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Monday, November 7, 2016

Paint Me Crazy

Hello, the house! Why do you guys stick around here? I've been pretty lackadaisical in posting random crazy thoughts to entertain your presence. I apologize.

Life has kind of taken over me and college life has totally consumed me, I am afraid.

Today I am on the Momster hit list with my child. Seems she thinks she can run the place and I took away her after school fun. She does not listen to me when I say ..."It is gone." I said that one week ago. So last week she has been sucking up to me and cleaning the house, right? I didn't even ask. She went above her normal chores. Today she wanted to "remind" me that she is staying after school with her friend on Tuesday and Thursday to lift weights and workout at the school gym. She claims she wants to be stronger for track in April. I believe this is just a social hour for teenagers as there are several teen buddies there. Why?  Because she has a nice garage gym at home. Paint me crazy.

Well, it took 1.6 seconds for her to turn right back into Satan after I told her, "No. You lost that privilege. That means for good. Perhaps you could make a permanent change in respecting your mom. We can revisit the idea next semester."

Wow. Satan threatened me with "her dad". I said, "Go ahead. He isn't here, is he? What will he say? Hmm...that you can workout at home? Why don't you try that."

So yeah. I guess at least the teenager battles continue to remain a constant in my household.

I fall in love with my dogs more and more so every day. Men...well, you know. I can't seem to meet the one who will treat me right and I am constantly a giver, attracted to takers.


Anyhoozle, this semester is almost over and I am on the verge of an anxiety attack from all the deadlines and big papers due soonly. Paint me crazy. Wait, didn't I say that already?

The election is upon us. Hope you all vote the way your informed decision takes you!

Happy Monday!


Tennessee Grammie said...

As smart as Bug is, one would think she would have figured out already that you are not to be bamboozled nor disrespected. Keep up with the rules and making her toe the line. Been there raising a teen, done that and today he thanks me for sometimes being the 'meanest mom' because 'all his friends' were doing it. Hang tough!

Old NFO said...

Sigh... Teenagers and hormones... Good luck on the papers!

Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
What did they used to say...
"If at first you don't succeed, you're doing about average."
I DO think you're doing what's right for your daughter, but what do I know? I'm old school there...spare the rod and spoil the child, but without the "rod", I get that.
Still, we DO call them PRIVILEGES for a FREASON, right?
They are not a "right", and therefore CAN (and will) be taken AWAY.
Being a LEO, you know that all too well when perps break the law.
Sometimes, it's not much different with kids...lol.

Keep strong and stay focused.
You're doing okay.

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.

Cheryl said...

It's mandatory for teenagers to at least try to manipulate parents and act like heathens. It appears Bug is normal.

I think it is also normal for parents to want to kill their young at some point. (figuratively, of course)

Allenspark Lodge said...

Good luck in school. You got this.

The reason children are cute is so that their parents won't kill and eat them.


Coffeypot said...

WELL DONE IN STICKING IT TO HE SHE DEMON. Disciplined has to be constant and nonnegotiable. You had down a decision, you have to stick to it or it won't be taken seriously next time. Next... beatings in places that don't leave bruises. Neck chained to the garage wall works, too. Take no prisoners. But be sure to tell her that you love her, too.

Mad Jack said...

You're doing a good job, Fargo. Don't give in, don't give up, and for certain sure don't be intimidated by threats involving your offspring's father, AKA your ex.