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Thursday, April 7, 2016

21 Signs Your Body Is Not Taking Out The Trash

It's all about the bass...what weather? It's all about the bass...damn weather!


Good day to you, normal people,  from rainy Oregoniana!~

Or, should I say Washindiana!

Blah. I love rain. Mostly in Wyoming because it never happened much and then I could go outside and run naked in it. Now...rain is melancholy. We were just talking in the office about how come Indiana does not have bright skies, but they are always somewhat filtered or grey. In the west, I have to wear my sunglasses all the time all year round or face piercing burns and blue eyed blindness. Here...eh. They aren't always necessary. Strange.

If we are going to be stuck in the rain, I think I need one of these:

Yes, please!
And each morning after watching the news, I am sadly disappointed I didn't start out the day with a Martini.

Things are getting interesting up New York way. Stay tuned. I think both parties are trying to beat out the other party's circus. Oh, the joys of mud slinging. You know what is amusing? I don't recall any election having all these protesters. Is this going to be the way of the new world?

"Oh, pardon me, I don't like you...read my sign." Except, it gets followed by a whack or a punch to the balls. So weird. I have a sign for you...
I don't like myself? Wait. I think I was
impostering  an idiot for an example.

Soon. We will all be fancying around town and having our feelings on our forehead in black Sharpie. Goodness. Maybe like Elvis....only different.

Yes, please!


This new generation that my generation created...is going to be the death of me. It's certain. I think they got really confused with the hippie generation when they actually protested for worthy causes. 

But, alas, arguing with idiots is like playing chess with a pigeon. Only funner.


Cheryl said...

Maybe all the negativity from this election is screwing with the weather patterns. While I realize that doesn't logically make sense, I am here to tell you NOTHING is making sense as of late.

Here in Kansas, we have gotten very little rain and western Kansas is pretty much on fire. However, hubby and I own a farm 3 miles west of the Indiana line and have had more floods in the last year than we have had in the 30 some years of owning the place.

As for this election...I am with you that I don't recall ever there being a campaign with this much volatile behavior. There have been rallies and such but not as much of the "mob mentality" feel to it.
Maybe it is the sign of the times. People feel they need to scream and shout(and punch and kick) so that we all can see and feel their anger. If this type of behavior is going to continue to escalate, perhaps you have the connections for us to buy those SWAT outfits. That way we would be fully protected when we stand in large groups. I think I will start working on a SWAT outfit for Crabby Pants.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Run naked in the rain anyway. Release some of the tedium in your life. Share the video with Coffeepot and I.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
You DO have a great way of bringing some smiles up north here...lol.
YOUR version of CSI - LOVE that idea.
(it certainly applies to where WE live)

And that damn drink looks TOO good to me!
(love coconut anyway)

I look at arguing with idiots like shooting an unarmed person...with a LAWS rocket...at TEN paces.
(but that's just "me"...bwahahaha - j/k...or am I?)

Good post, Kiddo.

Roll safe down there, dear.

Mad Jack said...

I'd pay $5 to watch you run naked in the rain.