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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Blue Motion

It's a conversation which has started but isn't showing much progressive change. How do we improve racial tensions and the ever increasing uprising over law enforcement involvement with race and diversity? First, we can't fix things based upon false narratives. It becomes a disadvantage for each side if one has to admit to the falsies. (Not to be associated with fake boobs, although the words could be used interchangeably). But we all acknowledge there are problems, uprisings, and tension. As a counteraction to the disgruntlement, outbursts, protesting, and violence, we all should believe improvement has to be made.
Sad, but truly felt by LEOs

What are the police doing?

1. Police are getting more training and trying to filter back into community policing by building public trust through programs and events. Community policing has never gone away in law enforcement. They are just beefing up its importance and trying to add more substance to the concept. Additionally, they are using community partnerships to help build a bridge and gain public trust. When our department introduced this concept decades ago, they encouraged going back to some "walk beats" so officers could have face to face communication with neighbors and business owners to build community relationships and in turn be partners in intel information and combating crime.

2. Community volunteering has become more of policy and sponsorship rather than a suggestion. Many departments have affiliated themselves with Special Olympics, March of Dimes, United Way, and other non-profits. Cities are also hosting blue line sports events. In the past Shop With A Cop has been popular at Christmas time. A shocker to many is these programs have been in place for decades, but go virtually unnoticed until now when the media puts spotlight on them or agencies highlight the events. These interactions and "meshing"as I call it,  is still important and may continue taking shape again in one form or another and additionally through events, food drives, housing projects, neighborhood watch programs, community meetings, etc.

3. Public service announcements, social media campaigns, and marketing. Police is now a business. Before it was just a service branch of government. With the technology changing, police are joining the club and interacting on the interwebs and also various media outlets. Any way to get a positive message and transparency out there...they are doing.

4. More PIOs or public information officers are being filtered into the community for two-way conversations and discussions. The officer delivering announcements and trusted information-who brings the press releases is now a public figure and not just a company mouthpiece.

5. Image boosting through diversity hires, policy change, community partnerships, and transparency. The police are trying their best to build the gaps and gain trust through any means possible. Liaisons from various community groups and organizations become beneficial in connecting with citizens. Online sites and groups such as Humanizing the Badge, Uniform Stories, and The Thin Blue Line among others are putting the word out about inside knowledge and interworkings of cops. Cops are tweeting!

6. Citizen groups formed by friends and family such as "Back the Blue" campaigns,"Sea of Blue" Facebook groups, and "police gear or swag" to distribute to supporters.

7. Going back to the basics: How To Talk To People, Personal Delivery, Culture Sensitivity, and Interpersonal Communications.

8. Body Cameras. Welcome to Youtube where your worst moments are captured by police and released for public enjoyment. Or to counter a false claim. Or to vindicate a victim. Or for that simple thing of TRANSPARENCY that the public demands.

So that's not all, but that's some. My fingers are tired and I have to save them for my grad school papers. Can you think of things I haven't mentioned? What ideas and/or solutions do you think are needed?


Old NFO said...

All of the above, and quicker turnarounds on the body cam stuff... The quicker the TRUTH gets out there, the less BLM et al has to work with.

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Yeah, I'm gonna parrot what Old NFO said...all the way!

One thing that I still have an issue with, and that's the whole COMMUNITY-oriented policing agenda.
(sounds great and works well...in certain communities)

There is also PROBLEM-oriented policing, but no one seems to want to admit to that, let alone TRY it and make THAT work.
If you can't (or won't) define the PROBLEM< how the hell can any solutions be forthcoming?
Also, in many instances, the COMMUNITY IS THE PROBLEM.
I rest my case.
(court's adjourned...lol)

Very good post.

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.

Cheryl said...

Another one of those complicated problems that is hurting my brain as I try to consider what would help the situation improve. The media just seems intent on skewing the facts and sensationalizing the narrative.

Even in the events where bad decisions were made (and to be clear not every instance fits that criteria) the public is led to believe that malicious intent was involved.

I think your points are all steps in the right direction but if the relaying of every single event isn't made to sound like a conspiracy by the entire nation of law enforcement, there can't be a regaining of trust.