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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Wheels on the Bus Must Be Broken

The suspense was palpable in the air.

Ok. What is going on out there? I am dropping followers like hotcakes, yet my unique visits and page views are way up? Is it another Blogger cleanup?

I have offended thee. This site is not for the sensitive that is for sure, but I usually pride myself on trying to be mostly nice except with political and gun control shenanigans. I have to have some vices.

But...for those of you sticking around....

I have some crazy observations to share:

While watching a middle school wrestling tournament, a young man was taken to the ground and his opponent tried to pin him. Somewhere in this ball of human pretzels an arm was broken to the condition the bone was protruding from the skin and obviously snapped off the hinges near the elbow.

Oh yeah. As an observing fan, I think I pissed my pants for the boy. It was the most excruciating thing to watch.

He was a trooper and in severe pain.

So was I. However, I was extremely concerned about the EMS response. For hundreds of parents and kids and several schools, they did not have an ambulance on standby nor EMTs on site for this large event. It was held in a big town, small city type area near Indy.

Bull to the shit. I was certain the wheels on the bus were broken and therefore they could not move fast. Either that or they had been hijacked by blue hairs.

A nurse who happened to be the boy's mother came down to the mat to aid her son.

It took almost an HOUR for the ambulance to arrive. Whiskey-tango-foxtrot. I am still mad about it. This is piss poor service to the maximum. What kind of shit is this?

I thought it was an anomaly.


Two days ago, another tournament, nearby...several kids and schools participating. This time we had a head injury.

They let the kid flop around the floor and just patted him on the arm. Are you fucking kidding me that no one in the crowd knew how to hold c-spine? As I approached to do so, someone arrived that sort of knew what they were doing. Fuck me in the ass. NO one did the A x O times whatever he was, asking him his name, event, blah blah blah.

Ambulance? Fricking took 38 minutes and ho dee doed like Eeyore to the mat and didn't look at the kid, but just stared down at the parents. It was the strangest thing.

Explaining this bull to the shit to my daughter raised eyebrows and I got the what 4's about not appreciating first responders. That isn't what I was saying. A couple sets of parents were Amening me and said the fire house and ambulance garage were just across the street.

I complained otuloud and everyone looked at me like I was nuts.

In all other parts of the woods, I have known most emergencies were 3-5 minute arrival for police and shortly thereafter for fire and ambulance.

I can't fathom this nonsense.

Don't worry. I'm packing heat so if I am going to die from lack of first responder response, I can put myself out of my misery. Good grief. Actually, as long as I never lose my senses I could do a better job myself.

I have never seen anything like this.

Do I need to pack my own pain killers, tourniquet, and backboard, too?

Is this normal? Or am I a long way from Oz?


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

All I can say is contact your local oily politician..find the battalion Chief.....start squeaking...become the wheel...The locals accept poor response time...don't mean that you have to. First time somebody croaks and they get a lawsuit....they might change their mindset. Don't worry, I ain't going anywhere;)

Cheryl said...

That is seriously crazy that a sporting event wouldn't have medical providers on location but even if that was the case, those protracted
response time are AWFUL...INEXCUSABLE.

I think MrGarabaldi has a really good point, that they are just one lawsuit away from getting it corrected but unfortunately that would mean that someone is put at risk by their slow response time.

I hate when the "follow" numbers go down. I take that very personally. The last time mine dipped I had made a joke about politics. Figured that is what it was. Jeeez, some people are so sensitive. (or maybe they are just a-holes)

lotta joy said...

And this was near Indy? As in INDIANA?? Being fire department myself, I know that if you had gone across the street to the firehouse, someone would have been there OR you could have hit the central claxton and ALL the departments would have arrived. But few people are aware of this.

If YOU apply the clavicle hold and something was to go wrong, you'd be liable. I don't know if the Samaritan law exists in Indiana or not.

Down here, the wait for the EMS is nothing compared to the wait once you get to the hospital. Fourteen hours is nothing.

In southern Indiana, an ambulance in attendance was a given, but as a parent, I would have loaded up my kid with the broken arm and taken him to the hospital.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

It's ridiculous how long medical services can take to reach some emergencies. The real issue is nothing much is usually done until someone dies. What a sick mentality to go by.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Those wrestling matches are getting SERIOUS!
Maybe they should imitate the WWE instead?

AS to this "response" from the "bus"...WTH???
I have NEVER heard of ambulance service SO damn piss-poor in my life, and for a compound fracture at that (possible bleed-put if the radial artery was torn!
That's effed up!

Good post (if a might on the scary side for that kid).

Roll safe down there, dear.

GunDiva said...


All of our coaches were trained in BLS and basic first aid - requirement of the job. In high school, we had athletic trainers and student athletic trainers at every event. I know budgets have been cut and times have been a'changin', but we still have at very minimum EMS presence at school-sanctioned athletic events.

I know we're spoiled with a less than 3 minute response time, but wowza those incidents are inexcusable.