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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Colleg e iz Hard

I literally feel myself melting down before I suck it up and put my big girl panties on. Week 2 of real college seems to get me in the anxiety wheel. Meanwhile, the makers of PoliceOne have purchased Uniform Stories and at this stage none of us know where that site is going to go and so we wait. I have no indication whether I am a keeper or a tosser at this point.

Late at night a few nights ago, I did receive a nice phone call from the owner of Uniform Stories and I thought it was pretty honorable and outstanding for him to call everyone individually. I will pass on what I think you all should know: he started the site as a labor of love trying to get the voice out on the uniform side and create an outlet to portray the side no one sees and to give insight to first responders of all types. He said he will continue to support law enforcement and all first responders and extended his thanks to all for what they do. He was very passionate and I was impressed by his love for people and doing a good thing. So there you have it.

Now...in the meantime, I am still here. My latest article on criminaljusticedegree.com  is here.  I do enjoy the site and I believe it has an abundance of useful information plus educational degree seeking opportunities. Please give the Facebook page some love if you will. I promise it won't blow up your feed and you will only be alerted with great educational pieces from moi and other writers. If you browse, you will see they don't post a lot of crazy and keep it clean and infrequent as not to harass any Facebook users. Now The Boogie Man FB page on the other hand is annoying. You're welcome.

What topics do you want to read about? Give me some suggestions.


bill lisleman said...

Just read your piece on body cameras and transparency. Good questions. Most things in society are complicated, especially law related ones. I think the body cameras will help both the public and police. However, as you point out the devil is the details of how we use them.
Keeping those raw videos off of social media would be good. Social media is not a court room. The videos can be modified to only highlight one side's agenda. People on social media don't take the time to look (or care) about the big picture.
Living near Chicago with all the police conflicts leaves me with the opinion - there is problems on both sides of this issue.

Old NFO said...

Good questions, and I think this is going to be worked out 'eventually'... In the mean time??? Who knows...

Mad Jack said...

That is a nice article on the video cameras, and the questions you raise are pertinent. I think that eventually everything will shake out okay, but in the meantime just keeping everything off social media is a good beginning.

Coffeypot said...

I did many years of night school to get my BA. Married, raising a family, working, drinking, partying, softball games, building and racing my dirt-tracker and going to NASCAR races... I didn't think I would ever graduate. But I did. However, I got my MBA in two years going on the weekends... after I got too old to do all the other stuff. Keep it up, you will make it.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Read your T&T column very good.
I like Bill's take on social media becoming a court room. It should NEVE become that, and yet, with all these "neophyte journalists" out there, it HAS...a damn shame.
What I do find bothersome is that I agree with you when you say that the public needs to be informed, but why do media sources often NEGLECT to do that (and yes, the P.I.O. is often to blame just the same)?

How can you "ask for the public's help" when you provide NO information for them to act upon?
Tell me how the hell that's supposed to work, because I'm at a loss there.

I might have a perp there's a BOLO on living down the damn street, or maybe a suspect vehicle drove by a few minutes ago.
Can't help anyone if I don't have anything to go on, right?

Very good post.

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.