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Friday, May 6, 2016

Weekend Constipation...er...Contemplation: Fabrications, Venereal Disease Decisions, and Rights

Oh, lookie what was in my email...

Friday is a good day to leave you with some food for thought over the weekend. We have several items to be serious about this year and this year could be monumental for our country. No fear mongering. 

In my opinion, each presidential election is getting more important. We all want to see positive growth in our country's economy and progress toward better societal unity. I'm not sure what it will behold for us, but a shake up either way the election pans out is sure to come. 

There are several potential seats for Supreme Court which may come open in our life time-one vacancy-but many aging justices sitting on the throne right now. The appointment of each Supreme Court Justice is very important. I, myself, don't like to see it heavy handed either liberal or conservative. I like a balance. I'm not so sure any president will see it that way. 

The 2nd Amendment continues to be a hot topic of contention. This is sacred to me and to many of you, I am sure. Do not phuck with our gun rights. Make better application laws, enforce the ones you have, punish the offenders. Seems pretty simple. But don't take them away from law abiding citizens.

Oh, those who will sing...clinging to your guns and Bible, Fargo! Yep. I don't preach it around the world or force it down anyone's throat, but it is my choice. I choose to participate in both. It should be an option for everyone. You don't have to partake. But if you don't have the choice, you get nothing. And those who taketh away from me maketh me mad. 

Sugarcoating  things with bogus gun laws and controls which make no sense or difference by using the slogan of "saving our children from 'gun violence'" is bullshit. Obamacare isn't working but what we need is another solution to our horrid health care system. We need something which works and is not cost prohibitive. 

So if you think your vote is not important, guess again.  Who we choose as a nation, may impact our country for a long time. Think about what you want. There are many of us who think about the venereal disease we would least likely to live with for the next  4, maybe 8 years and any decisions made during those years which may last thereafter. Ointment is temporary. Apply liberally. Wait. Wrong choice of words from a conservative mouth. LOL.

Look at the mess we are in and how we got here. It didn't happen overnight. It was a sequence of unfortunate events and decisions. It's not all Bush's fault. Obama didn't destroy everything. Both made a lot of mistakes (and/or their cabinet members and Congress) which cost us all.  I don't have the answers. I wish I did. I wish I saw a rosy path to victory. 

Do we want to be a socialist country? Why or why not? Do you want your rights to be infringed upon? Do you think another 4 years of stalemate in Congress is going to benefit anyone? Is Trump as evil as his protesters would have you believe? Will either Hillary or Trump pick a worthy running mate? What about a cabinet-who will do better? What do you want? 

World peace.

No, you boob, that is never going to happen. Should we stop striving for it? Maybe not. It's a good dream. 


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
You pretty much already KNOW how I feel about most ALL the things you've mentioned (because you read my blog - good for you).
I could agree MORE with ALL your points.
Again, you nailed the ten-ring (nice tight group 'ya got there)!
I don't have any answers either, but I think a LOT of have "suggestions"...lol.
Love the memes, too.
(you make 'em or find 'em?)

An excellent post for a great start to the weekend.
You go have yourself a blast over the next 72+ hrs and also, have a fantastic MOTHER'S DAY.

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.

Old NFO said...

Hildabeast gets in, 2A is dead, and a conservative SCOTUS decision will be a thing of the past... sigh

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

If the butcher from Bengazi gets in, it will be over, you will see open revolt in the streets as she moves in on her political enemies. She is very vindictive person and unlike her philandering hubby whom has a good old boy charm, she has none of that. She will believe her own personality and launch the force of .gov against her enemies and there will be a lot of dead citizen and PoPo when this happens.

Cheryl said...

I totally agree with you that our votes are especially important this time around even if we aren't happy with the choices. As you point out, the balance of the Supreme court between conservatives and liberals has a major influence on how legislation is created and administered. While the Republicans seem intent on fracturing their party..we, as a country need two parties. A one party system never works. There has to be a checks and balance system in play.

As of late, it seems a lot of folks are endorsing the idea of socialism. I don't see how that could possibly work in this country. It seems that those that are freely touting "socialism" are saying they want less government control. Do they NOT understand what socialism is?

I certainly don't have the answers but I do know that come election day, people need to get out and vote. In the mean time, I would hope that some of the politicians would start being productive and talk about how to move forward rather that waste their time insulting, accusing and blaming the other party. There is plenty of blame for both sides to take accountability for.