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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Knoll: The Last JFK Conspiracist

Who isn't intrigued by the mysterious shroud around the JFK assassination? When you dig into Knoll by Stephen Hillard, you just stepped into a thriller with many caveats to "stay in your own lane."

For Bus McIntyre,  the danger signs are acknowledged, but ignored.

The story begins in the west with McIntyre's career as an attorney. Due to his aspirations being extinguished, he begins an unlikely entry into a well-known presidential assassination.

McIntyre is tormented by past tragedies.  Relying on journal entries, he digs into the death of his father, a former cop. His father's journal which details  his own experiences leads Bus along a path of adventure tangled with the mob and further down the road into hidden conspiracies involving the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

He diligently wants to recapture his father's footsteps and sets off to do so through direction he obtains from the journal, twists along the way, and also using a rogue spy's clues and internet presence.

Although the book had a slow start, it was pages spent on setting up the reader with much needed details: be patient. It allowed for reader input and imagination while taking you through the complex characters and players along with muddling through the vague evidence afforded to Bus. You have to know every angle before the plot thickens.

The Mafia presence is all over the case.

I have always been fascinated with the lack of public knowledge about JFK's assassination and the fact it was and still is surrounded by so many conspiracies. Who doesn't like problem solving or trying to figure out if the government covered up JFK's murder?
Excerpt from Part I: Voices
Knoll is chock full of information and details, which brought out the detective in me. I found myself googling characters and plots on my phone while reading the book. Is it fiction or is it like a true story only with disclaimers to make it appear like fiction? Maybe you should read it to draw your own conclusions. Or maybe Mr. Hillard tells you on his website. Go check it out.

Would the NSA have been capturing my keyword strokes? Probably not, but it was kind of fun supposing the PRISM issues would present themselves.

You have to pay attention. Each page changes the story. Still, Bus McIntyre managed to unravel a doozy. You might not think the ending was what you thought in the beginning. Isn't that the work of a great writer? Indeed.
Photo credit: Pinterest

Knoll is a great read. If you are fascinated with these historical events and newfound thoughts, you will not be disappointed.

Be sure to click on the link to Amazon and get yours now! Stephen Hillard is an accomplished person and great author.

Surely he has some career accounts and tales which I would love to hear over some coffee!

About the author:
Stephen Hillard grew up in Bossier City, Louisiana, and Grand Junction, Colorado. He graduated from Colorado State University and later earned a degree in philosophy at Columbia University and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Colorado. Before settling into his current career as a private equity entrepreneur, Hillard was a teacher at Rikers Island Prison, a welder, a carpenter, and a practicing lawyer. He lives in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

CoWabunga, dude!

Bringing one out of the closet from the journals of 2010:

Going to class this week. I will be reading your brilliant pieces, but unless something good happens, not much for me to say. I know. You are breathing a sigh of relief. However, all those hours staying up in a row...all 38 of them...I was busy. So I will post a few at a time. Here is one of the many wonderful calls we DIDN'T go to on Saturday.

Saturday night was full of weird calls. Everywhere. At about 1:30 a.m., things really started cracka lackin. The Lepreshawn was really upset at my music. I told him to suck it up...I'm the Field Training Officer...and we are rappin'. I also told him after midnight...R & B and he should not think about getting squirrelly. [Lepreshawn eye roll here]

LEPRESHAWN: You never listened to this when you were a detective.

ME: Yes, I did. I had an iPod so I could jam out while typing about men raping 3 year old sluts as my pen (computer generated reports now days)  put years onto their life...in the penitentiary. And dreaming about them dropping the soap in prison. The pen is mightier than the sword. And my music helped write many affidavits and drown out the office bullshit.

LEPRESHAWN: Oh, yeah. I forgot you weren't one to play your stereo for everyone. It sucks.

ME: What?

LEPRESHAWN: Your music. Except a couple songs.

ME: Get used to it.

LEPRESHAWN: [turns stereo off] It might break my concentration. I don't want to miss anything.[sarcasm]

ME: Turn that back on. [Do it my damn self]

LEPRESHAWN: You are such a bitch.

ME: Thank you.

