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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


The Fargo train derailed over the holidays. So sorry for the long absence. I am sure you were not missing me too much with all the festivities at your home.

2017 peace to you, Boogie Man Lovahs!

Welcome to 2017! It promises to be a new year filled with surprises and happiness. Be positive! Today, so far...ZERO officers killed in the line of duty. Hold your breath. Well, don't do that. It isn't healthy. Let's just pray for all of law enforcement to be safe.

I decided to let Facebook decide what I should be...if I were an actress. What do you think? Good fit? No? Yes?

Moving on to more exciting things which I am sure you all already know. But...do you know everything about everything?  Eh. It's all old stuff. But...recapping for your pleasure...here I am!

In the news...Megyn Kelly leaves Fox.


No one is grieving? Hmm. I am not sad. I haven't watched her anymore. I used to really like her hard line questioning and then she became too dramatic and over the top. Now that she is going to the liberal side, she won't have to pretend to be conservative anymore.

She isn't the worst of the worst, I guess.

She used to look pretty hot in the magazines...

Ooh la la.

Well, she did Photoshop her head on my body. I didn't get paid much for it, but I was desperate at the time. Really it was a low moment in my life where money talks took over common sense and negotiation for fair pay.

The up side is no one can use it against me when I become famous and have to act all proper. The worst they can find is my books with the word, "fuck" in it a lot.

And inquire to as why "Fuck Me In The Ass" is my favorite saying.

I think I can take the heat.

Lord help us...Omarosa is set to join the WH. WTF, Mr. President-Elect? Well, I guess she is a good bulldog to have around when you need that kind of attitude. Next thing you know, she will be joined by Kanye.  Maybe she and Megyn Kelly could have a cat fight on television. Now I would pay to watch that and bring popcorn.

Sadly, local news proves to be fatal. One of the bartenders and hostesses at a restaurant here was run over while crossing the street to go home from work. It is a now a Hit and Run homicide. She had sent her boss a selfie at the hospital saying she would be back to work in no time and shortly passed thereafter. She will be missed. She was a great lady and I enjoyed her kindness and jolly attitude.

Rest in peace, Janice.

Nothing going on except some repairs at the Harry Potter House. My carpet is toast and underneath it is OSB. Shoot me now. I am not sure what I am going to be able to do with that. But...the carpet is really bad. Ripped and holes. So cheap. What is cheap? The carpet. I'm cheap, too, when it comes to what to fix it with that looks good. I might look for some closeout laminate. I was hoping the original hardwoods were underneath, but they have been removed. So sad.

Bug has been cleaning and doing all kinds of work while on Christmas break. Today she got up early for school and was ready an hour before the bus arrives. Weird kid. Gotta love her.

Have a prosperous start to our exciting new year!


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
--Glad to hear you made it through New Years.
We did as well (duck and cover works well up here...lol)
--Hope you got that drill set you were wanting, too.
--Yeah, I want to see a LOT FEWER LEOS getting killed THIS year (zero would be nice).
As to the morons out there?
We still got'em, sad to say.
--Sorry to hear about the hostess. That's just unfair.
--As to which actress?
How's about Kate Beckinsale in the UNDERWORLD series. I can picture you offing bad guys with two guns blazing...heh.
--Megan Kelly - I like her, but maybe she got to big for her own pants? Got no clue.
--Good to hear about Bug...she's doing very well.
--As to carpeting?
(HA - no sex puns here, sorry)
If the floor underneath is decent, how about sanding and finishing it then add some area rugs?
(keeping the dogs away would be the major hitch, there)
Might even cost less that w-t-w carpeting OR laminate.
Just another alternative.

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.
(your invite still applies this year, too)

Old NFO said...

Good luck in the new year, let's not have anymore instances of falling off things, shall we? :-)

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Like Father Time said, " let's not have anymore instances of falling off things, shall we? :-)", I second the motion. I am glad that you returned to blogging, I was wondering if all was well with you and after reading your blog post I was reassured,

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Google "residential poured acrylic flooring". Fast and relatively cheap, it will stabilize the OSB until you can afford something suitable for the type of house you own.

It will give you a smooth, easily cleaned surface that you can personalize with throw rugs, etc.

Sheena-kay Graham said...

All the best to all the cops out there. Happy New Year and embrace the industrious child. The lazy ones are out there and it can be catching.