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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Letters to Mother

Pooped I am.

I have been working like a dog on writing and exercising. They do not go hand in hand, but they compliment one another. The bad thing is when I am lost in thought on a country road and have an idea...and I can't write it down. By the time I get home, it is gone.

And I have not been a faithful friend in the blog world. Apologies.

However, I am back because my brain is fried and I wrote 6 articles. Here are two published ones. I am so excited to be featured as a guest writer on Uniform Stories. You can read it here.  If you feel inclined to share it, rate it, or comment, please do. The more traffic it gets, the better chance I could have at a writing position.

And on my serious side...I went a little off track from the usual educational road...and put out a shocker. It is all about my mother. Or something. You can read it here. 

You have to watch this. Nova Scotia brilliance right here. It just makes me smile.

Instant summer has arrived and I am already hauling in the air conditioner unit. It is heavy. Ugh. Either that or I am getting older and weaker. Shad up!

The national news is pretty much the same so no need to give any more headaches without aspirin shots here. Stay alert. Be vigilant. 

Except...I am mourning the death of Prince right now. Sigh. 



Cheryl said...

Pooped, I am too. Plus I am fighting a cold today and am currently in a fog of Nyquil. Probably should warn you as I may not be capable of coherent communication at this point.

Really enjoyed both articles. The first had a lot of insight for the "never been nor will ever be a cop" and have little knowledge of what all it entails. Still you always find ways to brink your clever wit into it.

The second link, also, a interesting read. Really enjoyed it. I don't think most of us have ever thought about how a mother of a cop would think about things. I am the mother of a hospital device salesperson that travels all the time and I worry about her...if she would of become a police officer, I'd be on meds.

Akcamper said...

Love your letters to Mother, reminds me of all the things I somehow survived and never told her about!