DISPATCHER: Lincoln 8 copy for a cow in the bar (remaining nameless) parking lot.

LINCOLN 8: Copy. En route. [Secretly, I know he is thinking FUCK. We hate animal calls unless it is a bear or a mountain lion.]

This is a nearby suburb, not our agency. We all are on the same radio channels so we can back each other up. And sometimes I get called for Hostage Negotiations or Evidence work so I tune into everyone.

LEPRESHAWN: [snicker, snicker] Maybe it's really the giant Easter Bunny. LOL.

ME: [roll my eyes]You should just concentrate on St. Patrick's Day.

LINCOLN 8:  Law 1. Lincoln 8


LINCOLN 8: This cow is laying down. She won't get up. Looks like she just calved or something. I'll give you the brand, call the rancher and have him come get it. [gives the brand over the radio]

Now, in the nearby suburb, 2 of their brass our my very good friends.  All the agencies work a lot together because a lot of our crime blends. Except this one...it was all theirs.

LINCOLN 8: Go ahead.

DISPATCHER: The rancher wants to know if you are sure it is a cow and not one of  his steers.

LINCOLN 8: Tell him I am sure.


A few minutes go by.


LINCOLN 8: Go ahead.

DISPATCHER: The rancher wants to know how you are sure it is a cow. He doesn't want to drive into town for a steer.

LINCOLN 8: [You can hear him roll his eyes-yes, I'm serious!] Well, she has red hair, big brown eyes, and huge udders, and I looked under her tail and..[microphone goes dead]

LEPRESHAWN: Doh! NO! He did not just say that on the radio? OMG!

ME: [snorting]

I immediately called up my buddy, the Lieutenant...referring to him as THE LIEU. Here was our cell phone conversation...

ME: [still snorting] WTF? You guys are going to get the Sheriff pissed.

THE LIEU: [giggling, snorting] I know that's why I schmucked LINCOLN 8 on the head and the rest of his damn transmission was interrupted. The douche. Funny shit, tho. But now I gotta write him up. I don't know where this damn cow came from. What the hell? Doesn't she know she is in the big shitty?

ME: That cow probably was in the bar. You might want to check to see if her date is still in there.

THE LIEU: [giggling] I know. All them bitches look like that in there. Even the pole dancers.

ME: Are you sure it's a girl...I mean...do you think you guys got it right. The rancher obviously thinks you are a dumbass.

THE LIEU: [snorting] I know. She did have a purty mouth...

ME: [giggling] You are so sick. I hope lifting the tail, you didn't get sharted on.

THE LIEU: [giggling] I know. This is the most goddam funny thing. Not like our usual cow calls. But something is wrong with her. She looks like she calved recently. And she won't get up.

ME: Poke her in the ass with a stick. She'll get up.

THE LIEU: Tried that already. No MOO-EVE. That's Cow Spanish.

ME: [giggling] Are you sure she isn't drunk? I mean after all, she probably just got off work. If she's not talking to ya, you can tell if she has been pole dancing. Look between her legs.

THE LIEU: [giggling] I know. You are so fucking sick. I want her to blow in the PBT, but the damn bitch is refusin'.  And her pasties fell off. So, now, that's another charge.

ME: [giggling] Shit. You get a free show.

THE LIEU: [giggling] I know. It's a damn shame everyone can't be enjoying this. OH, fuck! I have to go. CRASH! BIG CRASH!

With that, he promptly hung up on me because a drunk tried to avoid the cow and ran into the building.

ME: See. You didn't miss a thing listening to my music. And with it in the background, it made the call all better.

LEPRESHAWN: [giggling] Shut the fuck up.

ME: [giggling]

Yes, we giggle a lot. We are immature. Really immature.

The Vanilla Levelers

Behold the world's longest rant. Here me out if you have the patience. If not, you are one of THOSE. What is one of those? Those vanillas.

What is a vanilla leveler? It is super easy to say in stick figures, but I didn't draw any. I wrote words.

Left of center. It's funny when you think about that. The words' meaning all by themselves are just direction. But the true definition is believing and engaging in politics and having beliefs which are left of center. We don't have a center. We can't even agree on what is center. Do they mean a centrist? Where is that exactly? Show me the 12 rules of left of center. Anyone? Anyone?

