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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Tune Into To SKN

For all I know, this could be a fucking raven.
Pinterest doesn't know the difference.

What I find interesting today is there are a lot of crow festivals going on out there. 

Kackaw! Kackaw! 

It must be served up for every meal lately with a little garnish of parsley. I wonder if the feathers were plucked off well before dining commenced. And how about that side dish of crickets? 

What, Fargo, do you mean by that? 

Well, it seems the Susan Rice escapades have silenced a lot of media and the shift toward really grasping for fact finding is starting to turn. Perhaps. Don't count your eggs yet. 

I still think of everything as skewed news. SKN. "Skin" for fun. Skewed News. That's kind of catchy but it sounds like a porn channel. 

But has she really done this? Is it fake news? The left seems to say so. What about the emails and spreadsheets released about it with her name on it? Oh, silly Fargo, those can be faked. Someone had to get thrown under the bus, right? Whatever. I think Nunes went the route he did because if he went straight to the committee first, they would have silenced him. So he plays stupid befuddling politician and says, "oops sorry, I skipped step B accidentally." He apologizes for his misstep in reporting processes. Whatever. He did that so he wouldn't get thrown under the political bus. The bus is rolling and runs over a lot of people who don't conform. At least that is my theory. I don't really know for sure. I don't even know the guy. 

Mainstream media were slowing their roll and didn't really seem too enthusiastic to expose the news blast of Susan Rice's "unmasking" scandal. 

Whatever happened to all of us just watching and reading and absorbing but remaining silent until all the facts come out. Wait. We would be skeletons if we waited that long because we will never get all the facts.

Do I think the government officials and politicians do some dirty, underhanded things? Duh. That is a no brainer. 

Oh no! Have the American peeps been led astray and lied to by politicians? Tell me it isn't so. Who do we trust? Pffst. No one. Learn the rules of cop 101. Don't live in a fog. But don't live too far in the paranoid jungle either. 

For so many years now, the media outlets have been sensationalized, skewed one way or another (yes-left and right), and purporting some agenda that they seek. No one cares! Isn't that astonishing? 

I do, but no one cares about that either and certainly dismiss what I think. What happened to reliable news sources and integrity and the truth by reporting both sides? I think it went out the window when we hit moral bankruptcy. I don't know if we ever had truthful news but it was better than what we see now. It really is sad that journalism is thought of as a watchdog, a checks and balances to the government, but now has been played. I think sometimes that shit is spoon fed to us like sugar is our American fat crack.

Funny. I find all this funny. Not as in "funny haha" nor "funny odd" but "funny ironic."

I've been complaining about biased news for years. We long for real news about facts from both sides, not propaganda. So now we all have to question what is real or thought to be real and what is the bait put in front of us as a nation. 

Oh, you are just a paranoid former cop, Fargo. 

Maybe so. 

But I also like to the be the sheep at the end of the herd so when the first batch goes off the cliff, I have time to change my direction before I become some slaughtered lamb. 

I think if you took a news article and circled every fourth or fifth word and then wrote a sentence with it then combined it with another news source article conducted in the same way, you might start to find some factual basis. It's like the DaVinci code only not as cool. 

Is it binary code?

Who are we all kidding? We love conspiracies! They are so fascinating! It's like a mystery puzzle or something. Ok. It IS a mystery puzzle. We are all shitty sleuths. Say that three times fast.

What if the press has been sending us code all these years and we didn't know it? 

I kill myself. I know. I'm the only one giggling at my warped humor because none of this is really funny. I loved Clint Eastwood's famous liner that " President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people."

Sure, I know Clint was a short lived politician and he is a world famous actor. He is pretty smart and a great film maker. I think he also might have some foresight into some things. Maybe I'm going a little too far. Does this mean I think Trump is perfect? Hell no. 

But I think they underestimated him when they treated him like a stooge. 

Hey, look. I want all our American presidents to succeed. 

It's our country for Pete's sake. But I'm not following any leader into a dark tunnel without picking apart everything and taking a look for myself. I'm not hooked up to the plow. I certainly don't get pulled around by a leash. Or at least not in public. Bwahahaha! Ok. That was a bad S&M joke. Ew. 

