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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Alpine Slide

Do you need something exciting and fresh for your summer reading list? I have a great suggestion...Alpine Slide by Jeremy DeConcini. This long overdue book review has arrived!

I know you are going to want to put this on your must have of good reads.  First, go out and get the first book then click another time to put book two in your Amazon cart. Go do it now if you haven't already. I guarantee you will enjoy them.

Jeremy DeConcini delivers another fun and fast read packed with action and thrills. The first book brings you to the beginning of Ben's story so it is a must read as well as action packed with current issues and conspiracies. You can read my review on Camino Del Diablo here and also my first Q & A with Jeremy DeConcini is linked.

Not only is Alpine Slide a page turner, but it is written by someone who knows the insides and outs of the drug world. Not by dressing out in orange, mind you, but on the right side of the law. Jeremy DeConcini is one of the good guys.

His main man, Ben Adams, is a flawed character which makes you buy into the series much more so and even root for the guy when he is down. I also get frustrated at times with him. It makes him more believable. I was so excited to see Geronimo is back in the mix and he has to be my favorite of all the characters. I won't spoil the surprise. Because if you don't know Geronimo, then well, you are missing out.

Not only is Adams on an underworld adventure with sinister twists, it is set in the Colorado mountains. I know this might be keen for many of my readers as it is for me since I am partial to the area I grew up in. Well, visited often enough to call it my second home anyway.

Alpine Slide does not disappoint and I enjoyed it even better than the first one. Who doesn't like chasing bad guys and figuring out the network of criminals? They just happen to drop in Ben's lap and then all hell breaks loose. You get a little surfing in the sun and winter wonderland adventure all in one novel. It's like a bipolar (geographically speaking) vacation with a little drug enterprise.

You can get it on Amazon here.

And now...without further ado...an interrogation...uh...Q & A with Jeremy DeConcini:

(I must give him kudos for his fast and courteous response to my requests as well. Top notch!)

Jeremy, tell us about your love for surfing.

Surfing is as much a disease as a sport, but one that usually has positive side effects.  The problem is that it can become all consuming, sometimes to the detriment of other priorities.  I tried to convey that a little bit in Alpine Slide, where Ben is constantly checking and evaluating the waves and giving a little report (3-4 feet, clean, etc.)  The upside is that as clich├ęd as is it, nothing else compares, you just jump on a pulse of energy that originated sometimes thousands of miles away and harness it, if only for a few seconds.  The fact that the waves aren’t always available, or are constantly changing gives surfers that stereotypical Zen attitude.  They can’t make the ocean cooperate, they have to wait for it to happen.  There are actually some good life lessons there I think!

I enjoy watching the sport, but I have not gotten past paddle boarding myself. Bravo! Where is Ben Adams taking us next?

The next adventure is going to be much bigger!  The scope of the story will be bigger and it will have global implications and plot, related to some of the work that I used to do for Homeland Security in counter proliferation.  If I do it right, it should be the best of the trilogy, I am really excited about it, I am about 10000 words in at the moment. The bad news is that I don’t think that it will be ready for at least 12 months. 

That sound exciting. 12 months? Ok. We will try to be patient. Are you stopping at a trilogy or continuing on?

I am definitely going to continue writing, whether or not the next book is the end of Ben Adams remains to be seen.  I have another potential project as a co-author based on a true legal case that was just so whacky, it needs to be a book!

Oh, a true life story. Those are always popular and of course, on my reading list. Do you miss your law enforcement career?

Yes and no.

If so, what parts?

I miss the work and the camaraderie, even some of the parts that people didn’t like were actually quite fun for me, for example late night surveillance.  For me, that was such a cool experience, but many people found it boring or inconvenient.  Obviously, kicking in doors and taking down buildings on search warrants were great, I miss the life or death adrenaline of that type of experience, it is very hard to duplicate outside of  law enforcement or the military, which is maybe why I try and get into the mountains as much as I can. I still have lots of friends in the business, so I get to keep some of the relationships, but once you are on the outside, it is not quite the same.