Oh, but if you are right of center (which does not have a ring to it) you are the devil incarnate.

We all know this. Why? Because the left tells us so. How much right is a devil make? A smidge?

This entire post is surely guaranteed to offend some or all.

Funny thing. Sometimes I just need to unplug from all the chaos flitting around on social media. Usually that happens on the weekends.  Then I come back to Monday's shit show of some sorts.

Except it is Thursday.

Why are national concerns things we should be concerned with? And are they are really concerning to cops? Should you be concerned?

Uh. Yes. Duh.
Bad humor inserted here.

The answer is everyone. We should all be concerned that the Omaha female troopers have undergone very unusual exams prior to hiring which are discriminatory and sexually deviant in nature. Essentially these women were violated and not only reported it, but the uppers didn't care and covered it up.

We should all be concerned when one person gets discriminated against. We should all be concerned that Paris has become a hot spot for terrorist targets. We should all care if a rain forest gets burned down to the ground.


We are watchdogs. We are the levelers. The social and justice worlds (they are two separate arenas) get smoothed to median level when something goes too high above or below the line. The crowd cheers or jeers and the social justice warriors go fix it.

It's nothing new really, except we seem to take things in eensy beensy increments anymore to mean maximum deviation in that alarms go off. Is the Nebraska Patrol thing eensy beensy? No. It's huge. And that's why the police officers said something. Nothing happened except a cover up. They had to sue. Those things all fall under shocking the conscious. We thought we were past that.

The police have to be up to snuff on the latest and greatest of everything to know how the world goes around. Being an officer is not robotic and it certainly includes more than walking around enforcing laws and being present to scare people predisposed to doing crimes from doing crimes. We are expected to be even Stevens. Over the years, the expectation gets worse, but we expect it. Get it? Got it. Good.

The real world (not cop world) is much more complicated.

So why is our world so chaotic with unhappiness, unsettled persons... and discontent is running amok?

Let's look at a few things.

In the past, it was fine a small organization started out as a Christian based ministry of good. Then throw in some products for sale. Still ok. They are small. Who cares, right?

Oh, but businesses cannot have beliefs nor platforms. Right? Who said that?

We never said that. You said that. Who said that?

The HuffPo said businesses are the greatest platform for change. No kidding. They did.

We are watching businesses reframe themselves. They must conform when they are nonconforming. What do I think? I think it depends.  Sometimes in order to survive and sustain someone's livelihood, I think the person needs to separate themselves and beliefs from the business. They might need to remain vanilla in order to avoid problems, discrimination issues, or lawsuits. But again, it depends. Are you offering goods or services, and what kind?

Take Boy Scouts. They grew. They got large. Huge, actually. Now that they are a super power national organization, people are shaming them because they are Christian based. Well, duh. They started that way. Why would they lose their faith halfway between?

That's how they started out. So now we crucify them because they are religious? I'm surprised people aren't raising a stink because they are a boys org. Let's just call it the Scouts and get rid of everything they came up from the ashes for. Please.

Do you see people being excluded from other organizations? I don't think I could join several actually. I don't care. If they don't want me, I don't want them. More importantly, it doesn't interest me. If it did, I would inquire. But I am certainly not going to shout from the top of the trees that those "clubs" or orgs should change or be removed from existence. Or worse...sued so I get millions.

What about Hobby Lobby? No one cared when they were small. But now that they are big, they are under fire a lot. I see a theme here where I am using Christian organizations. There are many. Many different kinds. It's a big deal. What about others? What about Muslims? Islamic faith? Oy. The war on religion. I went there.

Well, there is a war on cops, even if the media says there isn't. Why? Because cops don't count, right? That's what they say.

We don't let people go without learning to read anymore. They need to learn or get the opportunity to learn. We don't discriminate against disabilities unless you are cops or military. We have acts to protect those in all the protected classes.

So why are we getting so many protected classes? Why do we need to be vanilla?

Let's take 4-H. Who do they exclude? Well, I need to go to the meetings and have a project. If I don't have a steer, I can't finish the pathway to the beef cattle club. I could tag along, but I don't get any points or kudos. Nor would I get money at the sale. In the least, I could do an art project even if I suck.

