about the same things over and over like a broken record. We need to find some new meaty topics to spark the nation's interest and set our creation mind channeling on fire. Didn't I sound like a teacher just then? So inspiring of moldy minds they are.

*record scratch*

Funny thing is we are almost to a day and age where most people won't know what a broken record or a record scratch sounds like. What will we use? We must Google...

Don't get too search happy on the Internet to find new coin phrases either because before you know it, you are pulling up sites of "masturbation techniques while alone" and "hot lesbian pets." I don't get it. I just plugged in "new coin phrases" and "women pioneers." Don't google the word "hate" or "racial tensions" because you end up with sites linked to "Hitler ate my Nutella" and then the FBI comes to your desk.

So in closing...keep backing the blue, stay neutral, and be safe.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Times are changin as they say...I do blame the current occupant for a lot of the racial tension...but on the other hand, he is the result of years of political correctness.
I really don't know how things will shake up...I have a gut feeling things will go worse before they finally get better.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

As far as I'm concerned everyone needs to learn to love and respect each other. Cops have a great responsibility upholding the law, The only cop I frown upon are those who use their influence to harm people. Which is the same way I would feel about someone in any other position whether job or otherwise who went around harm and intimidating others. Any death is sad but when someone dies because they were just doing their job...it's quite a sting.

Momma Fargo said...

Mr. G and Sheena-Kay...great points. I think love and respect are much needed for everyone and I wish the nation would come together.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
I would put RESPECT ahead of love (these days).
But I grew up in the days when love & respect worked and played well TOGETHER.
And you don't DEMAND respect...you EARN it, and it's not by acting the fool (or asshole).
Maybe if those people causing the problems would figure THAT out, we could get this nation back on track, and away from all the anger and division we suffer today.
Applies to ANY race as well.
VERY good post.

Stay safe down there, dear.