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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Do You Need A Pad?

It's only Tuesday and I have a buttload of school work and research. I wish I could take the summer off work and just do school, but that would not pay the bills. Hence, a problem. I also have to write another article and I am stuck in crevice between two topics. These are real world problems.

In the meantime, our country (blanket treatment) has somehow gone from integrity among spies (yes, I use the term loosely) to having none and for some reason it is trendy to be a leaker. I thought this was only fashionable when you were a baby or in your geriatric years. But, apparently, I was proven wrong again...time and time again, which is alarming to me. For some, burning our country down because someone doesn't like the president or is trying to undermine the WH or for personal gain...ie. money, fame, or both...is more important than what you signed up for to protect.

NSA, do you need a pad? Damn embarrassing, I tell you.

If we don't slough off the face of the earth from diaper slippage first, then I would say we might not have any allies by the time we are done being leakers. Depends, I guess. Pun intended.

The other spin this is the media takes it as gospel even if it is just tagged info and not fully vetted.


Because it came from "top secret" places.

Well, so what. Wasn't she a little late to the party? Didn't we already know that? Or maybe I missed the boat. Who knows. But was it influencing by revealing truths? The Democrats never denied the emails weren't true.

Reality Winner. The name befitting. Winner, winner! I think she won jail.

My bathroom is top secret because I don't let you in there. Want to know something good? Too bad. I have scruples and some moral codes. Not many, mind you, but some.

I had garbage data at the police department on several cases. But it sounded juicy. if the press would have had access to all that garbage, I think it would have tainted jury pools and probably ruined some lives unnecessarily. That's why you have to vett it, find evidence, corroborate. Duh.

Come on, spies. Be a fucking viking. Where did you go to Spy School? And how do you screen your people, for Pete's Sake? I can't even get through the airport without giving a urine sample and they suck! Are you hiring beauty school dropouts? BTW, the best town information is found at the hairdresser's. Just saying. That stuff is actually worthy gossip.

I've never seen such a bunch of blind nincompoops (the media) eager to print whatever just to get a story out there only to be shown the next day it was a "so what" moment or proven false then they look dumb. Surprisingly, most citizens forget unless you pull a stunt like Kathy Griffin.

And the leakers. Can't you find something better? Like real stuff. It's not even interesting.

Maybe some of this stuff has been vetted and then it is leaked but has it been that huge? Not really. Or maybe I am just numb to sensationalism. But you get to go to jail anyway. Congratulations!

They gotta know they are going to be found out.

Here's the kicker.

Why is the NSA so slow to find out? Shouldn't they have found out in the first email or download that something was not going according to rules? Are they shorthanded or a bunch of boobs?

I really think they need to hire the mob to run things. At least they would be enviro-green when they incinerated the bodies. Wait. Are all mob affiliates liberals? Because that sounds a lot like...never mind. I won't say it. No leaks here.


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---Sadly, you're right on all points.
The media lives by the slogan "If it BLEEDS, it LEADS" (meaning the latest button-pushing, hot topic headline).
---I miss the days when spies were SPIES, and REAL secrets were kept, rather than creating news for news sake.
---And when the media gets called on this, they shrug their shoulders, toss a (fake) "sorry" out there, and we're ALL supposed to "faggedaboutit".
Sorry, but there are those of us who DO expect the TRUTH, and not just when it's "convenient".

Love the memes, too.

Good call.

Roll safe down there, Kiddo.

Coffeypot said...

Veetting to the MSM is riding around in a Chevy product. Facts, who needs facts? If it is negative against Trump or the GOP pint it...

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

That dumb ass pissed me off, I ranted about it yesterday and am still ticked. She betrayed her oath because of politics, that is crap. When you do the oath and do the job, you are apolitical, if you have any political opinions, you leave them at the door, we serve the United States, not a political party. She let her ego and ideology get her locked up. I gotta be careful, I see myself getting pissed off again....

Old NFO said...

Every time I see that last poster, I think he's bummed because he FORGOT to pillage first... Re the little butter faced bitch, she needs to go down for a LONG time!

manho valentine said...

That dumb ass pissed me off, I ranted about it yesterday and am still ticked. She betrayed her oath because of politics, that is crap
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