What about Farmers of America? Business Leaders Orgs. Or Law Enforcement Orgs. You can't join all of them. You have to be one. Maybe if you tell them you identify as one, they will let you in. Except the cops. They are mean.

I can't get food stamps because I'm not that poor. I am mandated to file with the IRS and we have military drafts. Now that includes women. Oh those are not what everyone is talking about you say.

Well, how about LGBT? I do pick up the fight for equal rights. I have many friends who are LGBT. Love them dearly. But they never invite me to watch them in drag shows. I don't get invited to their parties at their homes around here. Events? Nope. Maybe they are unsure of me as a friend. Or maybe that is a part of their lives they do not wish to include me in.  I don't know. Or, maybe they don't want to introduce their straight friend. I'm just Fargo. You don't have to "adjective" me. I would say it is geographical. Why? Because I never felt excluded by my gay friends in Wyoming like I do here. Friends for life. Through and through. Not just fair-weather or "depends upon" the time, day, event. But just because I am comfortable and want to be included, doesn't mean they do. Or anyone else. This goes for anyone.

But what I am saying is everything does not include everyone. And it's Ok. Embrace our differences, but don't force oranges to always be with apples. Sometimes they want to be exclusive. Maybe only when you put in pineapple and grapes, then add whipped cream. Only then does it feel right.

Nope. Nope. The justice warriors say it is not OK.

What about the Elks, Masons, Rotaries, etc.? Some include women, some don't. Some used to be men only but now include women. What about Tuesday clubs? What about Women's orgs.? Oh wait, it's ok to have girly orgs who exclude all men because men are bad, and have excluded women for years. Paybacks. It's not me, it's you.

What about fat people? They get discriminated against. I have to be a certain age to join AARP. Nope they don't count.

Why is one issue different than another? Because you can change one and not the other? So you can't change your race, sexual preferences, or your age, but you can change your religion or your fatness. You can change your gender now too.

Remember when the only people discriminated in the business world or in public were those with tattoos? Or nose piercings? Or colored hair?

Oh, those are dumb examples, you say.

I don't think I could join the Black Panthers. I'm sure even if I said I identify as black, it would not work. I would feel out of place going into a Greek church or a bar mitzvah. Oh, it's not about how you feel. It's about whether you could go. What if I showed up to a Buddist temple? Don't I have to abide by rules and etiquette? There are still excluded areas. Oh, now it's a religious thing. Those don't count or only those religious exclusions count?

Make up your mind.

It's really about any cause or thing people decide to raise a ruckus about. Tread lightly. You might be under fire. you might be labeled because of one little thing you did or said or aligned yourself with.

You know what happens? People go where they are welcome and then instead of the old days where you felt like you belonged, you exclude. That's the perception. Does that make any sense? It's not fair anymore.

Things change. Things develop. But how did we get to a place where it is so overbearingly sensitive and everything has to be vanilla. Now someone will say using the word vanilla is a white thing. Really. Really. You go there?

I don't want everything to be vanilla. I like colors. I love various cultures. You know what I miss about the west? Indians and Mexicans. Don't scoff. It's true. Indiana has a lot of diversity, especially in the big cities, but I miss the cultures I grew up with. In the four years I have been here, I have met or even seen zero Native Americans. There are two Mexicans in my life here: in this geographical area. Now with these absences, I have learned a lot about other cultures. Why? Because I have been exposed to many other cultures.

But I long for the wilderness. I like to be in the remote country with no interference from people. I would love to run into a grizzly bear again on a hiking trail or see a wolf go after my chickens. I even long to hit a rattlesnake over the head with a shovel. Ok. Ok. Maybe I am going too far left of center. No pun intended.

It's still OK to make fun of sea legs, flatlanders, landlubbers, or mountain people right? Or put them in those categories?

Let's get off the sad train and go back to the vanilla levelers. So if you voted for Trump, you are despicable and automatically endorse all that is bad in the world. But if you voted for Hillary, you get a pass. How does this go? 

