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Thursday, October 6, 2016

As The World Crumbles

As The World Crumbles. A fitting title of sorts. Do I think this universe is made of doom and gloom? No. It sure has its fair share of crap, though. I mean, if Kim Kardashian gets robbed, geesh. What is this world coming to? 

I have now moved on to be on my own two feet and free of a personal trainer for now. So what do I do? I am 15 pounds from my goal, although Obi said I didn't need to lose any weight. I feel I do. 

Almost there!

And to answer my own question: I have been running, doing kettle bell squats, ball slams, working my arms with the weights and medicine balls I have at home, and doing some box work on my Roque step box. I was tempted to get on Beachbody On Demand and do some Hammer and Chisel and then that idea fizzled. My motivation has really been in the running area because I can think and listen to music and tune out the world. 

All my problems go away.

I really feel I should have been a boxer in earlier life and I missed my calling. I love to hit my bag and I think I would even like to hit a person better. Is that sick? Not sure. I'm sure someone will tell me it shows I have psychological problems or my neurons are misfiring. 

I don't feel that overburdened with problems as I did last week, so at least that nonsense in my head is dissipating. Life is settling back down to a slow normal again. 

I finished the new Longmire season in record time over the weekend it came out and now I await The Walking Dead, although, I have been disappointed with its direction. Hopefully, the new season has some shock and awe. Why? Because, by golly, we as fans need stimulation. Not of the genital type, either. Of the cerebral kind. Although both are nice. 

Speaking of dicks...just when we get Pence to make Trump look good...he goes and says something utterly dumb and ridiculous. I mean...the pronunciation of Nevada? What a dink. Everyone on the west side knows it is pronounced Nuh-vad-ah. Not: Nah-vah-dah. Did he really think Nevadians (that is a word) were going to expect a New Yorker to get it right? And how many times has The Donald been there? Hello? And doesn't he own property there? Stupid, stupid, stupid. He just needs some Gorilla duct tape and a glass of shut the fuck up. 

This election, I tell you. They are all fucking idiots. I might have to pick an idiot over evil, however.  I can't get enough Calgon.  Let me explain things in memes:

This: And I am allergic to Vodka.

I need to be here. Like NOW.

And now...go have a nice day.


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---What if those 15 pounds are actually MUSCLE you've gotten over the training time?
Just a thought.
---Momma Fargo as a BOXER? Dunno about that. You're too cute (imho).
Wouldn't wanna see anything knocked "out of place"...lol.
---I got a LOT of people you can use as a heavy bag up here...LMAO!
--- Gorilla tape and STFU...ROFL!
---Agreed on that gorgeous mountain scene.
(and I paddle a bad-ass canoe to boot).

Have a good weekend & roll safe down there, Kiddo.

Cheryl said...

I understand your dilemma in regards to having a trainer. I, too like the added accountability and the "push" by my trainer but a trainer you can't trust is worse than having no trainer at all. While I am confident you can finish your goals on your own, I would say if you really feel the need to replace Obi try to get some recommendations for another PT that understands what your are trying to achieve.

As for the election debacle ....I thought that maybe the debate helped Trump's cause a bit but seriously the man just can't shut up. As much as I want either of the candidates to say something to inspire me or even ease my mind a bit as to their capabilities...they invariably do or say something stupid, offensive of blatantly dishonest.

Old NFO said...

SMOD... Just sayin... :-)