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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Berzerk! Lose Yourself!

Apocalypse...Day 8. We are still all alive and drinking lattes and putting gas in our vehicles. Wow. So far I haven't had to use any cans of whoop ass nor stock up on canned goods, bread, and water. Oliver has been practicing Walking Dead behavior and jumps on my stomach at night, curls up in a ball and stares at me. All. Night. Long. CLAIMED!

I think he is worried because of my concussion. WHICH...I might add...is causing some whacked behavior and memory loss. I have trenches in my house because I walk 5 feet and forget what I was going to do, then backtrack, remember, then forget. Fuck me in the ass. My daughter says I need to eliminate the phrase from my lips because she really HATES it and I have been saying it too much. Good thing that concussion didn't expunge all my memories and jargon.

Oh...I don't know if I mentioned it, but I fell off a ladder and hit my head on cement and on the way down a brick wall. Dislocated my shoulder and cracked the ball joint. That's what I call that thing that hooks the arm to the shoulder. But hey...I did not die.

ER Selfie!
I got the special room

Word to your motha...don't dance on a ladder to Fergie, using your paint brush as a microphone in a super overly large Tyvec suit. I went to the local ER and Peyton Manning saw me naked.

Buy hey! No worries. I look much better now. All the color is drained out of my face. I have no idea. That's what concussions do, I guess. 
What happened to my color? Ack! Dang camera. LOL
Today, I am in a lot of pain even though it has been two weeks since "the fall". The ER is convinced I got beat up by a man. After being interrogated, I am pretty sure they still don't believe me. Whatever. If they only knew me. I don't think they liked my answer that if a man tried to beat me up...he would be in their triage area on a stretcher or better yet in the morgue. Those are "alarming" words. They even asked where it happened and "if I send officers there, what will they find." I said, "NO ONE." 

Egads. We have taken 5 steps forward and 3 backward in helping women. 

The super moon is destroying my electronics and appliances. Photo credit: Bug (she is a marvelous photographer)

My refrigerator is about to go out, however, I think it is a bazillion years old and possibly June used it to keep leftovers fresh for the Beaver.

Negative energy surrounds me and I am supposed to cut cords from people who suck the life out of me by TODAY. The PRESSURE!

On top of that, all the media outlets have gone berzerk and I can't find a reliable news source. Wait. That already happened. BUT...it is getting worse. I just get angry. I can't find anything that is fact reporting. Skewed News is the way to go...and it comes from both the left and the right. I have never seen so many network meltdowns IN.MY.LIFE. Adults having temper tantrums and spewing so much personal opinion just makes me sour. And I don't care if I align with them or not. I don't like it. I like fact reporting. The trust is gone. I have to question everything. Geez, next thing you know, I will be wondering if we really did land on the moon.

It is world panic time and as the CNN ticker at work pans out: DEMOCRATS BEGIN TO DO SOUL SEARCHING. WTF? Over?

Maybe it is just me, but I keep seeing a lot of whackadoodle poodle thinking and reacting out there. It's not the fucking Purge out there. When that starts up, we should fucking panic. Perhaps I just don't panic until the last minute or when I need to until the world ends. I'm a procrastinator panicker type. I think I should coin that phrase and add it to the DSM-5.

It's time for a little Eminem

I think I am just going to tackle life by getting some more tattoos.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Yes I am glad that you are ok from falling off the ladder, I got 2 days of blogfodder off of it *Mwah*. They say that imitation is the sincere form of flattery, I have found myself using the same phrase.
Yeah I have watched the media go into total meltdown and they still don't get what the trump appeal was. We voted for the message not the messenger. We wanted someone that was a "take no prisoners" kind of guy that political correctness had no effect on despite the media being in the tank for Hillary.
Take care of yourself

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
God love Oliver...he needs to be near you in your recuperative time.
---And, speaking of which, young lady...W-T-F-???

Falling off a ladder in Indiana can be FATAL.
Just the other day a guy fell off and died here in town (down the street from a shooting (700-800 blocks of Taylor St.) the day before...GEEZ!
---Also, as we get more mature, bouncing back from any injury becomes a study in PATIENCE.
We ain't spring chicken any longer (dammit all).

With that said...take it EASY...stay off the opioids (we've enough junkies in Hoosierland).
---Also, I thought the dems had to HAVE souls in the first place? ROFL!
The PURGE...don't want THAT to happen...at all.
QUESTION EVERYTHING...welcome to MY world, Kiddo.
---BTW, an idea for tattoos - everywhere you hurt yourself, get a small one that says "ouch".
(just a thought)

Roll safe down there, dear.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Hope you have a speedy recovery.