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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Big Girls Don't Cry

Humor me for a moment. Norpoth says 97-99% Trump is going to be POTUS based upon his algorithm. This gets me big eyes and gaping mouths. Hey, it's not my rodeo. I'm just repeating a formula result. So what?

All these celebs getting their panties in a wad over the possibility of Trump being POTUS has got me giggling all the way to the movies. I mean, get over yourselves. First of all, nobody cares. You don't change my life. You don't even make good film.

Anti-Trump movements? It's only going to make the mad and crazy people grab on stronger, you dopes. The Republican party is no longer full of "The Establishment." It's full of new blood who have wanted to see the party change and progress out of the Civil War. And what has happened? Fucking nothing. Listen GOP, the Republicans have given you YEARS to figure it out and reorganize platforms, progress forward, and rewrite the party and put it into the year 2016. You did nothing. You thought nothing. We gave you a Congress full of yourselves. You stonewalled. You did nothing. Now get the fuck out.

Although I think Mitt Romney is probably a nice guy, I don't care about his anti-Trump speeches. Does he have class? Yes. Is the GOP using him as a spokesperson for the party? Yes. I still don't care. He is milquetoast as a politician. Is he right or wrong? I don't care. Let the dice roll.

And the GOP better start hearing the message its supporters are chanting out there because everything seems to be falling on old deaf ears.

Am I terrified? Yep. But I have my big girl panties on. I would be more terrified if Hillary Clinton got elected. Now that's some scary shit right there.

Yes, I agree that Donald Trump uses language or speaks in a way which is not refined nor probably "presidential." Some of his ideas are nuttier than a fruitcake. In fact, sometimes I am looking at the television, moving forward in slow motion saying, "Nooooooo....do overs." I think most of it is for free press and ratings. And...he's testing the waters.

We all liked him in the fight, even if we didn't agree with him. He was a rabble rouser. Now he's a front runner. Do you still feel the same way?

Do I think he sounds like a racist sometimes? Yep. Do I think he is a racist? No. Do I think he sounds like a sexist sometimes? Yes. Do I think he is sexist? Maybe a little bit, yes. I worked with and for sexists throughout my lifetime. In the end, they weren't terrible to work for or with and we came to common ground. I would even go as far to say they have respect for me. I guess you have to look at actions and beyond just words. Ivanka seems to be a very confident and level headed business woman and respected by her father. I would even go as far to say in public he treasures her intellect and person.

I am not endorsing any one candidate, just rambling about some thoughts sparked by social media, friends, and the news. Do I approve of everything coming out of any of the politicians? No. Lately it seems like they are all pooping in each other's sandboxes. Now that the circus has closed its tents and the election is near, let's start adulting, shall we?

People want change so bad, they will listen and cheer anything. Right now Trump could say we are going to implode ourselves and all live in tents and everyone would be like, "Here, here! I'll drink to that."

That should scare you shitless.

What are we really missing here? This is an eerie point in time when Americans don't care any more about niceties in language or conversation but would rather expend their energies on sporting a $200 pair of jeans. Hey, do these make my butt look big?

Most people care about common sense decisions even if they don't have any common sense themselves. But---they want extreme fluctuations in the way things are going and being run and ten hut ten hurry.

THEY.ARE.OVER.IT. Whatever it is. We all see IT and feel IT, but we can't put a finger on IT.

They are globbing on to radicalism. They aren't all the crazies or the hillbillies that the left wingers want to portray. Many are good hard working Americans just like you and me. That's the part that should alarm everyone.

So what is it that is appealing? He isn't a politician. He has hit points of conversation like no other: immigration, corruption, economics, foreign relations. Many think America needs to be run more like a corporation, so why not by a billionaire?  Yes, he is arrogant. I don't care. Is he bragworthy? No. I don't care how much money he has or how successful he is unless he applies those actions to fix current government or social problems. Show me the money, Trump. How are you going to fix America...not in concept...in macro, but in micro? The little things. The details. I would also like some class. I know he has it, but this mud slinging is old. But if I let everyone's arrogance and shenanigans ruin my day, I would be in a nice white jacket with shiny buckles.

What is it that people hate or love about Trump? No filter. You love it or you hate it.

Is it fake? I don't think so. I think he exaggerates things for ratings and attention. I also think it is the way he is and how he runs things. I believe he could dress the part and act refined if he wanted to but he lets it all hang out there no matter what the consequences.

The people want peace. They want terrorists prosecuted or even executed on site. I know it's extreme, but no citizen has any love loss for terrorists of any kind. They want the US to lead in economics, trade, and foreign policies.

They want production. They want oil, gas, and coal to stabilize. They want us to bring back industry and manufacturing and safe practices.

They want us to make a stand no matter what it is, but not play Sit and Spin and look like idiots to other nations. They want to lead.

They do not want a divided nation nor a cop killing nation nor a violent nation. They want education to rise above again.

They want environmental best practices and conservation of our sacred lands.They want moral compasses and family values to swing back the other way. They want the US neighborhoods to be safe and criminals dealt with accordingly. They want jobs.

Isn't that what we all should want? WTF? Why aren't we doing it?

I believe Trump also wants to scare foreign nations that the mighty America is no longer laying down and being viewed as weak because here comes this man of bold thoughts and out loud crassness. He wants that image. Now does that mean he would make crazy off the wall foreign relation decisions? No. It just means he is a bull horn. "Foreign nations, hear me roar! Prepare for change! Like it or not!"

Heck, he already is presidential. Everything bounces off him like rubber. Who did they used to call the Teflon man? Ronald Reagan. Now, no way in hell am I saying Trump is comparable to Reagan.

But let's get this straight. So you have Alf as your figurehead, for example. The mother ship has landed. Look at his performance. He appoints brilliant people to run his companies. He isn't stupid, he's just brash. He's unorthodox. Let's apply it to the government...

Let's just say it goes like this:

Chris Christie-VP
Condaleezza Rice-Secretary of State
Dr. Carson-Surgeon General
Ted Cruz-Attorney General
Sheriff David Clarke-Department of Justice

Wow! Now that's a line up. Some new meat and uncharted territory.

Now...I love Connie Rice but I believe no way in hell will she hold office, but wouldn't that be nice?

Or we could have Omarosa. Snork!

Seriously, this is the deal. We have all made it through good and bad presidents. I am still here! Yes, I am struggling and I played an actor on television, but I am surviving and doing the best I can. Times are tough economically and we have to make some sort of upturn in the country in order to stop the Titanic.

Maybe we are headed to another Great Depression. I doubt it, but maybe we have to hit the bottom to figure things out. Or have we already hit bottom?

We are divided. Minerals, oil, and gas are crashing. Social problems fill our kazoos. There is little to no manufacturing. Asia has the lead on technology. Medicine? Not here either.

So why are we the great United States? Freedom.

It's all we have left.

Now let's get back to the drawing board and stop whining about moving to Nova Scotia, eh? I didn't leave when Obama got elected...FUCKING TWICE. Big babies.


Tennessee Grammie said...

Nailed it. :)

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

The anger of the Repub base is palatable. People are pissed and that is why the Donald is soo popular. We have been lied to and screwed over by what I call "The cloud people". Now there is real anger in the American Populace.