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Monday, December 5, 2016

Christmas Joy and HUD?

Amidst the Trump Twitter wars...

and holiday events...

... my life has become a normal spiritual holiday time. Here is my naked holiday video with a song for all of you...

I really needed that. It made me feel pretty.

After all, it took a while to exorcise the devil from within me after the burglary. I still am paranoid and scared of a second one. But...for now...I am turning my attention to the holidays.

Bug is full of enthusiasm to decorate and of course has given her mother an impossible list to fill but with the disclaimer: "It's OK if  you can't afford most of this."

Do their lists get more expensive with age? I believe so.

It's nice she recognizes her mother is poor, but I wish I could give her the sun, moon, and stars without giving her no sense of appreciation or instilling over-entitlement or disregarding any appreciation of the American dollar along with that spoilage.

I always drag her along for donating for Toys for Tots. But I still don't think she gets it. Well, I tried.

Photo credit: Someone brilliant on Pinterest

We got into the Christmas spirit by going to a Christmas walk in town and now tomorrow, our town has the annual tree lighting festivities with hot cocoa and cookies on every corner. Be still my sugar tooth. I must not indulge. I refuse to gain the holiday 15...or is it 5?

And just when I am full of the Christmas spirit...our news outlets report some strange occurrence. Meanwhile...Trump nominates Carson for HUD dude? Really? Whiskey-tango-foxtrot. Is it one of those moments where he goes..."PSYCH! I was really really going to say Surgeon General."

Bless the souls lost in the fires in Tennessee and Oakland. Grr. I have no words.


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
My Christmas Spirit is not what it should be...
I know, had a lot on my plate this year, and sometimes, life nails 'ya right square in the "nether-region", when you're not expecting it.

The TOYS 4 TOTS gig is something I wish I could REALLY give to.
It means a lot to poor kids who don't have anything close to what we were blessed with. Maybe Bug will get it soon enough.

I used to give stuff to an orphanage we had back in Philly. Was kinda more "personal" for me (having two great parents from birth). Thiose kids didn't even have parents to spend Christmas with.
And the people working there were SO appreciative.

Agreed that Carson would be better suited for Surg. Gen.

Good post.

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.

Old NFO said...

Tis the season... sigh... Trying to get in the spirit, but it's coming slowly this year.