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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Send In The Clowns

Do you get weirded out by historical moments...like fuzzy feel goods or aha moments? Me either. I'm solid. Don't look at me like I'm crazy.

Before you read further...latest on Uniform Stories is here...  You might not want to read any further than that. Fair warning.

Ok. So...I get those weird goosies sometimes or I relish for a few seconds something monumental in time and move on to the next thing. For instance, it was one of those instances last night when Indiana pushed the primary over the top and Cruz dropped out. It was kind of a sad-happy- moving forward-where do we go from here moment. Yet, where do we go from here?

The GOP will have to rally around Trump or eat a lot of shit from all the in-fighting.

Weekend at Bernie's featuring Hillary is still on a strange track of going nowhere. It's almost mid-year and we the people do not have primaries behind us. It really leaves little time for real campaigning and real issues to surface.

I don't fear Trump being the president. I fear an outcome if Hillary wins because there are so many Trump haters. If she was elected, it would scare me. *SHUDDER* It's like a real live horror flick. I said before that I would vote for Satin before I would vote for Hillary.

Actually, even though I don't agree with "The Donald's" New York Trumperific brash ways and dialogue, I don't think he would be this extreme monster he has made himself out to be. That's show biz. He's not stupid. He's just a little nontraditional and bold with a hint of rude which makes everyone go "OH SHIT THE CRAZIES ARE RALLYING!"

Middle America is that fed up. When humans are pushed to their extremes, they snap. Perhaps that is where we have been driven. I, myself, have been driven out of middle class into upper poor. I'm just a smidge out of the poverty level. That makes you see the world with different glasses.

I'm sure it is a first in the "bonkers category" in all the political years which landmarks something America has not done in a long time- like make the world look at us like the asylum just got let out. But hey...the world...they are paying attention. Maybe we should scare them like that. "Don't mess with America...they are fucking nuts." That attitude. Yeah. Take that.

Have we been through worse? Have our fathers and mothers been through harder times and survived?

I think the difference is they buckled down and worked hard to change things. Physically out there working and scraping everything to make ends meet or selling it all. Now we expect free stuff. Why? Because we pounded the mines or worked four jobs or tried to be innovative to make ends meet? Well, some but not all. Some of us were passed down with that notion of work, pride, and struggles...from those before us. My daughter has not. I failed in that regard.

You would think making her fold clothes and wash dishes was prison camp punishment.

This all gets me thinking about all the talk referencing what we have become as a nation. Many people realize it, but they are just talking. Yack, yack, yack. What are they doing about it?


Maybe I'm blind, but I see more discourse and division each day.

Clowns united?

Protesters act like the choice of president is going to be the end of the world and we must prep for the Zombie Apocalypse. I need to prep for the protesters. I mean, all hell is breaking loose.

Just yesterday, I went to buy dog food at my local Dollar General and all the $5.00 coupons affixed to the bags had been stolen. I mean, whiskey-tango-foxtrot. I told the clerk that was a sign that my town was going to hell and there went my super savings. My life was over and now I couldn't afford cigarettes. I don't even smoke. He agreed. Well, maybe we had a little fun in exaggerating. But the thought of coupon thieves, pissed us the hell off in that moment. Bastards.

Back to commander in chief... I have to think the president is one person. How much damage can they do? Maybe a lot. How much damage can they do was what my dad would say in the 70-80s although he was a die hard patriot and follower of politics. He believed every vote was important, and by God, Kathryn, you better vote every election year. Ok, Dad. I have done so as instructed.

So...is the president growing super powers and reaching farther into our rules, regulations, and lives? Maybe so. Dad used to get all excited with voting and if the candidate of his choice did not win, he would say..."Oh, well, it's just one man. We will be OK." Now we could add woman to that statement.

Anyway, that used to be true in the good 'ol days, but now with times changing...look what we have now. Even though the public would blame a president for any bad or good things during their presidency, most of that decision making stuff used to be in the hands of a group of people we all elected or were appointed. They worked behind the scenes and let the president be the fall guy. It's not so much like that anymore. I think the power of the president has grown over the years, or maybe just the appearance of that. It seems their arms stretch out there a little further each term. I don't know.

It seems as I get older, I have watched boom and bust over the years, and the president elected is more and more important. Yet, now it has become a circus. A few years ago, this shit going down during campaigning would not have been tolerated by anyone. Ever.

What gives? Have the feel good fuzzies made us a bunch of green weenies? We don't put our foot down anymore? Why not? Why do we tolerate these behaviors and lies in candidates and say..."Well, it's the best of the worst?"

Oh, the list could go on but I would start with the decline of the family and the lost episodes of our moral compass. Maybe in a thousand years, some archaeologist will dig it up. They will behold it like the Holy Grail.

In the meantime...

Send in the clowns! I always wanted to say that. Wait. They are already here.

May the least scary clown win!


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
You and I are of like minds today, Kiddo.
(pretty scary shit, ain't it? LOL)
I agree with everything you've said.
(coupon thieves...buncha mooks!)

As to the CIRCUS?
Well, thanks to animal "rights" activists, we can't look to the ELEPHANTS for any solace...can we?
(but the clowns in their fiat 50 clown-cars are growing in numbers...heh.)

Good post.

Roll safe down there, dear.

Cheryl said...

I agree with nearly all of your points, however, a large part of me, is still deeply concerned about "what if Trump wins". I am with you that Hillary isn't my person for sure but I am not convinced that Donald is acting for the cameras or if he really is so full of himself that he doesn't know when to shut up. He constant stream of mean spirited insults especially about women, has me extremely worried. I really still feel like this election is going to be the equivalent of "which venereal disease would I rather catch?" You make a wonderful point about how late we are into the campaign and no one is talking about policy. We seemingly know about hand size, nude wives, cheating spouses and a bunch of crap, that I don't particularly think ranks as nearly as important as issues. Still..that brings me to my total lack of respect for both front runners. Ethics and morals seem to be completely lacking in both. I wasn't a fan of Cruz's because he is the other extreme... totally lacking empathy (or so it seemed to me) but the few people that I thought might be worth listening to left the race early on.

I really believe that whoever gets into office, if there is any hope of getting us back on track, they are going to have to get people working and not just expecting unlimited help. I am totally fine with helping people that need help but there seems to be a "what can you do for me" attitude that has run amuck. I was in the Social Security office not long ago because I technically could start drawing my social security at 62, and I wanted to ask some questions about it....not to go into a huge story, I was sitting next to someone that was their to change her address on her disability check. She volunteered that she has a lisp and can't work. ( I couldn't hear it) and she went on to say that her and her boyfriend haven't worked in a number of years but no one will hire them because of their past felonies. I used to put people to work when I managed the unemployment office that had records. I am not buying it.

Old NFO said...

PCism, nobody wants to call anybody to task, they're afraid of being called (insert term here)ist... Dammit!

Momma Fargo said...

Oh,Bob, great minds are a scary thing, right?


Cheryl...you have given me such a great idea. If I commit felonies, have a lisp or maybe a strange talking problem, and a chronic back pain...I am golden and I can get free money! Yay! New plan!

Old NFO...you censored yourself? On here? LOL