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Friday, March 4, 2016

The Laughing Stock

Remember when our biggest problem was some guy getting a blow job and lackadaisically leaving spermage all over a blue dress? I know, Bill, I know.

The latest buzz around the world is the GOP debate show. What a crock of shit. It was so shocking to me I had to watch it for 40 minutes before I turned the channel off. Talk about a bunch of dodos. The first 15 minutes somehow resembled a cackle of renegade frat boys sitting around a table grooming their chia pets and fighting over the rake while comparing dick sizes.

I'm sure the Clintons were laughing in their cereal this morning recapping all this nonsense as Bill chimed in saying, "Geez, Hillary, and they got all in an uproar over a few blow jobs and some adulterous escapades.We got this."

Oh, I exaggerate not. They were even showing the world their hands as if...

I was relieved they didn't strip down to their banana hammocks.

I think it was the largest debate disaster in history and just in case you missed it, these shenanigans are forever immortalized in film. I watched with a gaping mouth like Monica until I got a bad taste in my mouth and had to leave the room.

So here is what I could summarize before turning away:

Trumpty Dumpty. He claims he can take on ISIS in a very uncivilized manner by killing everyone but first beheading women and children, blowing things up and taking the oil, yet he can't even battle Megyn Kelly. She still one ups him. BTW, Donald, make sure you move them away from the oil tankers and refineries before you blow the countryside to smithereens so you save the natural resources. Good plan.

If anyone gets under Trump's skin, he just calls them "little" or "ugly. Waa fucking waa. I think he was home schooled and never learned how to play nice in little Judy's sandbox. Cruz had a booger on his lip all night and Rubio had little man syndrome. It was biblical. Babble on.

No one is talking about Govenor Kasich who actually showed up disguised as an adult. He was the only one who answered the questions with substance and did not engage in the reindeer games. Applause to the governor.

I'm certain I was stuck on the rinse and spin cycle of my washing machine or possibly beamed into a Melissa McCarthy movie, but that would have been fun. I struggled to run after the Oxycontin and then remembered I didn't do drugs as I threw everything out of the medicine cabinet in the frantic search for some pain relief.

I have no remarkable words. They escape me.

In other news, I was steered to something great:


Allenspark Lodge said...

I think I may like this song version better than the S&G original.

But I liked the Republican party of my father's better than the new and improved version of today.

These clowns are making "The Bern" look better all the time...


Cheryl said...

I think I might have, actually, lost my mind (to which I am fully prepared to blame on the current campaign turning my mind to mush) because I can't remember if I commented on this post.

Yes, the infamous blue dress...bet Bill was tidier in subsequent ("no I didn't have sexual relations with that girl") encounters. But even given his womanizing track record at no point did he feel the need to tell us the he doesn't have a problem down there in terms of size. Let's count our blessings.

I, personally, don't get how you made it through 40 minutes. I watched the highlights on the morning news and felt ill. I think you are being generous to compare it to frat boys. I was thinking more along the lines of 2nd grade boys...and that might be insulting to 8 year olds.

I am surprised to hear that Trump actually spoke of a plan for ISIS. I didn't think he had any plans other than trying to be more "presidential" after he is elected. Seriously, he'd have to be "more" as he couldn't possibly get "less" presidential. Judging from all the candidates, I think that the bar for "presidential" is going to go down substantially. Oh shit, did I say "go down"? You might think I am plagiarizing Trump saying that Romney would drop to his knees for him if he asked. WOW...hows that for being presidential?

I am trying to be patient with all the people I talk to that are FOR him as I understand they want something different but does different mean acting like a prepubescent spoiled rich kid that has no filters.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

I'm having a problem even giving a s^&t.

Old NFO said...

At this point, it's getting truly scary!

Anonymous said...

But yet Kasich is the one who falsly called that officer that pulled him over an idiot. The officer who did everything right. They are all idiots.

Anonymous said...

And you said "bananna hammock" LOL