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Thursday, September 28, 2017


I feel that my writing has waned (not Wayned as in Bruce Wayne...Batman...but wouldn't that be more interesting) because of college papers, work documents, and life demands. Everyone is sitting and waiting in suspense. I know. I have nothing.

How many of you are going to be applying for Hugh Hefner's job now that there is an opening? Yes, I can hear the scrambling of applicants from here. Not really. That was a big fat lie. May he rest in peace. Who says sex isn't the best medicine to long life? Huh? I think he was living proof. Good thing I can touch boobs every day if I wanted to so I will live a long time. Sends a rage of hormones or something which then in turn signals the neuron firing pins and shazam! It's like I'm on the road to longevity. Here I thought I could pickle myself to having longer shelf life. I wonder if Hugh supplemented with coffee?

I think we really need to pay more attention

Are you sick of politics and football? Wow. Didn't think I would put those two words in the same sentence. I try to think back of how politics leaked into everything. I can't remember the first symptoms. Then it became an epidemic. So sad. Many were lost in the process and there seems to be no cure. We started noticing when these big strong persons were falling to their knees and could not get up until the music stopped. People have even taken up to burning clothes like the days of the plague. I don't know if that will eliminate the problem or not. It sure helps global warming. Maybe the CDC need to be in on this.


Did you pay attention that terrorists tried to take out my Mattis or at least threaten him and it barely made headline news? Seriously, people? He's like the rock star of the country. Whiskey-tango-foxtrot. But makes hardly a blip of a headline? Is that a national strategy to give no attention to ISIS or the Taliban? Maybe so.  I was suffering from pure anxiety and other emotional issues when I saw that and then I was like, "oh hell no." Nobody is going to take out my Mad Dog. And no one says much about and next on the news...football...again. #(*$&)(#*&R#$()&*

Yes, I know. It's all about racial divide. I get it.

In other news, you may have seen that Colorado might have snagged up the Delphi murderer. I think it's him.

Time will tell.

I think he also killed the mountain biker in Colorado. I think a lot of things. Time will tell if I am right or wrong.

Evil has many forms. Some we readily recognize because it is front and center. Others take a while to reveal or become unhinged. What horrible ways to die.

May the victims rest in peace.


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---Sorry, not in line for Hef's job...I can't spend ALL my life in PJs and a smoking jacket/robe. Not my style...lol.
---EXTREMELY sick of both football AMND politics (and the mashup they created).
enough IS enough!
---I'd have to agree that TODAY, we are more racially-divided than even back in the 60s (or perhaps before).
---I hope that suspect IS the one who killed those 2 girls.
---Evil DOES take many forms, and it's the ones we wouldn't think of that are the worst.

Good post.
Hang tough and roll safe down there, Kiddo.

Mad Jack said...

I don't watch the NFL. I realize that my one man boycott doesn't mean much, but it's something. It's what I do, and if asked, I'm not a bit shy about saying why I don't watch the NFL.

I don't know very much about catching a serial killer - or anyone else for that matter. I've been hoping that the police catch John Kelly Gentry, but so far, no luck. I think it's likely that Gentry is dead, or maybe living in Mexico. Dead is most likely, given his lifestyle.

Life tends to get in the way sometimes. Just roll along with it and know that you're in good company.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

This too will pass, no?

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

I wouldn't mind interviewing for Hef's job, but I think my wife may not approve, LOL. I am sick and tired of politics and football, I wish they left well enough alone but the left had to spread their renticles farther into the American fabric. I wonder when it will end, either the left wins and we all accept the left grouphivethink or it will become a shooting war. I don't know...I fear for the world my son will inherit.