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Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Rough Cuts

Did you watch the Wray hearing? I did see most of it.

I like the guy. He is solid. I think he will easily get a pass.

There really isn't much else to report. They were pretty easy on him. I think they all like him. Wow! A consensus. Crazy.

Maybe I will plaster you up with some memes surely designed by some sicko to make us laugh or gasp. Not sure about that. I think they are freaking hilarious tho. That's my skew on things.

It could be attributed to my sour mood today.

In the news, a possible serial killer emerges in Pennsylvania. Very sad case. Here is a clip.  Young male victims, possibly. They have only identified one so far. Perhaps it is something else, but it appears there is a mass grave. I detect a mountain of work at that farm.

The plot thickens in the latest with "RUSSIAGATE". Read this. Don't look at the headline. It doesn't do the article justice.

Here's another. These are by conservative news feeds. I can't tell what the truth is because the left reports this and the right reports that. Neither are the same or similar.

My forehead has a permanent scar from banging a brick wall. Here's a new stretch. All this nonsense wears me the fuck out.

This world makes less sense every day. What if terrorists are trying to bring back the earth to day 0 because they foresee the implosion coming from politics and civil unrest. Nah. Just kidding. They are a bunch of turds. This conspiracy thinking out loud of sorts will surely get Big Brother to watch me. That will be awesome. I won't need to invest in an alarm system.

You: ADT Me: The Feds.

Of course they may not be that great at security, because after all, several years ago they lost a lot of guns.

But, that's not my business.

I think I will go to the range.


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
--Didn't catch the Wray hearings, but I am surprised about everyone seemingly LIKING this guy.
--Heard about the bodies found in PA...horrific.
--The whole "Russia-connection" is starting to make me ill. The left is looking under their OWN rocks (now) to find shit that doesn't seem to exist. How weird is that?
--There IS a load of nonsense out there, and yes, it is VERY taxing on one's psyche!
--And if those black helicopters circle your house, at least the BREEZE will feel nice in the heat...lol.
--Sending a couple boxes of rounds downrange sounds like JUST what the doctor ordered. (I like THOSE kinda docs).

Have a good day and roll safe down there, Kiddo.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Way to put a positive spin on the surveillance thing.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Yes go to the Range, recoil therapy is a good thing :)

Coffeypot said...

I can see Myrtle Muckendirt working in the barn making plates, cups and saucers, putting them in the kiln, then placing ‘Made In China’ stickers on them and selling them as quality china and making millions. As for who to believe, forgetaboutit. People are paid six figures to spin stuff so fast that they don't even know the truth. They will say what ever their side wants you to believe. Truth and facts have no bearing on anything.

Old NFO said...

That last one is VERY true! :-) Also known as I'ma gonna get all y'all at once...