Not once did I look at my dearest Democrat friends and think they endorsed adultery, lies, or scandal because of their vote or allegiance to the Clintons. I think people are missing a great deal about the world and a great deal about each other. People vote for the negative effect. People also vote for the lesser of two evils or even take one thing from a candidate and go with it, even if the other things are not appealing.

Or maybe one candidate is so horrible in their mind, they will vote for the other even if that person isn't great either. Or maybe there is one great thing that raises that candidate up and it means a livelihood change or rock the boat type of issue. Or we think lesser of two evils. There are so many ratios and scenarios to analyze the behavior of the voters. You really can't lump it into condemning that person. But what has happened? Us versus them. It's stupid. And people are losing their shit over things.

The latest loss of shit is the DOJ looking at removing affirmative action. Oh geez we are going backwards, you say. Really? Do you ever stop and think those rules or acts are no longer needed? That we have come a long way and need to take things like that off the books because we now have a federal law and business practices which trump all the movements and rights they had to implement back in 40s, 50s, 60s? It doesn't give anyone a green light to discriminate. So, all you orgs and businesses with affirmative action on the books...look. You can't discriminate. Period.

Nope. People say it is because Jeff Sessions is a racist and he sees that the pendulum has swung the other way and now whites are excluded. Specifically, white males. Actually, they are, but that is beside the point. Well, it certainly feels wrong to be white right now.

I am beginning to think that we are no longer allowed to embrace our differences, but we are all supposed to conform. We are all supposed to be vanilla. See. It WAS a white thing.

You did it to yourselves.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sex Wax Is Good For Your Stick

Bringing up the surf time at the peak of summer. Here's one of my favorite traffic stops and yours...

Tonight in Gotham City, I pulled over this VW bus. I approached the driver, duh. That's what cops do.

As I was walking up, I noticed the Mr. Zog's Sex Wax bumper sticker on his back window. Now most people might not think this is unusual. But, it's Wyoming. We have no surf. Not unless you are in the middle of Alcova Lake at high wind time.

We got into the dialogue of the traffic stop and since he was a chatty guy, I opened my big mouth which at most times I should just use my professional lingo and move on. Nope. I felt the need to converse. When things in my head roll down and out the tip of my tongue, I should just use duct tape.

ME:      Sir, clever slogan...that bumper sticker on your back window. I just never understood why they called it that, but boy, did Herzog change the world.

DUDE: Yeah, way cool. It's really good for your sticks.

ME:      You don't say? [I'm thinking...surf boards or Mr. Wanky?]

DUDE: Yeah, it really gives me a good grip.

ME:      Really?

DUDE: Yeah, when I'm getting a good beat...I can keep great timing and rhythm. I can get right in there, beat 'til I'm exhausted and still never lose my grip. Really live the moment, ya know?

What do I know about surf talk? I'm from Wyoming.

ME:      Aha. I just think it makes me flinch hearing about it.

DUDE:  [Laughs] Yeah, when I'm beating down good,  I get sweaty and that stuff keeps my grip and conditions the stick. Say, why do you say it makes you flinch?

ME:     All I can think about is it has to get all balled up down there and then it's like a Brazilian wax job. Hurts to think about it. Unless you did some manscaping.

DUDE: [Acts confused and then the light goes on]Oh, ma'am, it's not like that. It's for my drum sticks. Sex wax is just what it is called and just a clever slogan. The dude thought the name sounded cool when he invented it. Surfing, you know. Sex sells.

ME:     I don't care what you call it. I don't care that you refer to Mr. Wanky as "drum stick". It's still got be sticky and gets all balled up down there. Then when the moment is over...not fun to pluck, pull, and yank that stuff out. 

DUDE: No, ma'am. It isn't for sex. Sex wax is not just for surf boards. It is for drum sticks. I'm in a band.

ME:    You don't say?

DUDE: Seriously, google it. [Laughs] That was pretty funny though.

ME:     Yeah. This is an entirely inappropriate conversation, isn't it?

DUDE: Oh, it's all good.

ME:     Well, I think I will give you a warning...slow down...on the driving and the beatings...or something.

DUDE:  Heh, heh. Thanks, ma'am.