I have never blindly followed nor 100% loved a president and all their actions. I have supported all of them and claimed them all as my president whether I liked them or not. But I don't think they come without flaws. I have never seen so many people blindly love any other president more than Obama or so many hate one as deeply as they do Trump. I think there was more love for Nixon. 

Even Kennedy wasn't loved as much as Obama and he was assassinated almost as if he were a martyr. Was it a conspiracy? Was it mob? Was it really a lone wolf? 

Well, I can tell you one thing about that whole incident. He was killed. 

The movies surrounding it are sure entertaining. I try not to get too deep into that but not discount everything. Does that make sense?

I worked in government long enough to know you can hear his and her stories and somewhere in the middle is the truth. You may never find the real truth. I believe the "Good Old Boy" network is the demise of any organizational harmony. Sure, there are alliances and divides in every establishment. However, when they start working to disarm an organizational purpose to promote greed or self-propel personal interests then you have lost sight of what you stand for. 

PUBLIC SERVICE, people. That's what government work is all about. 

You can tell the media is going down the tubes in credibility when they report #PenceRule is shameful. I would have the same rule if I were a politician so that no rumors or innuendos could be started about me. It's a scandal free idea. And who wouldn't want to dine with their spouse at dinner?  We are now making it a feminist movement and turned it into a piggist attack on woman type of ideal he has. What? I don't get it. Oh, that's right. If you are a Christian, you must be crazy to want to keep family values. Do we need shields and swords? Are the Pagans trying to annihilate Christians again? Vampires? Which is it? Is that all you can do to pick Mike Pence apart? I don't agree with all his policies. How about we cremate those? But is he bad because he is good?

Heavens to Murgatroyd! I sound like John Grisham. Maybe I should write conspiracy novels. I could call it, "A Tale of Two Crows" or "The Lone Sparrow Brief." 

I think I just went off the grid. My marbles are surely lost. I guess I can't play jacks anymore. 

Is everything a conspiracy? No. But the true facts are not always known to us either. Like ever. Even as a police officer I hold secrets I can't tell the public and would deflect the information if pressed. All organizations hold secrets. Remember that. 

So have we all lived a distorted view of history or airbrushed pictorials from what some small handful of officials want us to believe or know? Who knows? My life is pretty bliss, so I will take it. 

Thank you, Bob Ross. Happy birds. Pretty trees. Purple mountains. 


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---Got a good solution to annoying crows - CO2 BB pistol! Cheap enough at Wal-Mart, too.
(works wonders, trust me)
---Skewed news...bored with it.
I'm like Joe Friday "Just give me the facts".
Kinda like "revisionist history".
---Skeletons...LOL> (and it ain't even Halloween).
---Funny, when we're not being LIED to by politicos, we're being SCREWEE by 'em (from some agency).
---"Funny Ironic"...In like that.
---In today's world, you don't HAVE to be a former LEO to be paranoid...it's all by "design".
---I'd rather be a SHEEPDOG...heh.
---Eastwood knew what he was talking about there!!!
---Yeah, they (the gov't ) are ALL...CIVIL SERVANTS...so they'd best stop trying to "run the manor", right?
---And to think Bob Ross was once an Air Force DRILL SGT) (that's the truth).
Goes to show you never CAN tell, hmm?

Very good post.

Roll safe down there, Kiddo!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

Life is one crazy journey. We have to decide what to believe or not.

Cheryl said...

I am not sure all the skepticism is a result of paranoia as much as the fact that over and over we have been lied to, promised things that never came to fruition, and (as you said) been told such a skewed version of the truth that we now don't know where the truth lies.

Collectively, are most of us waiting daily for "the rest of the story"?

I agree with your comment about never following any President 100 percent but still I have always recognized WHO was the President. Every time I see one of those signs that says "he isn't my President" I want to scream. Unless they are just visiting from another country, he is currently their president and they should WANT him to succeed.

bill lisleman said...

New media outlets have been sensationalized. Yes I believe it started with CNN and going to this crazy 7/24 news programming. They needed to fill in all that time and also deciding to make it entertaining for the rating and money. Follow the money is good advice no matter what the issue.
Conspiracies - yes there's money and craziness in that. I find it upsetting that a conspiracy about Clinton, babies for sale, and a pizza place leading some nutter to unload a few rounds into the pizza place. You don't hear too much about it anymore since nobody got killed.