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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Presidential Debate Gave Me Butt Zits

Hello, mateys!

I have been remiss in paying attention to matters of writing. I apologize and I am here to get back on the wagon. Recently, my family buried a great man...my grandfather. He lived a long and happy life of 98 years and I can only find comfort in the fact he is with grandma again. I will greatly miss that man. He was the most honorable man on earth. No one could compare. NO ONE. I always hoped for a marriage and family such as the one my grandparents cherished because it was withstanding of time and full of all kinds of love. I'm not saying it was perfect, but dang near. Someday, perhaps I will have that wonderful match with someone. If not, I have dogs.

Here is my latest from the educational site: criminaljusticedegree.com and it might be a tad methodical and boring. You be the judge.

Getting to my grandpa's funeral within a half hour of its start and missing 24 hours of time with my family and his wake was utter hell. Thank you, Mother Nature, and United Airlines. Actually, I am giving you the finger. Returning was no fun either and not weather related. If I ever see the inside of O'Hare again, I am afraid I might curl up in the fetal position.

Now that I am in the groove and have figured out all nighters as a grad student, I can settle into a routine without panic. Somewhat. I still get anxiety over assignments but once they are completed, I feel relief. My research project is a little steep for my hill climb, but I will get it done. I should have chosen the flat easy route, but then that wouldn't be me.

Monday proved to be a pain in the ass. Watching the presidential debate gave me butt zits. Have you ever noticed they don't go away and take FOREVER to heal? Don't pick at your butt and certainly don't pop them. They linger. Kind of like the nasty thoughts and opinions I have on the debate. But I won't get into that. I'm sure you can decipher that all by yourselves.

I continue to boycott the NFL. Why? I'm not feeling it. I watch scores and that is about it. Maybe it had something to do with all the protests or maybe because watching football seems to be a waste of my time. I'd rather watch paint dry these days. Am I growing up or am I growing old? Who knows.

My workout plan is still on track, but my Obi is off to a foreign land for some business, so I am sad and alone for two whole weeks. Ice cream? Cake? No. Just kidding. I will stay on track, but surely will lose some muscle strength. Job security for him, right? Yes. I believe so. I kind of like the dude anyway.


Old NFO said...

And 90 minutes of our lives we'll never get back...sigh

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
ROFLMAO...love the TITLE of this post...!!!

---Your granddad had a fantastic run - 98 years ain't nothin' to sneeze at, that's for sure.
That generation is one many of us should always look up to.
---Cripes almighty - O'Hare? - Satan's nightmare on earth...heh.
---Very good analogy w/ the debate.
---I haven't watched football in a LONG time (since the early 90s)...got too commercial and political for me...period. Before that, I could give you team rosters on command...lol.
---You're not really growing up OR growing old...you're growing into YOURSELF, and since you spend the MOST time with you,. that's a good way to go.
---Today is national strawberry cream pie day...will THAT work for 'ya?

Really good post, Kiddo.

You roll safe down there, dear.

Cheryl said...

I am so sorry to hear about your grandfather. My deepest sympathies. It is wonderful that he lived such a long life. I think that generation knew a lot about being decent.

Even if flights are on time and running smoothly, O'Hare is still a nightmare. Too big and too busy.

As for the debate and all that goes with this horrible election...I can hardly stand listening to either of the candidates. How we managed to pare down an entire country of people to these two, I will never understand.

lotta joy said...

There's a raw feeling when someone dies whom was part of our lives. I'm sad for you, AND your grandpa.

As for butt zits....I wanted to copy the witch and couldn't. Now I have to perform a forensic search of google.

She's perfect for my new life as a "hammer".

If your refrigerator is running, I'm voting for it.