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Friday, November 11, 2016

DeWhoreable Me and "The Others"

I think they should make a movie about that. Oh...wait...they may have already. Was I naked?

I'm not sure. Foggy memories.

However, I am sure the next movie made by Michael Moore besides "I'm Right" which would be irony at its best....would be "Deplorable Me: A Movie About Trump Supporters." Here is a humor piece for you to reach some Zen moments...

Sooo...word of warning this entire post is not going to be politically correct. Like. At. All.

It is full of snark and circumstance.

So sensitive...people are. I usually have a good sense of humor no matter what side it comes from. I even think the new phrase: "Orange Is The New Black" in reference to Trump is funny as is the "Orange Brigade" and others. I'm not a right winger. I am a moderate Republican. I try to stand up for what is right even if it swings left. Does that makes sense? It does in my mind.

And even my conservative counterparts might disagree with me. That is OK. I love them one and all. Wow. I sound like Santa Claus. No wait, that was Merry Christmas to all. How can anyone even take heart anything I say when I confuse Christmas sayings.

Damn, I'm on a roll today.

So I thought I would have a little fun with Twitter. You knew I was going to piss someone off, right?

It didn't take long for my phone to start dinging which was really distracting in the office. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to shut off Twitter notifications. Fucking technology.

Anyhoozle, most of it was likes and retweets. But then...bah bah bahm. Bam! The "others" (lefties) got really pissy about it and fired back at me.

Is it bad I want to respond with: "Your violent protesting is sure a solid" or "Tantrums make everything better" or "Come at me. I'm right here. Will it make you feel better to hit someone?"

 I chose to ignore. Why? Not afraid. Just isn't worth my time. But they can amuse me, none the less.

I know, I'm a sicko.

I thought it was kind of amusing, really. I still find they are so out of touch with reality. And what about this imaginary oppression they are experiencing? What? Like...has anyone made anyone go to the back of the bus? Do they really think we would stand for that and go back to the 60s? Do you really believe that we are going to go backwards on gay rights? WTF, people?

No faith in your fellow man. I was married to a black man and dated several. I'm still close to all of them except my ex husband. I love his family. Do you really think I voted for racism and am a racist? Fuck me in the ass.

Propaganda. Look it up.

Also look up the fact that presidents may hold beliefs, but they don't shove them down the peoples' throats. They let the majority decide.

But of course, anyone who voted for the Orange Movement was all about being a racist and genocide. Egads, we have stooped to such levels. I'm really starting to get a headache over the childish behavior. Do they not realize their rationale and actions do not make logical sense? I don't want to take away their feelings. They can feel anyway they want. But what is all this violence and burning going to change? What happened to peaceful protesting? And wake up, dudes...you can't change the election result. I am to the point that my "Boo hoo" and "Wah fucking wah" is going to come out.

I'll try to keep her contained.

Do you really think a man who is married to an immigrant, whose close friends are Dennis Rodman and Omarosa, and holds his daughter on a pedestal is a racist? Actions, people.

I think he might be a chauvinist with bad hair, surely.

I know. Don't call you Shirley.

It wasn't about agreeing with everything he spouted out. I know this is probably a lone wolf feeling, but I really felt at times I was being held hostage by the bad economy and lack of job opportunities. Did I hate the president? Absolutely not. He didn't do all that damage. Some things were spurred by his agenda but geesh. I blame a lot on Congress and life. I lived through it. Now to live through another presidency. I will plod on.


lotta joy said...

I've got the PERFECT comparison between protesting and vandalism on my blog today. Simple minds think alike, and I love Bill Burr.

Old NFO said...

I truly feel sorry for these kids, reality is going to be a real bitch for them to deal with when it smacks them in the face... WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam kids that age were storming the trenches, fighting in the jungles or the cold in Korea, and not a safe space to be found. And nobody gave them a time-out or a pizza... Spit...

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
When you left the po-po, you should have thought of becoming a ball player, 'cause with this post you knocked it "outta the park".

Very well said.
(and I agree, like you thought otherwise...heh).
Roll safe down there, Kiddo.

Cheryl said...

Very well said. Loved the Bill Burr clip...super funny. Conan was working hard to get him to say that Trump had him worried. At this point everyone needs to calm the F*** down.

I, also, find it interesting that the latest count says approximately 56 percent of eligible voters actually voted. I would be curious out of all the protesters how many of the 44 percent that didn't are acting outraged.