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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Money Shots From Heaven

What the erpie derp? It's a crude day. I am a little upset.

I feel a max/mass exitus (super dooper migration) of Americans fleeing to Nova Scotia, eh? Seems the notion of Trump possibly being elected as POTUS has many seeking refuge across the border. Why didn't they want to go to Mexico and lay on the beaches?  I suppose the treat of gunfire and stray bullets from the Cartel might be an issue and the fact that most of those seeking to go to Canada like a socialist form of government. Canada is very nice.

However, I find them to be whiney pussies. I have survived 12 rough years of the US presidency occupations, as I call them. I thought GW was a seemingly nice person but rather luke warm as a president. Nothing majorly disruptive in my eyes, but no mountains moved either. The last eight years have been the roughest for me and it seems the nation is very divided and facing extremely nasty social issues plus economic slips. I feel the burn. Yet, again, our Congress sucks big dragon dicks.

How do I know? Because they stand there with their hands in their pockets or their thumbs up their asses with their mouths wide open. No action. It's a circle jerk. Maybe I should have said dragon hand jobs.  How long can you bottleneck progress before you get called a political tampon?

Some of this is cycle. Some of this results from leadership errors.

Alas, I have outlasted all of them through the good and bad just as our parents did. No need to break your crayons and seek pastels across the border. Put your big girl panties on.

Besides, the election isn't even here yet.

On the cop side, we have seen Captain Clay Higgins resign and Officer Hy get suspended without pay. It just goes to show you that you can't be a cop and a celebrity. It is very rare where it works out in both favors. Most of them choose the fame over cophood because it pays more and creates a better financial future. And along with the greenbacks, maybe some of them want to teach or motivate the masses with positive messages. Perhaps departments will be able to find some common ground to use this fame to the positive for law enforcement.

Please take some time to think about our fallen officers. LEOs are dropping like flies and it's not even fly season. Makes me sad. I think it is quite true when an officer or soldier dies, the nation feels sorrow. It's respect for the duty and protection. It also shows the country has not gone total magnetic haywire on its moral compass.

One after the other this week has us all going what the erpie derp? Is it raining tragedy?

Perhaps we are looking at it wrong.What if rain was really everyone masturbating in heaven? That was not meant to be blasphemy. I mean, those are pleasurable moments. I just am not really into money shots with too much to contain.I mean its all good except when it gets foul and degrading all up in your face. It takes away the romance and makes everything dirty nasty like S & M.

At least that is what I imagine it would be like. Because I have NEVER done any of that.

Ok. I need to stop.

Cue the haters. I'm sorry. It just popped in my head for no reason. Damn you, Satan!

Maybe rain is really just Mother Nature peeing after too much coffee. I don't know. I don't really know where I was going with all this except in the gutter. I think I really need to go now.

Rest easy. Your brothers and sisters have it from here.


Sheena-kay Graham said...

You really went out there but that's fine. Seen worse rants on Youtube. Glad to see someone else decry the whole Trump might win whine fest. As far as I'm concerned if Trump possibly becoming president is your biggest problem.... you have no problems. No matter what happens USA won't burn down and one day I'll still be able to pay a visit leaving my island home of Jamaica behind for a while. My number one place to visit is Japan though. Fallen soldiers and police officers is indeed sad. The few bad never destroy the greater good done by the majority.

Momma Fargo said...

Sheena-kay Graham...you are so kind to me. I should be throat chopped for my rant. Egads. My mother would NOT be proud. LOL. I think I need to go to Jamaica with you! Beautiful area!

Momma Fargo said...

And posts like these usually generate silence and gaping stares. LOL. Oh well. Tomorrow will be a toned down something fantastic event...maybe. :D

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
You made a great call on the last dozen years...Kudos there.
I'll grant you that Nova Scotia is nice territory, but damn it, this is OUR America, and we better stand FAST to keep it (and preserve) it before we lose it.

BTW, politicians tend to stand around with their hands in OUR pockets...lol.
Agreed on the circle-jerk, though...heh.

And while LEO fallen numbers have declined, EVERY one taken out because some dumbass perp felt like making the 6 o'clock news, affects MORE people than you know (that's after that thin blue line).

Very good post.

Stay safe down there, dear.

Old NFO said...

The biggest problem is lack of respect/open season on LEOs... THIS scares me!

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

The last 16 years have been rough, from the circle of 9-11 to present day, we have lurched from one catastrophe to another. I wonder at times if we can handle any more shocks. The anti-cop rhetoric is really bad, I asked my Dad who is a retired PoPo about the 60's, he was around then and he told me that it was bad back then with all these extremist groups trying to ambush cops. it is worse now...back then there was a law and order flavor with the city and state government. Nowadays the inmates run the asylum, It is not a good time to be a cop.
As far as all the wussies crying about trump and talking about leaving the country....fine go...I hear the same threat from the lefties every election cycle.

Cheryl said...

I agree with you that we have weathered political shit storms in the past and we will get through this one as well BUT (and this is a big BUT) I am sick of having to put up with the slimy politicians that have no respect for the common person trying to live a good life and do right. I, totally agree with you that the last 8 years have been by far the toughest. I am saddened that no one that is running is talking about ways to make things better like the cost of medical insurance. They are too busy backstabbing each other, acting like grade schoolers. I am sick of turning on the news and hearing more crap being slung.

The constant negative media and the total disrespect of law enforcement is another area that has gone totally in the ditch. Unlike some of your readers, I don't have a direct connection to any police personnel but as a citizen it upsets me to see the lack of support and the total disregard for the men and women that work everyday to protect us. Sure there are a few bad cops just like there are a few bad doctors or a few bad lawyers or any other type of worker...but do other industries have the media demonizing them.

So any way ...in my long winded comment...if you want to vent..go for it!!! Vent away! I am listening and agreeing that things aren't right.

Anonymous said...

So how were you a cop and a bigshot celebrity at the same time? And still are a celeb to some of us?