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Monday, October 9, 2017

Board Out of my Mind


Mighty fine day here in the near south with tempt reaching 80. Drizzly with a chance of more drizzle.

For those of you who do not frequent Law Enforcement Today, let me link you to my last two posts which are creating scuttle on the interwebs:

Why Some Teachers Have Sex With Students

Racial Divide is Only Going to get Worse

In other news, I am still struggling in grad school, but I am determined.

Call me Thomas. As in the train.

Call me ambitchous. Well, that was always present and accounted for.

No, I have no thoughts on the Las Vegas shooter because I am waiting for all the facts.

If you take away his money, he appears to have the same psyche dysfunction as the others: disconnected, anti-social. That's all I got.  Oh, yeah...and he is a shitpouch.

And in other news, the news is still aflutter with crap. I think it is 70% crap. That is why this fall I will be tuning into TWD and Longmire for some pure entertainment. Possibly, I will read some book on breaks and dive into some essays.

Why? Because I have to school and I need to watch my shows.

All while trying to be a Momster to Bug and take care of the household.

My life is on hold, steady at boring.

Happy Monday!


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Momma Fargo;

Keep swinging and you will succeed, you are on the right track :) and boring ain't always bad, LOL

Allenspark Lodge said...

Boring is good. Boring and content is the best.

Bug on.


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---Your L.E.T. posts are something I've come to look forward to. carry on, there.
---"ambitchous"...LOL. Only YOU could come up with something like that.
---My only bit of conjecture on the Vegas shooter is that, given what we know about him (so far) the possibility of pharmacological side-effects MAY be why he went off his onion...Got nothing else (yet).
I mean, you see those commercials about drugs and THEIR side-effects? Cripes, lemme suffer with whatever I got already!
---Life is never really "on hold" (that damn thing called TIME keeps moving...who knew?)...perhaps a pause (for more coffee or wine?). Yeah, that'll work well enough.

Good post.

Stay strong and roll safe down there, Kiddo.

VEG said...

Damn that school work! You'll get back on top, of that I have no doubt. It's no picnic, grad school, but man, think of the satisfaction later!

Longmire is back in November - I can't wait.

As for the Vegas shooter - well I am anti-social and disconnected a lot of the time and I have no urge to shoot anyone, so make of that what you will. I feel like introverts get a bad rep. Psychos can be anyone. It's just if they're extroverts they get called "Sociopaths" whereas introverts are just plain psychos, and people act like "Well, he doesn't socialize a lot, he must be insane". I'm here to say we're not all lunatics with violent tendencies, some of us like people just fine! :)

bill lisleman said...

"...waiting for all the facts" - Oh I wish more people and the media would do that. We would all benefit. Sure when the news breaks expressing shock, sorrow and other emotions are reasonable. But why the hell do all these pundits/talking heads jump to conclusions? I think they just have an agenda and see an opportunity to push it on us.
Oh about boring - that's a very subjective idea that social media and marketing try to control. Reading a story, learning something new, reflecting on life, all activities that might be labeled boring but are not to the active mind involved.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Do your friends call you the Energizer Bunny behind your back?

Old NFO said...

Boring is good, sometimes... And the columns are GOOD and on point!