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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lessons Learnt

Lord, have mercy!


It is a miracle I have survived this week. I finished my assignments early. What do I mean by that? I mean that I didn't post them to Blackboard during my usual time. For example, they are due at midnight on Friday and by 6:30 PM on Wednesday. I mean to tell ya, I posted them suckers on Monday. Why? I have no idea. Maybe I am adulting and prioritizing my time. Or perhaps because I have a paper and book to read..due when? Oh, yeah. Next Monday and Friday on top of regular assignments, a research project, and a group research project. College ain't no joke.

I look around my classes and these whippersnappers got it down pat. Nothing phases them and they are all "A+" smarty pants. Stress of being a single mom and having a full time job? Nope. But they are going to school full time and working and whatever they do these days.

One minute, they are out of touch with reality and the next I am truly amazed by their critical thinking and working through problems. I have been enjoying all of them. In my classes, I think we have the cream of the crop.

Yes, this is my bastardinzing art work. Love it or hate it. 

And where is my Bug in all this mix? Melting down. I have left her to figure things out on her own with rides to volleyball practice, schoolwork, and chores. I have found I did too much and she is independently strong willed and bullheaded, but not functioning well in the self sufficient category. My heart strings get tugged, but then she acts like her dad and I get over it.

The tantrums, the disrespect, the snapper mouth. Mmmm. Yeah. It makes my blood boil. So much so I find I have to do a lot of "woosawing" so I am not going to jail for the beatings that go on in my head. If I so much as talked a "little" smidge of what she does to my parents? Uh no. My head would have been through a sheetrock wall. And back then we had wood paneling, so...yeah.

I am being tested. Not just in college.

And my mother skills are being overtaken by my street skills. Not good. Please grant me patience and wisdom during these trials.

On a great note, PoliceOne.com republished one of my articles from Uniform Stories and it is reaching another heated controversy with those haters and lovers of Fargo humor. Take a look see if you wish here. I have to thank many of my blue family for standing up for me when their friends on Facebook take it in a negative way. I really have some backup and I can't love them enough. It's OK if people disagree or even hate it. I just think they also don't get me, my humor, nor that it is my opinion with a little snark and sass. But hey...if it goes viral again...wheeehaw!

See...stress is not doing me good. I am wearing my bitch face often.
Actually, this was a road rage incident captured on camera...while driving but stopped in traffic.
Sue me. Do as I say not as I do. 

Thank you, Lord, for these lessons. Amen.


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
If it's any comfort, I think you're doing an exemplary job of juggling school, a teenager, the house, and everything in between.
Like I said before...you gotta be TWINS ('cause you're doing the work of at least TWO).

(and you go ahead and rage on the road at the idiots...they worked hard to get you to feel that way.)

Roll safe down there, dear.

Coffeypot said...

Here’s what you do (you won’t of course), take everything away from her. Her cell phone, the TV out of her room, all the clothes except the one’s she is wearing and one to change into for school while the first one is being washed. You pay for everything and deserve more respect. As her attitude improves and she completes her chores on time, and without bullshit, give her something back. She is totally dependent on you and needs to earn her way. That is not cruel, but a lesson on respect and working for what you want.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Youngest son asks me for advice in dealing with a 17 1/2 year old High School Senior.

"Huh, you want advice after the job I did with you and your brothers?" He tells me now he is a parent he appreciates me as a parent. Nicest compliment I've ever received.

RE Bug. Coffeepot is spot on.

Old NFO said...

Hang in there... And yes agree with CP!

Cheryl said...

Yeah...teenagers are just put on earth to push our buttons. My youngest gave me fits. As I look back on it I think I would of done some things differently but as it all worked out and he turned into a nice young man, I guess I have to let it go at this point. Although, I am fairly confident the worry lines in my forehead and my gray hear (which remains it's "natural" brunette as far as the world is concerned) is soundly linked to him. He too had that disrespecting attitude going for him which became a huge problem for me. I can say though, that when he left for college he turned all of that crappy behavior around.

As for the youngun's you go to school with....I am often impressed (even amazed) at how extremely smart young people are but in many cases they have a whole lot less stress and fewer obligations (at least to anyone other than themselves) to deal with. They may think the weight of the world is on their shoulders but if mom and dad are paying the bills, they have less stress than those (young or older) that have to juggle all it takes to make ends meet while going to school.

Humor is so subjective. Still I don't really understand how someone wouldn't "get" your humor. While it is very "tongue-in-cheek" it seems very VERY clear as to your clever mix of fact and fancy. I find you hysterical.

Jack Catchem said...

That was a great article! You have nothing to shy from or fear. My wife was in the military and exited with many of the same traits you listed. As a vet myself, I understand, accept, appreciate. Other people...sometimes need a little coaching. I think your article pointed out excellent traits habituated to female officers by their career. Unfortunately you fall out of line with the usual tropes.

I remember working with a phenomenal police officer back in Big City who was defiantly in tactical with her duty bags. I have no idea where she found purses large and loud enough, but she had an assortment Warbag sized purses in the flashiest colors possible and would switch out equipment between them depending on mood. Great partner, unless it was the red Warbag with silver studs. Those days you just tried to keep away from the public.

VEG said...

Dude, the joys of raising a teenager. I don't have kids, I am overjoyed about it but sympathetic to the difficulty level of guiding someone with the determination of a shark after blood, to do the opposite of what you're trying to teach them to do. A stiff glass of wine is recommended, because that's my recommendation for just about everything, except "what should I do before getting in my car and driving" in which case you should absolutely NEVER do that. She'll grow out of it, they all do, but not before knowing everything (yet nothing) and letting you know about it, loudly. Yeah, I was that kid once...