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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Smile Brilliant!

How to Whiten Your Teeth

A smile is the single most universal gesture we share as human beings. It is that important.

I am so excited to share Smile Brilliant! with you, a great product I have been using for a short time with big results. In fact, my smile has been noticeably brighter and bigger with compliments from friends and family. You will see in my before picture, that I tend to smile nice, but I cover up the stains with my lips. How? Mirror practice. You do that when you are embarrassed by stains. Yes. I brush my teeth. Like a psycho.

In my mind, I am a glamour queen and sport a movie star smile. In reality, my smile was hidden a lot during picture time and I was very self-conscious when I laughed.

All my life, my smile has been a something I was embarrassed by and I felt the tooth discoloration from fluoride left me with a very unflattering smile. I have never been pleased with my teeth as long as I can remember because they were never white. Believe me, I have tried many whitening products without this huge of a change in my smile. No joke. I mean INSTANT.

The Beginning

Even more thrilling about this post is the giveaway happening right here which is an awesome opportunity for you to experience this fabulous smile transformation.  Click below:


So here is how it works...

You receive this package with detailed instructions. (See photo-The Package).
The Package

Really, the instructions are so easy to understand. No sweat. You  know I am a true blond and if I can follow them, anyone can.

You begin by making your molds and sending them straight off to Smile Brilliant!

It was fun to mix the dental material to make them. I purposely made this picture blurry so none of you could take my impressions and use them on a crime scene. Oh, yeah. You can do that from digital photography. I used to do it just like CSI only on real crimes. Seriously. It could happen. Well, I trust you, but still...

Making The Molds

Soon, you will receive your clear Teeth Whitening Trays back in the mail to use with the whitening product. Make sure they fit before you proceed. Mine were perfect. They did send me my own teeth back. (Well, only in clear tray form-not for real, because my teeth are real and don't come out) Not one factory mix-up which is good because I would look a little funny with someone else's trays.

Included in the package is whitening gel and desensitizing gel. Each syringe has a lot of gel in it, so it lasts for several applications. Time limits depends on the results you wish to have.

 I used the products exactly as instructed and I didn't feel any sensitivity problems with my teeth. My first application was timed at 30 minutes.The first result was out of this world. I kid you not.  The maximum time limit I used was one hour. Below you will see the results after 3 applications.

I know, I know.

My photo quality is typical Fargo.

But, in the first photo you can see the yellow stains around the gumline and cracks. Gee. This is so embarrassing. It's a good thing thing I didn't take my before picture with broccoli stuck in my teeth. Nope. That picture was taken right after brushing.

In the right picture, albeit bad quality, you can see even (white) coloring happening across the teeth. Even my half-dead tooth on the bottom lightened up. There is a pic of a close up. The tooth was very discolored prior to using Smile Brilliant! If you are like me, close up dental pictures are not the grossest thing to look at, but still they are not pleasing to the eye. But in order to understand the magnitude of improvement, I felt I should include them.  And this was just 3 applications!

Left: before. Right-after 3 applications

Bottom half-dead tooth

I have been using this product faithfully for about two weeks now, but I have changed my regimen.

The first week I whitened four times a week. The second week, I did two. I think two is perfect for the results I want to achieve and I believe I might scale it back next week to once a week.

My teeth constantly suffer from coffee and tea stains. You know how I love my coffee. I am addicted. And now I can enjoy a white smile without sacrificing my coffee and without feeling guilty about my teeth.

Bug is so impressed, she raves about it!

You can win your own kit and set of whitening trays! Click on the Giveaway Link above. And if you are not the lucky winner, or you want to start now...Smile Brilliant! is offering you a coupon on my site.

Why? Because they are nice. And because I am special. OK. Mostly because they are nice and very generous for you readers and Boogie Man fans.

Use this coupon for a discount on their site: Coupon Code: mommafargo5

I would encourage you to explore this great deal for a winning smile! You get professional results!

Happy Smile!

Enter the giveaway, visit Smile Brilliant!, and shop around. I guarantee you will be super happy. The cost is so far less than any dentist can offer. Believe me. I have inquired with both Wyoming and Indiana dentists. 

I am smiling all the time now...big toothy smiles. If you saw me in person, you might get annoyed. I can't stop. But I don't care. My teeth are WHITE! 
Don't judge my wrinkles...or my unfinished makeup job. 


Akcamper said...

Love your smile but when I click on the link I get a 404 not found

Momma Fargo said...

Thank you so much for letting me know. I thought I had checked that. It is up and running now.

Old NFO said...

Very nice! :-)

Cheryl said...

I used this system a few years ago with great success but I drink tea non stop and need to repeat it. I didn't remember that they offered a sensitive version which I need. I did have some sensitivity issues. Nothing horrible and had a nice whitening result. I am inspired to try again.

BTW you do have a wonderful smile.

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