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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Nerdly Thinktank Reports


What does it mean to you? Score? Baubles in my pocket? Change in my pants?

Let's get our nerd on.

I used to read so intently when I was young because I loved the fantasy and inserting myself into the story. Who didn't?

No, I did not read porn books. I have. But I don't. For some reason I could never get into them because I thought they were corny. For instance, how can you get all hot and bothered from "Finn put his sword in her warm, moist shaft." Ew. I used the word moist. (giggle) Maybe "wet" would have been a better word choice. It was just an example. See. I would totally suck at writing romance novels.

(giggle) She used the word "suck."

So it does nothing for me, you see.

I always liked "other" books and totally skipped the romance section. That might be why I have such personal relationship issues. I don't know. It's worth contemplating. Perhaps there is research on that.

It brings me to another phenomena in the book industry. Why do we call it a blow job when you actually suck and lick? I don't get it.
Think about it, bitches. You could be Lagertha. 

Ladies and gentlemen,

Try blowing on a dick and see where that gets you. I dare you. 

I would really think it might ruin some sort of climatic moment. Just a thought. But the research of the whole idea might be amusing.

Words are so funny, aren't they?

They can be a sword to your heart, or a ping in your groin.

I still read a lot and most of late it has been text books. This poses a problem of no stimulation. Mostly boredom.
I love to read. I can't understand nor comprehend those who either don't like to read or really hate to read. I try to understand, but I can't. I might be able to understand somewhat if a person has difficulties or disabilities with reading and writing. In which case, my heart bleeds for that. I think it should be something for all and those who have challenges, should be helped. If a person chooses not to, then that is their choice, but the opportunities should be abundant.

And if you liked to read, you can read porn in secret and not have it blast throughout the house on television where your significant other might catch you. You could even go be the Master Baiter of your domain in a small space without cords.

Sex drives the world you know. It sells shit. It makes us like shit. It makes us do bad shit. It makes us demand shit we probably should not demand. It makes us want shit we can't have. It makes us spend money on it. It makes us interested in shit. It gives us ultimate pleasure. Sometimes it gives us cramps.

Really it drags us around by the nose.

Think about it. No, don't. You pervert.


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
Here's a perfect example of why I like you so damn much.
We think alike and ask many of the SAME questions...LOL.
(as it pertains to both life AND books)
Funny how that works (and not the eerie kinda funny).
Yes, sex does sell (and quite well)
"Master Baiter" - they're not just on fishing boats any longer...LOL.

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.

Coffeypot said...

I think that if you BLOW on the skin flue to hard his nose will run. Or his balls would jitter and twirl like the ball in a whistle and sound would come out of his ass, also like a whistle. Nope! Sucking and liking is the way to go.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Porn and erotica. Rather be a participant than a voyeur or reader, just saying.

Cheryl said...

You are so funny!! It's all your fault if I ask anyone today why it's called a blow job instead of a suck and lick job.

As for reading, I don't understand why so many people don't enjoy reading for entertainment but it seems that the trend is really skyrocketing now that the Internet is such an entertainment source. It's bad enough that books have become less and less read but now even articles have been replaced by video. People seem to be adverse to reading.