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Monday, March 7, 2016

Phat Cops

Who isn't sick of the presidential race?

(tap, tap)



I thought so.

I have moved away from the television drama to recapping snipits in the news the day after debates and town hall meetings. I used to watch all of them so I could see all the substance or lack of in candidates. Now I don't want to see any more of anything. Honey Boo-Boo reruns might even be a refreshing change. Nope. I can't even go there.

Some interesting discussions on LEO chat rooms, pages, and websites about all the presidential candidates. Seems many are torn and it is a jumbled mess of sorts. I was surprised to see some negative comments about Sheriff David Clarke from LEO out of Milwaukee. Name calling was half of it and the other half was more negativity declaring he was a Democratic buffoon and a puppet. Some other threads toting statements he was not respected by his own department. Wow.

I found this article from 2014 interesting...and another where Bloomberg gave money for ads to oust Sheriff Clarke.  So what is the chaos all about? Arguments are that Clarke doesn't do anything management wise nor for his organization, but is just a loud voice for justice. Well, I can see the fact he has become a national spokesperson. I do not know anything about the issues which stem from those who are for or against his management styles. Is this bad?

Well, are they mad because he is a voice and no action or are they mad because he is absent from management due to his celebrity status or is he a bad manager? What are the exact problems? Is he a clown? What? What? I'm sure none of his subordinates are going to speak out against him because that could be job jeopardy.

But what is so bad? Is he unfair? Has he buffoons for leadership within his organization? Are his messages to the public stupid?

I don't know about all that organizational stuff. I do know I think he is a phat cop.

What I also know is that the media right loves the Democratic Sheriff and the media left does not and thinks Fox New is using his race to puppet him into saying whatever they want. Really? That's all you got? Well, maybe he wants to say what he does. I'm sure he knows the consequences of his speech if he says something that goes awry or makes him look like a clown.

These are the same critics who got all bent out of shape when Clarke said simply calling 911 and waiting for the police might not be enough. He added that people should consider taking a certified class and arming themselves in order to defend themselves. This stemmed from his first statement: "You can beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under your bed, or fight back. " Is this bad? Apparently, it was shocking to the media.

So if you take his whole statement in chronological order and not chicken pawing it to meet a mainstream media agenda, he said calling 911 may not be enough. You can beg, hide, or fight. Consider taking a class and arming yourself for defense. You have a duty to defend your family.

What that the erpie derp is wrong with that?

Nothing in my opinion.

I don't know what is wrong with that message. He was also talking in context of a changing time where criminals are bolder and cops are tied up on nonsense calls. Even if he wasn't speaking on all those issues, isn't the message OK? Maybe it was the part of manning up for your family which sounded a little too harsh.

Let's all get along shall we? Warm fuzzies.

If there aren't enough to go around, I have more where they came from. On a serious note, do you remember when they first started handing these out? Snork, snork. Way back when.

Sheriff Clarke's messages are resonating with the masses and are not entirely bad, at least from my standpoint. He has received the most criticism for not aligning himself with Black Lives Matters and stating, very vocally with descriptors, that they are based upon the fraud of "Hands Up. Don't Shoot". Again, I can't disagree with this. What I found most interesting in this article,  was that he got chastised for using language like "subhuman beings" and "creeps" to name a few. Haven't we all called radical persons who sway so far from the norm less than favorable words? Are we any better or worse than the Sheriff? Should we hold him to a higher standard?

Isn't he referring to the violence that comes from a group which was supposed to be founded as peaceful protesters? We can't condone violence. Do we need to soften it?

I don't think so.

I still like him.

If all we have to change the country is a voice, let him sound off from the highest mountain.

Poop on the haters.


Cheryl said...

I read this this morning but had to come back when I had time to read your links. I must be living in a cave as I know next to nothing about Sheriff Clark.

I agree that his statement telling people to take some responsibility for their own safety shouldn't be shocking nor was it adversarial for that matter. The media is intent of making everything into a debate.

In some of the articles, I guess his rhetoric was a bit ill-advised but only in the sense often his terminology is out of sync with today's PC minded world. While the media is quick to point out Clark is extremely "right" in his thinking. So what? He's got as much right to think they way he thinks as the extreme left does or the middle of the road types do.

Not only does he have the right to think the way he thinks but he has a Constitutional right to say whatever the hell he wants to say. Funny how that seems to not be recognized. Seems to be a trend that a person can say whatever they want only as long as they say it to people that feel the same way they do. Just this morning I read an article that said "A person can say "Let's agree to disagree" but what they really mean is "I think you are an idiot."

People (especially the media) want to twist up every phrase that doesn't mirror their opinion and try to prove it wrong.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The only people he needs to satisfy are the voters of his county.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Another word used by the PoPo is "No Humans Involved" when a thug caps another thug.

I like Sheriff Clarke, having somebody state the virtues of taking care of yourself ain't a bad thing.

Bob G. said...
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Bob G. said...

Nonna Fargo:
Let's try this the RIGHT way...

Great call on Sheriff Clarke.
Nothing wrong with wanting to do what is RIGHT...and JUST...for EVERYONE (sans the diversity for diversity-sake hype and manufactured "causes").
Very good post.

Stay safe down there, Kiddo.