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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Merry Holidays, Peeps!

It is the week after Christmas and before New Years Day. Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Happy birthday, Jesus!
Just so you know...I'm super tough. Thank you, God.

In Muncie news...they have opened the fire stations and city hall as warming stations for the homeless or those without heat. 

In Wyoming...you had bridges. Or the mission if you were sober. If not, we had the bed and breakfast on the hill...El Clinko. 

My question is...how do those firefighters get any sleep when they have to entertain guests?

In Georgia news...Georgia Cop Block founder, Jonathan Beavers of Canton was arrested on a charge of impersonating an officer and currently remains in the Cherokee County jail. Credit...WSB-TV 2 Atlanta news. Thank you for that update! And Karma...she is a bitch. Oh yes, he lives in mommy's basement.Sigh. 

In world news...I don't know. I unplugged during the last few days to celebrate Jesus. 

I will be working on a Law Enforcement Today post. Give me some ideas! What do you want to know? I got a lot of nothing going on in my head. I think school zapped my brains. 

Call the COPS!


Bob G. said...

Momma Fargo:
---Oh yeah...it's colder that a you-know-what's you know what in a brass brassiere...heh.
Nothing like a costly Christmas (our clothes dryer croaked without warning). Hey, at least it didn't burn the house down, right?
(thank God we have plenty of clothes on hand and little to wash)
---I know our LEOS have ben mega-busy with traffic runs... accidents galore, frozen door locks, slide offs (one into a house out in DeKalb Cty...200 yds of it - I'm thinking SPEEDING plus the lack of driving skills there).
The firefighters have it even WORSE...and we all know why, too.
---That might be a decent idea for the LE column...how law-enforcement is trained to handle craptastic weather (like the cold) and some of the unavoidable stuff.
(like how cold DOES that service pistol really get in that damn holster...lol)
---I'm sure you can't always "wing it" when you're freezing (or trying to keep from doing that).
Good post and memes.

Roll safe and stay warm) down there, Kiddo.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Enjoy the -40° wind chill. Don't you wish you were on patrol?

Old NFO said...

Stay warm, and let your mind wander (but keep the leash on it...) Merry New Year, Happy Christmas, and all that stuff!!! :-D

VEG said...

Merry Christmas, Fargo! It's wet here and I'm using it as an excuse to drink wine because wine makes it all better somehow. Also, I can't wait for the chocolate to be ALL GONE. You heard me right.


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lotta joy said...

I remember your last comment was when I stopped blogging. I'm doing a test run with a new post just to see if anyone shows up. So many have stopped blogging.