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Monday, June 19, 2017

Twangled Are The Twords.

First let me say, may the Navy souls rest in peace who lost their lives on the USS Fitzgerald.
Bless all those survivors in the recent attacks and may those innocents who perished at the hands of evil rest in peace.

As for you bad guys, fuck you. I'm sick of your shit. I wish I could extinguish you myself.

While life is passing me by and world is going to hell, I calmly frantically study. Many days I am worried I am going to stroke out or seize up from anxiety. Any of those long forgotten days of undergrad have rapidly returned to me. I know. You are sick of hearing this shit and Fargo, just suck it up. I wish I could. I try. All I do is get fatter and more seized up. My exercise routine went by the way side and I have recently picked it back up and let me say that I have lost a LOT of progress. I digressed 10 years.

So, in order to make things better, I am going to conduct a squat challenge. It has no prizes except maybe a JLo booty in the end. I am challenging myself and you to do 100 squats a day for 30 days. Let me help you with counting. That is thirty, not 28, not 27, not 31. You don't get extra credit. Also, challenge is on to drink the right amount of water per day. That is usually 8-8oz glasses, but look it up for your body.

I can't do any of these challenges with my kiddo. My daughter needs help with calendar days. After getting her license, I told her she could not have any passengers (kids) in her car for 6 months. She yelled at me and said I was unreasonable and said "the law was 180 days, mom." I said, yeah, that's 6 months. She threw a fit and said I was lying to her.

Go figure it out, math wizard kid.


I suppose you are really sick of the melancholy posts and Sad Sack ways of Fargo as of late. Many of you may not even know who/what Sad Sack was/is? Google it. On the other note, I'm sorry. I have no interesting news.
Not really. That would make me sick.
However, some days,..

As I write this, I am also choking down a protein shake which is very chalky this morning. I hope it helps, because it was torture drinking the thing. They need to put accurate descriptions on their products: "Tastes like green chunky wet chalk going down with hints of berry and if not properly mixed will be like a sewage sludge going down the hatch which might catch on the esophagus causing you to heave. But it's oh so good for you." That's more accurate.

The national news is pretty doomsday if you ask me. Every channel, station, outlet conflicts another or spins a little more one way than the next. I can't even piece together the truth. I do think everyone hates the US right now until they get into a bind. It's super. It's like the nation of cops. Everyone hates you. We used to be the nation of firefighters and everyone loved us. I know. That is such a bad analogy.

I'm actually mad. Fat people get that way a lot. Maybe we should do a study on anger and see if it is attributed to obesity.

I'm mad because no one cares about the truth and I can't find it. If you think about it in cop terms, that's real anguish right there. Sometimes I shut off any searching for news and just wait for my phone alerts or Facebook to tell me what is going on. I think that is driving with blinders? Or the blind leading the blind?

Anyway, you get my drift. What does that even mean? I have no idea.

So idioms are/were oms created by idiots, thus making the word "idiom".  When you have multiple idiot oms, you call them idioms, plural, with an s.

If I call on Webster, the meaning is even more convoluted: "a group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words."

It's no wonder all the kids have problems in school. 

So we spew out words which have meaning but the meaning is not deductible from the words. 

See what I mean? The struggle is real. 

And we keep using these idioms over and over and pretend to know what they mean? 

I am flabbergasted.

That has nothing to do with flubber or gas. 

I know. That wasn't an idiom.


I know that. 


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---I hear 'ya...I'm also DAMN sick of this global posturing bullshit.
If it's some dumbass crap overseas, it's domestic crap going on. The BAD GUYS do need to go...away...far away, and ASAP.
---As for "Bug"...you're doing the right thing there. She's got to understand it's all for HER GOOD...period.
---Never get tired of anything you have to say, because you're CORRECT, and the world can sure as hell use a LOT more of "correct" these days.
---I'm a thin old buzzard and I'm ALSO angry as hell...not a weight thing...LOL.
---IDIOMS...ROFL! Good one.

Stay strong and roll safe down there, Kiddo.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

I am tired of the news, it is full of bad news and it is spun to support an agenda. Then you wonder why the media has such a untrustworthy reputation, when you are a hack for an agenda, the others take notice and even the people you are doing the hack for don't trust you. Kinda like virginity, once it is gone, it is gone unless you get plastic surgery or something to repack it.
You are doing good with Bug, you have had to make many calls as a PoPo to parents who's kids came to a bad end because they had too much freedom too fast and couldn't handle it.
As far as you saying you are getting fat and grumpy...probably explains my state of mind lol and you ain't fat. You have curves in the right spots like a girl is suppose to have. So there :P

Old NFO said...

Yep, this crap IS getting out of hand, and it's damn hard, if not impossible, to find out the truth in ANY of it...