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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Non-treasure Treasure Hunting

This week has been trial by fire. What I mean by that is most academia are trying me and I am giving them fire. Bless their hearts. They know not what a Fargo is. People think they get credit for incompletes? Partial credit?

Where has our common sense gone? Oh. Right next to the moral compass where somewhere in time Josh Gates the 7th will find it on Expedition Unknown: The 7th Generation Series. Or maybe just lead you to believe you might find it. Josh Gates never finds shit. It is so frustrating. He is like the king of the blue balls syndrome.

"Oh, this is exciting! I've found something here!"

Commercial break.

Then the camera takes you to a crumbling rock wall or a green snake in the jungle. Panning over all the mystery, with no climax. Crew nearly dies by near snake bite.

Dude, that is not Captain Morgan's lost gold or the treasure of King Whatnot!

It's so disappointing after that great build up, that the viewers get no orgasmic ending or closure. NONE.  Then the show ends and you are left with nothing. No great treasure find. Just lost searches around the globe.

Don't tell me, "Oh, Fargo, it's about the journey and the hunt."


It's about the kill. The treasure. The gold. I do not want camera panning and climax building only for Gates to find a Dixie cup in the jungle. I think he really just likes to travel and is sucking our pockets dry to fund his program because we keep watching it. Gah.

And you guessed it...I keep watching it. Now I have Bug watching it and she says, "Oh, this is great.Why doesn't he ever find anything?"

I do not want to explain what anti-climax and climatic moments are.

So...does someone want to fund my international travel plans?


Old NFO said...

LOL, have never watched... So no clue! :-)

Cheryl said...

Well, now I am getting edumacation. I hadn't heard of the global explorations of Josh Gates...but when I just looked up the program it does sound really interesting. Given that you have given us a spoiler alert that he NEVER solves any of the mysteries, I guess I haven't missed much, huh? LOL

Isn't that the way with so many programs? They leave us hanging out to dry. Dateline, for example, spends like an entire evening giving us every last detail then it ends with a hung jury and a new trial date set for a year from now. Like I am really going to remember any thing about the program a month from now let alone another year down the road.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Checked the show out ONCE...(just once)...LOL.
Watching our plants grow had more excitement and entertainment value, but that's just my thought).
Most reality TV kinds sucks.
When I do park my tookus un front of the TV, I want to be entertained (that's why my phone isn't "smart"). I also hate walking into stuff in public...lol.
(that's what a DVD collection is for)

Very good post.
Don't let the morons wear 'ya down.

Stay safe down there, dear.