Those are some great parts, except for surveillance. IMHO. I am not a fan of that unless my targets are active. Otherwise, it is a snooze fest and I fight to keep awake or entertained. It's the restlessness in me. I would have to agree with you on most everything else. So what parts are in the "no" part?  

I don’t miss the fact that being a Special Agent becomes an all consuming identity, you become that job, I wasn’t great at separating work from life and it felt like I was on 24/7, which in a sense I was, for example there was always the decision as to whether to keep your duty weapon on you when you weren’t working.  I remember that I didn’t usually carry off duty, but there was an active shooter situation at a mall in Utah that was stopped by an off duty cop who shot the guy.  I always carried after that, I felt I had a duty in that regard, which makes it a bit hard to relax and have a beer.

Ah. Good points. Those active shooter things affect us all, I believe, in the same way. However, I can always find a place to relax and have a beer. You just have to hide off duty. LOL. Where do you write?

At this point, wherever I can, I am constantly scribbling things down to be put into the computer later.  Favorite place? Not yet, I was just on vacation in a cabin in Northern Wisconsin that had a screened in porch that worked pretty well.  If I could spend a couple of months there, the next book would be done very quickly!  It was a great place to write.

Do you set aside time or is it inspired based?

Both, if inspiration is coming, I just write when I can and keep it going.  If I have gotten busy with other things and haven’t worked on the book in awhile, sometimes I will just set aside some hours and knock it out.  I am still trying to figure out my writing process, and for this book I am slowing it down a little so that I can write a better book.

I look forward to your future works. What do you want your readers to take from your books besides entertainment?

I would like the books to be fast and fun, but I would like the reader to at least get a brush with bigger issues.  In Camino Del Diablo, it was water issues in the Southwest, in Alpine Slide, it is the current Heroin epidemic that is coast to coast at this point.  I would also like the reader to see some humanity in all of my characters, even the bad guys. Had I not been born where I was and raised the way I was, who knows where I would have landed.  I like to think that I would have stayed on the straight and narrow, but who knows?

I think you deliver! What do you see currently as America's largest crime problems? 

I would say heroin and fentanyl are it right now, they are just destroying communities around the country.  I think there needs to be a lot more resources devoted towards enforcement against the traffickers and treatment of addicts.  Obviously, terrorism is large on every one’s minds right now, but on some level, that is the point of terrorism, if you look at the data, it isn’t as big of a problem as people think, it is just really, really scary, which is what the terrorists want, they want us to be scared.  That is not to say that our intelligence and law enforcement community shouldn’t be working hard on this, but that as the regular guy or gal on the street, we need to live our lives and to not give the bad guys an inch psychologically, otherwise they have the advantage.  After the London train bombings, the average Londoner didn’t even blink, they had survived The Blitz and the Battle of Britain; a couple of bombs on the trains didn’t even move the needle.  I was always impressed with their resolve in the face of such violence.

Heroin is huge around here, too. Anything you would like to add that I didn't ask you?

Thanks very much for giving me the opportunity to talk with you!  It has been great!

It has been great! Keep on producing those great reads! Thanks so much, Jeremy!


Akcamper said...

I loved his first book, just bought this one too. Great reading!

Momma Fargo said...

Akcamper...awesome! I loved them both! I think you will like this one, too!

Akcamper said...

I ordered it thru the link on your page, do you get credit from that?

Momma Fargo said...

No, I don't get credit. I got to read a good book :) I am glad you got it through my links, however. It is great marketing and exposure for Jeremy DeConcini. Thanks so much!

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a really interesting book. I will add it to the list of books that I "want to read" but seemingly can't make the time to read. What is wrong with me????

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Sounds like a keeper to me...
I'm gonna have to live another 25 years to catch up on all I have to read now.

Good review and Q&A.

Stay safe and cool down there, Kiddo.

Momma Fargo said...

Cheryl...you are like everyone else...busy but love to read and can't find the time. Yikes. We must make time. Reading is good for the soul.

Bob...Put it on your list. Do it. Now. :D