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Monday, September 12, 2016

Quirky Jerks

The title says it all for what you get in today's free episode of crazy. I have no words for myself today. It's like I short circuit from stress overload and this is what you get. You are most welcome!

Hey- piddle diddle,
The cat continues to fiddle.
My pancakes are burned on the griddle.
I think that's a John Denver song he sang to a riddle.
Cows can't jump over the moon,
Nor can dishes run away with utensils-so put away your spoon.
Suppose you could Photoshop those scenes in super dooper well.
But in the meantime, you should stop and read this for a spell.
I say, pause being silly and playing with your willy.
And sit for bit-maybe a while-damn sure with a smile.

Yep. I missed my calling-bastardizing Mother Goose and songwriters while making nonsensical poems.

My poem makes about as much sense as Hillary Clinton's illness issues. Does she just have the flu or a more serious form of manginitis?  That would the question. The media is going berserk over conspiracy theories. And we feed right into it.

In fact, we feed into everything the media spoon feeds to us.

Funny thing is we can't look away and the media can't do responsible reporting. It's a train wreck bound to happen in the middle of a playground.

Grad school gets better with time just like wine only not as enjoyable. Big projects are coming up fast and I am pretty much in panic mode from now until the end of semester. The good thing is so far I have A's in my classes so I hope I can keep up the efforts. And here we go with a group project....*shudder*. I have a good group so I think we will do well. I am mostly worried about keeping up with their level and speed. Go old girl! Go old girl!

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Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
HA...loved the cartoons.

(should be at least a weekly "event" here.)

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.