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Monday, March 28, 2016

Thugging On Social Media and Virtual Reality

Does social media wear you out but you feel it is a great way to connect? I have those issues. We expose our inner thoughts to the outward world and push "post". So happy there is sometimes a delete button but then again, there are times I should not post those inner thoughts.

When I was an officer, I started my Facebook page in 2009 and it was pretty inactive. It was about three years later the department came out with a policy and that changed all of us. We really had to watch it.

Then one day in 2013, I moved to another state in the near south and  I was a cop no longer. I used social media somewhat and then it exploded in use around 2014. The gates of Fargo hath opened! All hell broke loose and so did my mouth through my fingers. Then I reigned it...then I let it out. It's kind of like the Kentucky Derby now..balls to the walls.

It's a daily check in. It's a crutch!

But then I might miss something. Oh, I have to share this! I am so tired of people telling me they are throwing up. Visuals! No food pics...I'm hungry. Wow, they look great! Oh, cute babies! Someone died. Erg. Selfies! 

My blog favorites! News. Oh, the world is going to hell in a hand basket. The Rock. Hot. Tom Hardy. Drool. Kardashians! Ick. NOOOOooooo! Another fallen officer. Ugh. Protesters. Gun news. Latest and greatest reviews. False narrative agendas all over and divisive society. Cute bunnies! Oh, look at that puppy. 

See how that works? It's internet crack. How would we live without it? Don't you wish you could go back to the good old days sometimes?

Yes, I sing this at the top of my lungs in my car and I sing..."good dope days." Why? I'm thugging. So it's virtual...so what? It's not real? But it's on the internet. I sing it. It must be my inner thug channeling?

That way I don't get to wear an orange jumpsuit and feel like shit afterward.

So I wrote this piece. What do you think?

Sometimes I should tone it down on social media. But then what fun is that?


Cheryl said...

I know it's ridiculous how long some of my comments are but you always bring up such interesting topics. (Are your other readers complaining about me hogging your comment section?)

Great article about law enforcement's use of personal social media. That is such a slippery slope. Not just law enforcement, but I know of dozens of teachers that have lost their jobs as well. The personal Internet rights and the rights of employers haven't come to terms yet.

I understand a police department, school system, or any other public service type of organization being concerned about the content on social media BUT (and this is a big but) what about the employees right of free speech? What an employer might deem as inappropriate might not be viewed like that by the writer. I, personally, would be ticked if I wrote some type of comment that I deemed innocuous and my employer threatened to fire me over it. Again, as you said, a lot of gray area.

As for social media, wearing me out. I am getting worn out by everything being linked to Facebook. Every company now wants you to link to their FB page. Every Internet site wants you to sign on with your FB account. Sure I would love more of a presence in social media but with that comes the lessening of privacy. For all the good things that I love about the Internet, there are an equal number of things that make me crazy.

Funny that you said "do you wish for the old days?) I am working on a blog post about if the old days were all that good.

Momma Fargo said...

Of course no one complains about your comments. I would throat chop them if they did. Hahah. Just kidding. I love your comments and you bring a lot of meat and potatoes to the discussion. I was riding a fine line when I started this blog and kept it in secrecy. Not sure if I would have been in trouble if they found it even though it was anonymous at the time. I didn't come out of the closet back then until years later. Then I was really nervous about reprimand, not termination. Now, I am sure no one in my department would be able to have a blog like this and still have a job. Facebook is another monster...good and bad. I have mixed feelings. I agree everyone should have free speech but as an officer you sign that away. It's just the nature of the beast. I see some things on FB and I cringe...I'm like do over do overs or hit your delete button before you get in trouble. I, myself, work in a liberal university setting...so not much censorship here.

Tennessee Grammie said...

Before I retired, I never would have been on any social media site, nor commented on one. My 'sometimes forget to reign in my opinion and open my big mouth' at times got me in hot water at work and I certainly would not have wanted it immortalized in print to the world. As to FB, family and friends aren't surprised and if they don't like it they can easily 'unfriend' me.

People these days are so wussy that they get their dander up too easily. Food pictures are often nauseating to me, so I simply scroll on by. Same with what I consider radical political opinions - not worth getting into a pissing contest because you'll never change a radical mindset. In a lot of ways I'm apolitical because I dislike political parties, think they are harmful to the good of this country and to this day have NEVER voted for the person elected POTUS - and I feel I've been right every time to have not voted for them. I find all this political crap irritating, hate the news media even more than politicians and time and attention to it takes too much energy.

I am on FB because it's a way to easily keep in touch with family and friends, and is more current than the yearly holiday letter. When someone has a baby or a grandchild, pictures are there the same day. When they get a pet, new car, cool new shoes or whatever, they share their joy and excitement. I enjoy seeing them happy and sharing with family and friends. When they are going thru a rough time, even if they don't say so, it's often apparent by what their 'verbal body language' says or doesn't say if one pays attention. I live alone and get 'hey what's up' messages when I'm too quiet on FB - it's good to know someone cares, or wondering if I've kicked the bucket and they have to come and start sorting through 'her crap' as my son calls my treasures. lol

I love keeping up with what's happening with my family and friends, even if they post selfies and pictures of food... ;)

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Facebook is a great way to piss people off, one of my favorite activities.

Old NFO said...

I'm only on when I have to be. I have better things to do than slavishly follow the day to day crap people tend to post, that frankly is of NO interest to me... LOL