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Friday, September 9, 2016

Fools Rush In

Tally ho!

Needs for Fargo

After this week, I need to go into the mountains and have a spa retreat next to a hot springs resort with people pampering me like a princess. I can do it for free. In my mind. Gah.

Harry Potter Shorts-Not Clothing

Bug and I have decided the the bathtub/shower combo is just gross and not relaxing nor pleasant to take a soaker even if we Clorox each others gunk out of there beforehand. Plus it is narrow. I would really like a hot tub. THAT would be the bomb diggedty. I miss mine that I had at the River War Haus.

So...in lieu of that thought, I will be going home after work to hook myself up to the traction machine my insurance company paid for lock, stock, and barrel. Thank you, Anthem. My right arm is constantly numb or tingly and no bueno.

Uniform Stories is still on hold. I am not sure if I will be retained by the new company. If you feel like helping me out...please look up my stories and pass them around like a hot potato on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or rate, comment, or like. Here is the linky dink...

I thought for sure we were getting violated by the crash in the parlor but it was just Murphy trying to chase this guy through the window. Glass Stops Dog Like A Freight Train should be the headlines.

Yes, that is a black squirrel. 

5 Second News

Is anyone keeping up with the North Dakota pipeline protests and the treatment of the Native Americans? In their favor, the judge did rule. So let's see what happens. I saw some pics of the oil field gurus being quite physical. I have yet to determine how that got out of control. Seems they would have been less dumb to call in the sheriff right away just to stand by to keep the peace instead taking matters into their own hands. BUT...I don't know the whole story. Yet. I'm sure all the faux news outlets will keep us apprised.

In super short news...the bashing of Matt Lauer could be made into a book. Poor man. Everyone expects him to be perfect and throws sexist daggers and fear mongering words at him. Don't worry, Matt, I have a shield. I will send it to you.

And we all know by now that the American Olympians who cried wolf are going down like the Titanic. I have no words. Just disgust. The fools.

The election is coming! The election is coming! And wouldn't you know it...Gary Johnson is now under the gun for his blank stare-deer in the headlights response about Aleppo. Did you really think any candidate would be free from scrutiny? Say it isn't so.

Parting Words

Oh, fooled you. I am not leaving permanently. Just for the day.

You can't get that lucky. But then again...it's you who keeps coming back here.

It's Friday. Ahhhh. The weekend.

Be safe. Be alert. Stay vigilant.

And don't let me catch you on Youtube acting like a drunk uncle.


Tennessee Grammie said...

I can't even act like a drunk Aunt, the Sawbones have forbidden alcohol...

Old NFO said...

Hope you get to feeling better...

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Hot tub, huh?
(yeah, these Indiana houses have narrow tubs ion older homes.)

Murph & the squirrel...whatta hoot.
(a BLACK squirrel down there? COOL. I only saw them in Canada.)

Hope you had a restful weekend down there, dear.