ME:     Have a nice day. And take good care of your stick. You want it to last a lifetime.

DUDE:  [Laughs]

And so with that, I rushed right into the station to google sex wax thinking the filters of Big Brother wouldn't even let me google that combo of words. And now, I am probably going to be on the porn watch list of the city.

But, hey, you don't say...the dude was right. Read all about it. Whodathunk? Learn something new every day.

Thin Blue Line Shop

Today is exciting! I get to share with you some great products. Thin Blue Line Shop has some amazing items for all of us to show our support for the blue!

I received these two great creations last week and immediately fell in love. (Links are provided all over this place so you can find yours to bring home to display!)

First, who doesn't want to show love for America and law enforcement by displaying the Thin Blue Line American flag?  I'm kind of partial to this, you know.
Thin Blue Line American Flag
flown proudly at Harry Potter House

It looks so great at the Harry Potter house.

When we hung it up, some of the dog walkers took a bee-line for that part of my house to check it out. They were impressed. Every one of them beamed up at it and smiled. I received several thumbs up.

One man I had never seen in my neighborhood before (probably NSA spy) said he was very pleased with the pride I displayed and we chatted for a while.

He had three cute dogs. I have no idea how he kept them all in line, but they were very obedient and friendly. The government probably has a professional trainer for his cover.

I gave him the link to get his own flag.

Let me demonstrate in pictures for all of you visual learners: (see flag pic)

This is next to an entry door at my house and is visible from three sides (most of it until you move to blind spots).

Sadly, my favorite neighbor (Lord Farquaad) cannot see it until he comes around to the front or other side. He hasn't seen it yet, but when he does, he will say something. As usual, he will be snarky and sporting a cigar. He is a true patriot and backs the blue. He's nosy, so it is just a matter of time.

Sheriff Mike gets a bird's eye view of it every day. He is a night shift dude, so I will see what he says when I run into him. It should hit him right between the eyes every time he leaves his drive. That is figuratively speaking. I hang my flags properly.

All I do is go outside and stare at it. I am so proud to have one at my house. I've been wanting one for a while and really, there was no excuse to wait. This was a nice surprise.

That isn't all, Thin Blue Line Shop is full of many fun products to show off your police pride. Go browse their merchandise.

Additionally, check this out- (again demonstrating in pictures)- a thin blue line tie. 

It is perfect

I will be posting another pic with a model wearing it with a dress shirt. It is exciting to shop for a nice shirt and pants for an event and this is the tie Chad will get to wear. I'm so thrilled.

It is ideal for church or court. Maybe you have a wedding to go to? A nice dinner with your significant other? It's a must.

The logo is displayed on the inside: non -visible side of the tie for all you non-tie people.

As you can see the pattern is classic business and the thin blue line is subtle but bold with LEO pride at the same time in your display of the blue.

You get this and you will be a snappy dresser. Guaranteed.

And the police appreciate your support. If you are law enforcement, well, this is a no-brainer.

My tie: quality material and stylish

And goes with today's business prestige. As I said, it is a timeless pattern.

A very classy tie.

If you need a gift and you want something different or you have to share your blue pride...go check out the shop. If you are a cop, come on. It's a necessity to your wardrobe. Get one. They have other patterns to show off your blue pride as well.

When you see Chad, my model, in his new shirt accessorized with the Thin Blue Line Shop's tie, you will be so impressed.

Very sophisticated and super chic (yes, chic ties)

Until then, I have included Thin Blue Line Shop's picture from the merchandise display page on the website. It looks exactly as shown.

What you see is what you get.

Amazing, huh? I like it. Wow! It is so elegant.

Love it!

Photo Credit: Thin Blue Line Shop
Don't miss out! When I was browsing their site today, I saw some sales. Bam! I am all about saving a little here and there. It just so happens I was looking for something unique and fun for a special gift.

Show your blue pride!

Check out Thin Blue Line Shop. You will not be disappointed. I'm serious. They have many more goodies and lots of different styles, fashions, trends!

Today, I purchased a gift for a special person from their site and used my coupon. You might get lucky with their online coupon spinner and get some savings on top of their sale prices too.

I am super impressed!
Super flashy ad made by moi